Depends what the ‘game’ is. Whatever we ‘play’ at in a dream might just be fun or suggest great seriousness. As humans we use an enormous number of strategies to gain our ends, as explained in the book Games People Play. So play in a dream can depict a sense of relaxation; a way of practising something without responsibility; not taking something seriously, purposely lying to someone in order to get power over them – and dozens of other games played in order to get sex, money or even to injure someone.

Also: A game can be a way of playing creatively, exploring feelings, ideas and approaches in a safe way before trying them out in life. This sort of self allowing, of letting oneself ‘want’ something without too much serious overtones, can be very creative and the beginning of new developments in life.

I have seen it at work with meeting the opposite sex, where fooling about or play is a first way of meeting someone.

Playing or listening to music is also a way of communicating. It is a way of communicating some of the finest feelings and even philosophy of the musician, singer and listener. See music

Example: The old man loved playing the fiddle, and had spent many wonderful hours teaching his grandson how to play the instrument. Now, alone and with such joy ebbing from him he seemed to be sinking fast. But his young grandson arrived, sat with his grandpa and quietly took out his fiddle and played something. His grandpa’s eyes opened, and the miracle of renewed love and pleasure soon had the old man sitting on the edge of his bed joining in the music.

Playing a role is immensely important. By role play you can find out who or what the characters and animals in your dream are and what they are. Identify with the character, animal or place and discover its secrets. Whether peaceful or aggressive, wise of energetic, these are all parts of your potential. In our dreams we are all experts at acting in roles, but often we fail to really understand what enormous and varied potential we have because we believe all the characters and animals are not us. See Creating a New YouActor Actress Acting

The enormous number of idioms on play defines some of these ‘games’.

Idioms: Come into play; fair play; foul play; make a play for; make play of; play a part in; play along with; play at; play cat and mouse; play dead/possum; play down; played out; play fair; play false; play for time; play hard to get; play it cool; play no part in it; play on words; play safe; play people off against each other; play something down; play the field; play up; play upon a weakness/fear; play up to someone; the state of play; play somebody at their own game; child’s play; play ball with; play it by ear; play fast and loose; play gooseberry; play havoc with; play merry hell; play into their hands; play ones ace; play ones cards right; play second fiddle; play the fool; play the game; play the white man; play to the gallery; play with fire; two can play at that game. See: games.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the game in the dream – can you define it?

Have you played this game or were you aware of having played it in waking?

Are you a playful person?

If the dream was about music what feelings were involved or suggested?

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