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If you are the giant, then it might mean you have feelings of power over others, or you are a big person. On the other hand, it might suggest you feel inferior and are compensating. A giant in a dream can also depict feelings you had about parents who, in your childhood, were giants physically and emotionally.

If someone else is the giant. then it may symbolise your relationship with them, such as feelings of inferiority, powerlessness, fear. If you take the trouble to understand what the other person signifies, apart from their size, it is often found they represent one of your emotions, fears, or ambitions, that have become too big for you to handle and have grown to giant proportions.

Childhood feelings about grownups, especially the frightening side of parents. If you are the giant, then it means you have excessive feelings of power over others, and being a big person. If someone else is the giant. then it may symbolise your relationship with them, such as feelings of inferiority, powerlessness, fear. If you take the trouble to understand what the other person signifies, apart from their size, it is often found that they represent one of your emotions, fears, or ambitions, that have become too big for you to handle and has grown to giant proportions.

There are also giant insects and creatures, and again this says their size is magnification of normal fears and feelings.

But some giant figures of not awful or destructive. These are perceptions of something that is wonderful and beyond your understanding as the following dream describes:

Example: I see this great giant of a man, I feel I mustn’t look at him in case I offend him, but he has such beautiful eyes. It is Life. I look away because I’m so uncertain. They are looking at me, those eyes. Look, isn’t it beautiful. A different sort of a human being, can I come and look at you? It’s like something everyone always dreamed about; the love you always wanted but never dared ask for. I love you. I love you. It’s the eyes of my dog as it loves me, elephants, dolphins and people who have poured out to me – life itself.

Example: It was like the end of the world. The wave of destruction and fire rolled towards us. I grabbed the girl, almost carrying her, and ran. I felt if we ran far enough, we might escape, yet somehow felt there was no escape. Now a huge giant stood upon the earth. I believe he swallowed someone. Then he explained that he had been trapped beneath earth within the pylon, behind a barrier of water, and had now escaped. He was the father of all beings, but people had never realised it. His seed had gone into the waters, and somehow fertilised things and created people. At one time he had tried to escape by coming up through the water, holding his breath, but he had not quite made it. But he had grabbed a woman and taken her back down with him.

The dreamer appears to be meeting the giant forces that are behind our own lives and existence. He feels frightened because he had never come face to face with what was behind his own life.

Example: I needed to go to the toilet to pee, and this created many bubbles in the water. As I watched something caught my attention, for it seemed that each small bubble was an eye looking up at me. Wondering what this could mean I looked more closely, to see not eyes, but I’s. Each bubble had a tiny reflection of me in it. I was amused because there were dozens of tiny copies of me all looking up at me with their separate existence.

I felt how true it is that each of us are like little bubbles, all in our own small sphere of experience. Then it struck me that although all of these tiny individuals appeared to have a separate identity, a separate body in space; and although they all had eyes with which they were looking at the world, they only had awareness out of my own consciousness. In fact they had no existence outside of me. Unknowingly they were all reflections of me.

Suddenly, and with some apprehension, I realised the meaning of this interesting dream that my unconscious had been communicating. I am a bubble. My personal awareness, although it seems distinct and separate, is in fact the reflection of one great giant consciousness pervading the universe. So who am I when my bubble bursts, as it must, and I return to my source? The fear I first felt has long melted. It has been replaced by joy as I have explored what it means to burst and return home. The giant is now a part of my life.

Useful questions and hints:

Who is the giant… myself or someone else?

Is this about feelings of having power over others, or that I want to?

At the other end of the scale, are these feelings of inferiority, powerlessness or fear?

Has some situation become too big for me to handle?

Or is this something grand I am meeting?

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-Myranda 2014-11-22 7:29:59

I just woke up from a dream. It kept recurring and continuing after i tried falling asleep. There were giants, but everyone was running from them. You had to find the right spot to hide in, almost like some creepy sadistic game. We tried to hide but they’d always find us, including my family. There was never any blood it was like they hate our souls. There a lot of them. Nothing hurt they they just kept coming, destroying everything we created as a defense against them. Finally I had no place to run for sure. No small hole to crawl in. They caught me and I begged to become one of them. What does that mean?


-Kendall 2015-01-06 12:40:40

I had dream where there are two giants one is bad it was going to attack a city and one is good it was trying to defeat the bad one


-Kingston 2015-08-02 10:00:46

Hi wondering if u knew, I dreamt I was on a beach look out to the horizon no waves no violence it was majestic kind of reminded me of Egypt, and in the distance was a giant pharoah with a stick and he was walking slow motion accross the horizon and the moon was glowing with geometric shapes in it and the giant jumped towards it and turnt into the moons energy hen a UFO flew all the way towards my house and there were beings inside waving to me happily accidentally bumping into the side of my house


-Icey 2015-10-08 1:07:36

Hi , i dream about this morning about the giant and the frog were in the show and many people watching us because it is a variety show. The giant is a friendly giant i hold his hand and i tell him come here lets go on stage because you are the next to perform then i take him to the stage while I’m on the back stage watching him but the giant walk out i dont know why but we find another giant to replace him to perform on stage .Then after that me and my friend were next to perform on the stage my friend perform as a magician i just dont know what we’re doing but as far as i remember his holding a frogs and the frog jump into my head and i was about to scream and get the frog into my head and i don’t know why i bite the frog but i do bite the frog in my dream i bite his stomach.. after the show were just claim the give away prices. Can u tell me whats the meaning of my dreams??


    -Capo 2016-02-13 18:34:27

    I had a dream that I was in these apartments that looked familiar just a bit different. I owed someone money that in real life I owe no one money and the strange thing is it what for drugs! Well anyway they were looking for me and I was hiding in the apt with school friends and a couple famous people a cleshe it was Kendall Jenner,anywho someone started throwing things at us through the window so we were ducking and it was like I knew it was for me, so I peeked outside and seen this cholo thug looking giant familiar appearance to a Spanish man I know of. I called on the main drug dealer who is a kid I use to work with at my old job he was the supposed head hancho and I knew that and in my dream he sent the giant and goons to get the money from me so I called him myself. His name is Damien, when I woke up I did have it in my head that possibly it was the devil posing as a person I know as far as the name of the kid I worked with because he is neither bad or a drug dealer. Anyway all as good after the phone call, my dream then turned into a party alls I remember is a library,pool tables:2 of them! And people coming in the apt/library to party and they all were familiar faces.


-kathy gray 2016-02-21 4:11:59

I always had nightmares as a small child that giants chased me in my dreams. I was so scared of them. It was from when I was three years old to around six or seven. What does this mean?


-Samara 2016-05-17 17:32:22

I dreamt I was a giant but not a huge giant. I was hiding in this huge castle from the giant hunters which were normal sized people- a whole town of them. I was avoiding all the windows trying to to expose my self. It was night. They had a giant on their side that they somehow trained to kill other giants. He was rabid and manic. They ended up smoking me out with some asphyxiating plant. I was getting sleepy and weak and the last thing I said to the main normal sized human huntress women was that i’m sorry for all the violence and I hate violence.


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