Shooting Shot

A hurt received, or given. Fears or worries about death. The destruction of a part of yourself by another which is demanding energies in an aggressive way.

Example: I was getting ready to leave and this dark haired guy told me I couldn’t leave, I felt scared and was going to leave anyways, he pulled out a pistol and shot me in the stomach, I fell down, but there was no blood. The thoughts in my head was, “OH NO”. Next thing I remember is that I was still on the floor in the same place and I got up and I remembered being shot but I didn’t seem to have any pain or blood and was moving normally etc. I started looking for a way to leave I was sneaking around trying not to get noticed so that I could get out of there without the shooter guy seeing me.

The interesting thing in the example is that even though she could see no hurt came from being shot, yet she was still scared of the guy with the shooter. And it is overcoming such fears that can release you from terror and hurts that haunt us.

But whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear. So all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

Being shot: A traumatic injury to feelings, often out of parental or other close relationship. It need not be something dramatic like being assaulted, but can be a quiet injury like not bonding emotionally with parents, or feeling as if you have been a target for other peoples ridicule. Occasionally a bullet wound suggests some sort of illness in the part of the body indicated. It can often depict critical remarks that are deeply wounding. So the criticism is felt as an attack.

But being shot can also indicate penetration, the breaking through your barriers of old patterns of thinking and feeling, to allow something more into your life. It may be painful but growing or being enlarged is often like that.

Someone or something else shot: Still usually refers to dreamer.

Dreamer shooting someone or something: Anger; fear or defence against meeting feelings or insights; being very critical; aggressive sexuality; exploring feelings about death.

Idioms: Get shot of; shot across the bows; shot in the arm; all shot to pieces; shot in the dark.

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-libertybells 2016-04-21 3:58:42

I had a dream that I was in this strange situation. I can’t remember much about that, but I do remember I was suicidal and someone, a guy, wanted to talk to me about it. We both had guns, and I think it was because of wherever we were. I was nervous that he would shoot me while I wasn’t looking though, as I don’t think he was the most trustworthy. So I shot my gun and missed him, most likely in an attempt to just scare him off. He turned around and repeatedly shot me in the head, on top specifically. The gunshots didn’t kill me, not at first however. I remember there was so much blood and I was choking and drowning in it, and then I died. I woke up after that, still feeling everything as if it had really happened.

-Kevin 2016-04-13 22:06:58

I dreamt that I was being chaced by an enimie, (Nieghbour), he had a gun, so I hid behind a cement bearier, but he found me, he was about twenty feet away from me and started shooting, I wasn’t scared and I knew he couldn’t hurt me. So I waited until he ran out of bullets, I grabbed a rake handle and started to beat him with it, I knocked him to the ground and continued to hit him with it, before I stopped I shoved the rake handle deep into his anus, I wiggled it around to make sure that it was in securely and it was.

-Megan 2016-03-23 23:18:52

I continuously have a dream where I am sending with my hands tied behind me to a pole and 4 men in front of me. All of them have guns pointed at me.
I do not tend to beg – it changes – but always remember the sound of my heartbeat which varies in pace.
Everytime, I get shot and scream out. I then wake up and when I eventually get back to sleep, it starts all over again.
Does anyone at all know what this may mean?

-spikypl 2016-03-07 11:16:59

I have seen a dream where I got shot by some gunmen with a shotgun.The shooting happened to be in a under construction building. My friends also got shot but one of my lady friend died and thrown off from higher floor. I couldn’t hold her hand but tried. I was shot at my right shoulder and bleeding. At first I thought I was dead but then I got some energy and pulled back myself and my friends helped me. We were surrounded by many gunmen wearing black t-shirt and pants with face covered. I was then planning and grabbed a chair for throwing towards them for diverting their attention so that my friends can attack them. But before that planning could execute I woke up. And found myself cool.
I happened to see bullets dream often from my childhood days itself, specially I can see the bullet coming and I can feel it and I woke up.
Pls can you elaborate the meaning of my dream.

-Mirriam 2016-03-07 0:04:40

I dreampt that I was trying to help a teenager who was dealing with shooting someone the previous night by drinking a bottle of spirits and finding his motorbike into a bus shelter. I came around the bus shelter and helped him to stand up.

There were some other people there who were disapproving of my helping him. One person who is a colleague of mine understood why I wanted to help him and that he was deserving of help.

I walked him into a store to get him something to drink. I bought him 2 x 1.25litre bottles of water and some lollies. We walked outside so he could sleep on the steps. I knew when he woke up he would not have money, so I gave him a $10 note. He immediately walked back into the shop and bought a riffle. He came outside, went to the bottoms of the stairs, I started to walk further up realising I was in danger, then he shot me in the back around my right shoulder blade. After that he put the riffle in his mouth but I looked away so I don’t know if he shot himself or not.

I went inside the shop to ask for help but to start with my mouth was full of some lollies. I spat them out and used a direct to police phone. Some customers saw me. I asked them if the shot was bad (I couldn’t feel it), they confirmed it was bad but they were reluctant to help me further.

I woke up shortly after the phone call.

-Bridget 2016-02-25 3:41:09

I dreamt that i was shot 12 times on my back and my mum called an ambulance. In the ambulance they tried to put on on aesthesia but it dint work and i kept telling the paramedics that am going to die. Wat does this mean?

-Chazza 2016-02-06 10:50:16

I had a dream that it was my sons christening and it was fully packed with my family and friends and my sons dad’s family and friends also.
All of a sudden, we all heard am array of gun shots and everyone just started frantically running trying to get cover. I ran straight outside and found an out building and hid. I then realised that I didn’t pick up my son when I ran out and then was in hysterics that I had left him.
I continued to hear so many gun shots coming from the hall (hundreds of shots ). When the shots finished, I went back into the hall and ran straight to look for my son. He was fine and unhurt and was with my mum who was also fine.
My mum told me that my dad was dead so I ran over to him screaming and crying and then he woke up and said he was fine but he had been shot. His girlfriend was sitting next to him but she was dead. Then I Turnt around and my grandmother was lying g on the floor unconscious being seen to by a paramedic. She had been shot and was unconscious but not dead. I then woke up.
Please explain this to me if you can. The dream felt so vivid and real that I actually woke up crying and couldn’t stop crying for around 5 minutes.

Thank you in advance

-WULF 2016-02-05 15:37:31

I just awoke from a nightmare of getting shot multiple times.
The dream starts with me following a group of men all in suits (it feels like a wedding party), I don’t recognise anyone, but we walk up to a building and three men who l assume to be the main wedding grooms men(they look like Italian or Russian gangsters, well built, serious faces) ring the intercom of this apartment building, I am abit of a joker and thought saying somethings funny into the intercom even though I dont know anyone, one of the grooms men grabs me by the neck aggressively, I diffuse the situation by telling him I was just going to say hello. He lets me go, out of the crowd a man whom I assume to be my friend tells me to not fool with them as they are gangsters and he walks away. Then one of the groomsmen pushes me into an alley and shoots me 2/3 times in the back and he tries to shoot me in the head but missed, thinking I am dead he Walks off. For some reason instead of playing dead, I struggle to get up. He and others hear this comes back to finish me off. I try get up and run but they catch me and kneel me down to be executed and I awake in fear!

-Rebecca 2015-11-10 22:33:55

I dreamed behind the primary school i attended in my childhood ( where my nephew is still a pupil) a large stocky man around mid-40’s violently pushed a young lad of around 19. He went flying landing on his bak…..I walked over to ask what the hell was going on but as I neared the older man had a large gun with a silencer on an pointed at the lad who was crying an absolutely terrified……I stopped an cudnt walk any further…I realised I had my huge high heels on and the pavement was on a steep slope… I pondered what to do a 3rd man approached the gunman but he got shot too so I’d realised I cudnt help anybody but myself so slid down the slope an lay flat on my back arms down by my side out of the gunmans view. Then I woke up.

-Jo 2015-10-25 17:46:24

I dreamed last night ive been shot with 3 bullets in my neck and brought to the hospital and i was crying, fear of death. :/

-Wicked 2015-08-20 3:22:41

A few nights ago, I had a dream about my ex. I was attending some type of play or showing of some sort and I was with another man. I have no idea who this man was but we were very close to one another. I felt very safe and protected with him. So, on stage I see my ex and he is wearing a dress..and I noticed that he had lost a lot of weight. He was engaging a crowd and I yelled something out to him about being a good father (we have a child together and he hasn’t seen him in I know at least 3-4 months.. He’s 8months old now and the father and I broke up a few months ago). So my date and I are enjoying this show or whatever and I see my ex and he comes walking up to us and I’m guessing he was trying to say something about our son, but my days quickly dismissed him and told him to basically beat it. So, my ex goes and sits and I notice that he is just STARING at me.. He had this evil look in his eyes and I remember getting up and going to get something I’m guessing I was getting some concessions or whatever. And I heard a gunshot and I felt the bullet go into my stomach.I couldn’t breathe and I was in pain.. I didn’t see my ex shoot me but I felt that it was him. And then it was like multiple gunshots and I can see little flashes of light as they were being shot toward me. I remember I was rolled onto my back and my mom was there and she was asking if I was Ok and what happened and I was trying to speak and I had blood coming from my mouth and I said, “He shot me..”……” Shot me..” (I said his name in the dream I just didn’t write it here). Suddenly I woke up and was scared to death!!

-Marcis 2015-08-04 6:59:01

In my dream last night I was driving a car. I had another passenger with me.. We pulled up to a scene of 2 police officers struggling with a suspect. They wrestled the suspect to the ground, but somehow he took one of the officers guns. Then instead of shooting one of the officers, the suspect pointed the gun right at the windshield and shot me, I immediately woke up.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-13 8:37:02

    Dear Marcis – You do not mention anything about the passenger in your car.
    In what way did you interact with him/her?
    The interaction with the passenger in your car often shows how you relate to others that are ‘travelling with you’ in life. They are also people who influence your direction and the choices you make.
    The way I see your dream is that it expresses a conflict inside you which could be related to the passenger in your car.
    This conflict seems to be blocking you and is perceived as painful which could be a way to open you up and transform your inner world.
    Is there anything you feel doubtful or restraint about as far as your relationship with this passenger is concerned in your waking life?
    In general being arrested suggests a restraint of your natural expression by moral judgements or questions of right and wrong; it can also depict restraint of your anger or sexuality, or other ‘unlawful’ feelings. It can be about feeling that circumstances or social pressures are holding you back; or that your development or growth is held back.
    Struggling with the suspect might symbolise your inner struggle for what is right for you; a fight for your ‘space’, a fight against urges in yourself, or influence from other people. This could be a fight for independence.
    To get a better feeling understanding of what is going on in your inner world, you have to explore this dream – or at least part of it – for yourself.
    So I suggest you try “Being the suspect” and/or “Talking as the suspect”.
    Does that give you a start?
    Anna 🙂

-dreamer 2015-07-17 4:20:34

i dream last night of shooting people and keeping my family safe away from those people whose afyer them i have killed all of them. what does it mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-07-23 11:40:35

    Dear Dreamer – It is difficult to know on what level to understand such a short dream without knowing anything about your waking life situation.
    The dream could express that you do not feel safe in the world and that you merely live by the principle “kill or be killed”.
    It could also mean that you are afraid of meeting whatever is part of your inner world.
    Or it could mean both.
    Being chased in a dream usually denotes that you are feeling something you fear more intensely and are trying to avoid confronting it. This is not usually a good policy, as you can never get away from yourself.
    Keeping your family safe could be a symbol for not being willing to question your beliefs, your habits, your values, attitudes and emotional or social responses you have absorbed from your family.
    Part of maturing is that you become aware of your “inheritance” and that you sort out what you want to keep and what does not resonate with your inner Being.
    When you “kill all” you will very likely kill a lot of your inner potential too.
    Anna 🙂

-Anthony 2015-01-21 10:06:37

So I have a dream where a cop is stabbed under the lower area of his rib cage. I don’t know what happened before I get there. He’s laying on the side of his car losing blood and finding it hard to breathe. I lay him down remove his shirt and vest and I have my girlfriend check his trunk for a first aide kit. I use his radio to try and call for help. For some reason I take a knife from his belt great it and use it to burn his wound to help slow the bleeding. This causes the officer to pass out. When other cops arrive I am trying to apply gauze but they see the knife on his chest and tell me to put my hands up. I tell I can’t at the moment and at that same moment one of the officer’s trys to drag my girlfriend out of the driver’s seat of my car. As I’m trying to tape the gauze pads down and yell out what are you doing I feel three shots hit me in the left shoulder and a rush of bodies on top of me.

When I wake up I’m in a holding cell and I’m taken to court to stand trial for attempted murder and robbery and my girlfriend is being charged as ab accessory. The officer is still recovering and is to out of it to say what went on.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a dream like this but it was clear enough to keep me from going to sleep.

-cammy 2012-12-27 23:38:03

Please help
My sisters dream
She is in a two room house with dirt floors. She is in the process of sweeping out the refrigerator. There is a knock at the door. opens it and there is a squirrel standing upright with a hole (bullet) , its been shot. It begins to beg her to hide him and care for his wound. People are after the squirrel because it can talk. She agrees and lets it in. she attends to its wounds and goes back to sweeping out the refrigerator. She feels like she has to hide every time someone walks by the house so they not know the squirrel is there. The squirrel yells from the other room for her to feed it, make it a sandwich. She then feels overwhelmed and says she can not do this any more. A little girl appears and says she can make the squirrel all better and she wakes up

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