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Sound in dreams are similar in impact to sounds we hear in waking. They carry information to you very directly. So you feel fear or pleasure depending on the sound. Therefore the important thing its to define what feeling reaction you have to the sound, and what information you gather from it. Take this as the thing to consider in understanding your dream. Ask yourself, is the sound a warning? Does it carry information? Is it producing pleasure?

Often, in opening to life and allowing it to express through us – as happens in using LifeStream – it expresses as various sounds. Sometimes this is a way that Life exercises us and leads us to be more mobile in vocal expression. But sometimes it is a way of healing old difficulties from childhood, where certain sounds or words were difficult. See People’s Experience of LifeStream

Sounds are sometimes a power in dreams. They reach out and cause something to happen at a distance. This suggests a use of positive will, a confident expression of yourself in a way that you expect a result to follow.

Example: The old Jewish scholar now led me to a side entrance to the right of the building front. A big door opened as he approached, as if done by a magic eye. Suddenly he nimbly ran in and did something so that two huge granite doors at least a foot thick began to close me in. The Jew watched with pleasure at my plight.

My indecision stopped me acting decisively. I could easily have run back. Instead I hesitated and saw the doors close on me. I could see the Jew hoped I was to be imprisoned for good, buried alive between these huge granite slabs. But somehow I released the vibration – sound – a hymn that flows through my body at night. In a way that I cannot properly describe, it made the doors powerless to trap me. Also it penetrated to the very core of the building. In the dream that seemed very significant, but I do not know in waking why.

Example: One man in class during the vowel sounds (chanting) said, “As you began the sounds I had the terrifying sensation that you were calling a dark shape out of my body.” Questioning him afterwards I discovered that he had a fear of weakness for that part of his body, and the “dark shape” was probably a representation or embodiment of his fear. The fact that the sounds seemed to call it out of him would suggest that sound would actually be able to call these dark shapes out of us by his using such sounds

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