Swimming Pool

The way we share experience with other people or are involved with other people. It therefore often refers to relationships with others, especially the aspect of relationship where feelings or influence permeates us from others. For instance we might be part of a social group that starts using drugs and be influenced to join in drug usage. The swimming pool may also represent the magical inner world of our own mind, fantasy and imagination, especially in relationship with other people.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in her excellent book The Encyclopaedia of Dreams describes a swimming pool as, “A symbol of a restricted unconscious. Swimming pools are artificial constructions, which gives them associations with collectivity. They have boundaries and known depths, and offer relatively safe encounters with water. Symbolically, such safe encounters are with only a restricted part of the unconscious, unlike the unbounded depths of the ocean or the great depths of a lake. A swimming pool at a home takes on a more personal significance than a swimming pool in a public facility such as a gym or school, the latter of which operates under collective rules.

Being under water in the pool: Something that is ‘submerged’ such as feelings about a past relationship that still exist but are not ‘on the surface’ of one’s mind. Or perhaps an aspect of one’s personality that has not yet been recognised consciously. Also it suggests seeing what is going on unconsciously or under the surface in a group. See: pool; swimming; water. 

Indoor swimming pool: Being indoors it suggests a more private or personal experience of your inner world.  So you are experiencing the magical inner world of your own mind, fantasy and imagination. See  The Inner World

The swimming pool indoors often may refer to conception.

Example: The dream examples involve objects being placed in box-like containers. My wife, Susanna, had a conception dream of being in a department store looking for a baby thermometer and discovering a round indoor swimming pool in which a woman and a dolphin were playing. After watching them for a while, Susanna decided to enter the pool and join in their playful antics. Since I was sixty-three when she experienced this dream, we weren’t sure that the obvious pregnancy-related symbols really indicated that her body had taken the plunge into maternity, but subsequent testing validated the accuracy of her dream. Shortly after my sixty-fourth birthday, Susanna and I celebrated the arrival of our beautiful, healthy, nine-pound daughter, Parker Mary.

Idioms: In the swim.


-rachelle 2011-10-10 12:20:34

this was the dream after my dream about the dog (http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/dog/comment-page-5/#comment-17462). i dreamt of going home in a big house with pool (w/c is not totally our house,but it was ours in my dream) together with relatives? and some guests,.I was wanting to go to swim in the pool but the guests occupied the pool earlier,. there were some unknown guests who, i kind of like in my dream (handsome guys etc) and that to get a glimpse of them I had to get something I forgot nearby the pool, the dream was so weird that just by getting that thing which is on an elevated surface that my legs were shown. Scene shifted, I found myself on the living room together with my family discussing how we wanted to go swim then we end up deciding to swim the next morning because were giving way to the guests.

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