Teeth Falling Out

Lots of people dream about their teeth falling out.  The dream might start with putting a finger to your teeth and finding one loose.  Then tooth after two falls out.  Or you might looking a mirror and see your teeth falling.  The horror in the dream centres around worries about how others are seeing you.  How you look without teeth.  Slight changes in how we look, such as wrinkles appearing, loss of hair, signs of ageing, can cause an emotional response strong enough to produce such a disturbing dream.

Falling dreams can also expressed feelings about loss, that somebody has gone from your life or you feel something is missing from your life.  It may also suggests lack of power, that you have lost your “bite”.

Because a missing tooth constaly reminds us of its absence, a lost tooth can be linked with the lose or death of someone you love. But for a fuller look at teeth see Teeth.

But here is another view of falling teeth.

The night before last I dreamt that several of my capped/crowned teeth had broken or fallen out.

The dreamer then explored his own associations as follows: “I have recently just been to the dentist, and not only is it time consuming, but also it is expensive. So my thoughts while semi conscious were something like – “Oh no, not another visit needed to the dentist!” But in writing this I have realised another association. During my last visit I sat near a very attractive young woman who was obviously restless and probably in pain. It took me ages to gain enough courage to speak to her. I asked her if she had been waiting long. We then got into easy and interesting conversation. I couldn’t help wish that I had a woman in my life like her. And afterwards thoughts about her have arisen fairly often.

Therefore I wonder if the dream is almost a statement saying, “Look, there is something urgent here that needs attention. Something is missing from you and it needs addressing.”


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