Unconscious or unadmitted sexual drive which could be destructive, or unconscious aggression. It is also an indication of dangerous sex. Unconscious desires to injure others, or hidden danger to you. Hitting below the belt.

Example: The ships have been sinking in the middle of the ocean, near the shore and even once, we were docked, and ship just split in half and sank. Sometimes there is fire and debris, other times the ship is just sinking. In one dream, I was in a fishing boat on a small lake and a large warship shot a torpedo at us. It’s been day, night, warm, cold. I’ve been in the water swimming or I’ve been running around the deck trying to find a lifeboat. I’ve been in a lifeboat or another small boat (fishing, etc) watching a ship sink. See Ship

It also suggests you are in or have set in motion a conflict. So, it would be helpful if you try to become aware of what is going in in you.

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