A tsunami can indicate a tremendous and fundamental change in you. Most people now know that tsunamis are caused by massive earth changes under the sea. These changes are part of the natural order, and often show themselves to people in their dreams. So they can be understood as an expression of our personal adaptation to enormous changes. They can wash away most of the beliefs, social structures we have built or held onto as important. Yet if we are not afraid of change and the forces that we are actually involved in, then we can find enormous power and force within us.

Remember that tsunamis are dangerous in waking life, but are the expression of your inner life in dreams. They are not dangerous and need not be avoided or run from while asleep. Meeting a tsunami is saying that some tremendous change has happened deep in you and in the world. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes on the sea bed. So many people are dreaming about them at the moment because of the enormous change going on around us and within us. So learn to face them without fear and be ready to meet change in your life and in your family.

Example: Dreamt I am looking out of the window and it is a very stormy day, raining heavily. I can see the storm and the rain are the way the world adjusts itself all the time. The weather is the world’s means of self-regulation. Through earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, the earth manages to regulate itself. In that way it deals with the enormous forces playing on it from the cosmos and from within itself. It also has to deal with the influence of the life forms it carries, such as ourselves, pouring out poisonous gases and carbon dioxide.

I have a feeling that occasionally the earth has to make massive adjustments, as when the earth was hit by the huge comet 124 miles in diameter 65 millions of years ago when the dinosaurs died out. Such adjustments are difficult. Some species die out, others that survive, then develop further. What survives flourishes, because it has what it takes to deal with catastrophe and change. It has learned how to survive dark times. So we too need to survive and also be a part of personal earthquakes and meteors entering our lives. See Opening to Life; Tidal wave


-Charlotte 2016-09-03 19:33:40

I was walking along an ocean barrier, and there was a car race about to happen. The barrier was floating on top of the ocean, right next to the shoreline. It was almost a bit like a highway. I had a car I was going to race with and I got in line. But then these men came and stole everything I had and tried to get me to buy cocaine. Everything kept going really quiet, dead silent, which was weird considering the cars. All I could hear during the dead silence was an ocean bell, like a light house bell or something, but coming from under the ocean. I could hear myself talk to the men though, and right when I said “I can hear ocean bells under the water,” the whole barrier callapsed as water rushed into it. I could hear everything again, and the men were engulfed under into the water, I knew they were dead. I jumped off the barrier, over the water, and got to land safely. The water was a foot away from me rising and I started running, I didn’t look back. I started climbing houses with ease, making sure to stay off the ground. I climbed houses, trees, until I made it to the top of the massive hill where there was one more house at the top. I was all alone and I could see the whole horizon, but I knew that the city was covered by water now. The water was still rising and so I jumped onto the highest tree I could find and climbed to the top. I felt like I was on the top of the world but all I could see was just raging water rising. And then a kid came by with a blow up boat… I asked him if I could get on with him, but he told me no. But he looked at me funny and then threw me a piece of plastic with string toward me but didn’t say a word. It was a life jacket or tube he threw, but he didn’t throw it far enough and I watched it slowly sink down into the water. More people were coming on boats with their families, and then I saw it, the massive concrete block coming my way in the water. There were trees growing out the top. I waited for it to crush me until I noticed that id be able to climb it. as it bashed into the tree I was on, I jumped up to it and held onto the tiny trees for life. It followed the current that everybody else’s boats were taking, back to the ocean. We reached where the water went down, but the city was completely gone…. Covered by water. The mountains were the only things keeping me sane. I just kept saying “just imagine there are only mountains here, and this is what it should look like”. And then I woke up.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-05 8:25:51

    Charlotte – Your dream is a classic end of the world – as we know it – dream. I see you looked up Tsunami, so try looking up http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/end-of-world-apocalypse/ One part of it that applies to your dream is, “Such dreams show you are going through radical inner changes and are seeking a different, life oriented way.” Not a ‘dead end’ future.

    You start by trying to join in the current race most people are in, the one to get to be a winner in the money stakes, getting to climb the job mountain, to be best dressed knock them out of the race, take drugs to keep avoiding meeting yourself – the weak are left to die type of present social race. A race where Apple have 239 billion stashed in offshore accounts so their enormous profits are not used or shared with those who paid with their hard earned cash.

    You hear a bell under the ocean – a warning bell coming from your inner immensity. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/sea-ocean/

    The warning, for bells at sea are to warn about getting near to danger, and the silence often precedes the ability to hear warnings or information intuitively, changes the whole situation. The barrier, which usually exist between your conscious personality preventing it from knowing who you are, collapses. The ‘men’ who signifies the normal social view shown in the ‘race’ are shown as dead – out of touch with what gives them Life.

    You still though have a fear of going under the sea, so you have a mad scramble still to stay on top. Your human personality – the You that you call yourself, with a name, is only a tiny thing. It is moved and tossed around by all manner of drives, ambitions, emotions, fears, temptations, worries, love and desire with its pains and hopes; it is something we take so seriously and get carried away into awful situations. But we have to remember that having a personality with self-awareness is a very new thing and has only existed for a short time.

-sarah 2016-07-10 2:12:05

I had this weird dream of being with a colleague whom I hate because of her manipulative behaviour. And we were hit by a tsunami. We were both saved. Then suddenly I found myself at my parents place with whom I am not much in contact. the house is on some height so we could see the waves approaching and could save ourselves. I had my son with me at all times and made sure he was ok. Then again the waves started getting bigger and we found out another higher ground. Then after the waves had settled my boss had sent his personal driver and car so that I could go and see him and be safe and go away from the affected area. I requested him to join me but he refused and said someone might know about our relationship. And he took another route. This all seemed so confusing. I had lefty job because of problems in the relationship a year ago. But he convinced me and got me back and I have started working again since a month. Please help me understand the meaning of it.

-Josh 2016-06-24 2:56:09

I had a dream… In the dream I am receiving a pastor to our home. I welcomed him and went out to search for my mother to inform her the pastor has come for a house visiting, my mom and me with my 4 years son while listening to the pastor, for some reason when I went out I noticed that our house is located near the beach but kind of a residential area..the sky looked dark in color as the sun was covered by the clouds. I noticed our house is in between the sea and water on the opposite side of the sea which is rising up slowly .. So one side sea water rising and on the side the level of water is rising ..I was running towards my house to to shift my family to a safer place(next possible higher floor ) knowing it is Tsunami, on the way to my house I noticed a field near the beach , a man with is child with no fear standing in the water almost below is knees without any sign of saving himself or the child looking and smiling at me.as if he knows nothing going to happened or we are not going to make it. I don’t see any waves but the water level is rising up slowly On both sides … Soon I found the water reached our floor level and by the time we have shifted to the next safer level hoping that the water would stop… Likewise we kept moving to the next level to save ourselves and our belongings the rising water reaching us to every level we are moving … I found ourselves in the top most place .. Everything below is covered by the slow rising of water including our house and the field.

With fear filled in my heart and still finding ways to move to the safer place someone informs me the pastor has to be dropped to his house…I was sure if I leave that place to drop him either I will not return back coz of the flood in all the streets and even if in return by that time the water might cover the whole place…

Throughout the dream under it was so real and the fear to protect my family was so strong especially my son,the water didn’t wash away eveything in a sec but level by level after moving our things to each level.
It is so disturbing me why it kept following us and I was praying in the dream so God can protect us and the fear of saving my family was so strong in the dream.

Please help me to understand the dream… I tried to put every thing i saw in the dream. Sorry if it is So long.

Thank you.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-06-28 10:40:12

    Dear Josh – Please also read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/flood/
    Your IP number shows that you live in or nearby Chennai and I wonder if the Tsunami that hit this part of India’s coast in 2004 has made an (psychological) impact on you and how much you took with that into your dream world.
    I cannot see any threat for a tsunami in the outer world in your dream though.
    What I see is that listening to the pastor has a huge impact on the way you feel; and you feel threatened by what arises from within you.
    It is good to realise that we can run from positive feelings that arise from within us as much as we can run from negative feelings.
    When we fall in love for instance, have a baby, or are publicly condemned our ego often feels carried along by the experience rather than in control and this loss of control can cause fear.
    If you enter your dream again while awake, then how does your own dream figure perceive listening to the pastor?
    Is there a slow increase in levels of anxiety?
    You can use http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson to explore that.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/priest-priestess/
    Do you remember what the pastor spoke about?
    Do you remember the role the pastor had in your childhood and how you responded to him when you were about 4 years old?
    Anna 🙂

-Genevieve 2016-06-19 0:29:21

I had a dream about a tsunami. In the first wave my sister and me were still standing on the beach. Rest of the crowd too. We searched for our third sister. We found her after and there was a small boy with me. Unknown . I was carrying him and asked my sister to drive out with my younger sister. I was running with the small boy. Realised my mom is missing, went back and searched could not find her. The third or second wave was about to come ,it rose so close yet it went back. I don’t remember seeing my mom it feels like I saw her. I woke up crying

-Veronica 2016-05-28 15:05:23

I just woke from a tsunami dream. However this is a reoccurring dream I’ve had before… in this dream I’m with my partner and we see the tsunami risen and we go into a store with others…. the tsunami is released but doesn’t hit us (store) almost like there is a barrier that stopped it. We leave location and next we hear a swarm of wasps. We then run into shelter. In my dream we are never hurt, we always end up being safe… any suggestions?

-Kathy 2016-04-21 22:47:20

I was reading through the coments and I notice everyone had a tsunami dream but were in diferent places and people. I belive God is just trying to show you what would happen to you if you stayed behined in the rapture. God bless you all!

-Irene 2016-04-19 13:35:47

Myself and my husband both dreamt of Tsunami on the same night. It was so realistic and terrifying. What a coincidence to share the same dream on the same night.

-johana 2016-04-10 13:20:06

This morning I woke up from a dream that i eas on a vacation with the family suddenly started to see tidal waves in my dream they were getting bigger and suddenly I didn’t see my 4kids and my mother it was just my husband the baby and me.he keeped trying to protect us and I was getting tired because i had my baby in my arms just seeing how everything is being destroyed by every tidal wave then I noticed 2ladys dancing giving up and dancing to an indian dance like thanking GOD for all but I was concentrating in the hands they would lift up to the sky and the right leg that would go 3 steps arround and I tryed coping it but a wave was coming and I keeped looking for higher sight the water would reach my stomach and all the sudden I noticed by husband saying get inside the room and I was like no I can’t without you a big wave comes and his like close the door and I did I can see how the room is getting full with water and all I do is pray while holding my baby… then I woke up. It’s a scary dream because in last day of April I’m traveling to california and on last days of July to T.J and it just makes me scared that this dream a tsunami might happen . Since this is the 4th time I dream of a tsunami in a year.

-Jean-Marie 2016-03-22 14:43:34

I had a dream about a tsunami, i was at a resort walking around, there were a lot of people, all of the sudden I turned around and there was a tsunami behind me so I ran to a very high ladder and when I reach the top of the ladder the wave just missed me by a few inches, in the wave there was a boy, he was about 6 or 7 years old. I grabbed him by the arm and said he sould hold on to the ladder. When the water went down I took the boy and climbed down the ladder onto a platform. On the platform it was only me, the boy and a man whom I did not know. Behind me I heard people yelling and screaming for help and when I trend around the were sharks and whales attacking the people in the water. So I said to the man standing there on the platform with me that we need to go and help those people and he replied to me with a very calm voice, he said no we can’t the sharks and whales wil come for us if we do and who wil be there for the little boy. I only know one of the people In my dream and she was eaten by the sharks. I don’t have children of my own and I’m not in a relationship. I have some issues with my bos so I am on the lookout for a new job. I think the tsunami has something to do with my working life but the boy and the sharks doesn’t make sense to me

-Steph 2016-03-09 11:20:54

I just woke up from this nightmare. There was an earth quake and little flooding from it. I knew I’d been here before and that a much bigger one – a life changing one was coming. I kept trying to warn people to find higher grounds. Some people listened while others ignored the warnings. I kept trying to gather things to carry with me including my dog as I prepped for the journey of what was to come. I knew everything was going to be washed away. My ride had left so someone else offered to take me away but he was so calm and relaxed about what I kept warning him was coming. I finally called my mom who also knew what was coming just like we has already lived this before. She asked me if this was the one and I told her this was a repeat of our experience in a past life And it was going to wash away everything. (Going back to the reference in which I knew I’d had this experience already: In the past experience my mother had stayed home when the tsunami hit. We said goodbye to each other knowing that she was going to die.) This time though, she said she would find me and asked where to meet? The second earthquake started and then the siren started. I kept trying to tell the man that was going to drive me away from this that we had to go, that this was what I had warned him about. While on the phone with my mom I began begging him for a place to go that was higher ground. But he didn’t seem to take me seriously and offered a place nearby. I again begged him to think of something at higher ground. I looked out the window to see the tsunami wave only miles away. As time was ticking I knew my time with my mom was limited to the phone call we were on and started telling her how much I loved her. I woke up crying.

-Mike D 2015-12-28 2:36:58

Last Night I had the most vivid realistic dream of being on a family vacation with my mom, sister and aunt at Nantucket Island, MA. The dream was so realistic I visioned exactly what the island looked like and I have never seen or been there. During the dream which took place in the summertime, everyone on the island had been receiving warning texts that an enourmous storm is approaching and tsumai waves would be likely. No escape was permitted from leaving the island due to weather conditions. As the waves were approaching, I remember watching my aunt and sister and my mom beside me holding onto a high inclined wall. As I watched the wave get bigger and bigger sirons had went off and everyone was in panic. That’s when I woke up feeling soaked.

-Fiona 2015-12-06 18:01:56

I had a dream that a tsunami came. Some other people and I climbed to higher ground while others stayed behind. While climbing I could see the water rising then when I reached the top we were thrown about by the waves a little and then the water began to subside. Eventually it went and we carried on with life.. what does this mean? Thanks

-Talat 2015-11-11 1:48:12


I been browsing all over Internet and it is the best place I found so I thought may be someone will be able to help me here .
From the last few nights I am continually having a scary and weird dreams . I would be grateful if you can tell me the meaning of these dreams .

In first dream I saw that I was sitting with my friend in a quiet room and suddenly I noticed there stairs in the middle of the room . I saw a very colourful skin of a Anaconda hanging on the stairs. And the second moment I noticed that there is a very big black anaconda sitting exactly on the old colourful skin . And before I was able to tell this to friend she was already on the stairs and anaconda catched her and swallowed her .i was speechless and scared. Soon I tried to pull myself together and I found a big knife there. I saw anaconda going in the dark and his belly was fat with my friend’s body .i awaked up shaking I wasn’t able to safe my friend .

Next night I had a dream that me and my sister were standing on the roof and it was raining. Suddenly I felt something very bad I looked back and a tsanami wave were near hit us . Before I was able inform my sister wave hit us and next moment I lost my sister in the water somewhere . I felt water on my skin clearly but I was still there and wave were crossing by me .i was just ready to go with it and awoke up .

    -Mikayla 2015-11-29 7:36:52

    it means you like nicki minaj

-krishna krupa 2015-11-07 5:08:55

Yesterday night i had a dream that i am able to see the start of tsunami and was able to predict the height of its hit… i was climbing high and high to the place i could be safe… what does that mean…

    -Kwan Ming 2016-09-15 20:20:18

    I drempt I was playing in the waves like I always do on holiday off the beach swimming in-between the waves and diving in the waves when suddenly I was pulled back and when I emerged from the draw back to realise with terror that a tsunami was looking in the background and before I could safety get back to the beach and runaway from the danger I was hit by a massive wall of turbulent grey water that kept me trapped whilst drowning underwater.

    I am usually not afraid of water as I am a traind advanced open water scuba diver with Padi and I swim quite regularly and rarely get out of my depth although 2 years ago I almost got drowned because I got caught in a dangerous rip tide event that caught me unawares because of the changing current.

    I don’t watch disaster movies often as I get nightmares and no I didn’t watch one last night and I stay away from drinking before bed so why did I have this dream?.

    I have ptsd following traumatic experiences in my childhood and later years although none involved being hit by tsunami’s although I had a similar dream the year before the boxing day tsunami in 2004 when I visited Phuket in Easter of 2003.

    I really don’t want to think it’s another premonition as am staying at a hotel near the beach in la union Philippines and there hasn’t been a major tsunami here since the 1960’s, I need awnsers please.

    Yours sincerely


      -Tony Crisp 2016-09-16 11:59:50

      KwanMing – I have received so many tsunami dreams from people, so I do not see this as a premonition.

      Considering your history of near drowning and other experiences, I feel the dream is a mixture of anxiety and your ability to meet the experiences.

      You start by experiencing pleasure in your dream, which then becomes a drowning dream. But whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

      So your dream was showing you that you did not die in the dream, and is probably a way to help you face the previous trauma of nearly drowning. Dreams often stand in place of actual experience. So through dreams we may experiment with new experience or practice things we have not yet done externally – many people dream of meeting death because it is a great fear, and slowly through many such dreams they see that the body is not them, the realise that they are the consciousness of Life within the body.


-samantha 2015-09-24 7:17:51

I had a dream that my mum and I were travelling and all of a sudden I saw the tsunami wave approaching us. We were in a car. I held her n told her I love her and I said goodbye to her.the wave hit us but thankfully we were Alive after which we started to actually drive to a higher ground… We were not hit by the second wave and we were safe after that.. What does that mean?

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