If the tunnel is dark, it usually signifies entering into experiences you do not understand and are not fully aware of, usually past experiences that are felt but not verbalised or made conscious yet. Entering into unconscious contents, so going into a dark tunnel can also be the entrance into reliving a traumatic experience.

Pathways you have created into your unconscious; ways you have evolved to deal with innermost feelings and memories; exploring inner ideas or tendencies. It could also represent the  vagina or being in the womb; a period of your life that is limited or has difficulties, or an experience you are going through that is limiting.

If the tunnel is dark, it usually signifies entering into experiences you do not understand and are not fully aware of, usually past experiences that are felt but not verbalised or made conscious yet. Entering into unconscious contents.

An attempt to get out of a tunnel, especially if small and difficult, can refer to memories of birth; strategies developed to reach your inner resources and bring them to the surface.

The secret tunnel ***

See: Last example in death and rebirth under archetypes; corridor; examples in dark.


-Matilda 2017-03-12 0:40:31

Hello! I had a dream last night that I was on an island and waiting on a beach with a group of people as a huge storm came towards us, we could not see it but many people were fearful it would kill us. I entered into an underground tunnel that was very beautiful with water and flowers and moved through. I somehow ended up back on the beach though sitting as if in a class with a teacher talking to us. I was at the frount of the class and her and I had an argument because I told her not to be afraid of death.

-raghavan 2016-10-22 13:01:14

I had this dream for quite a while now. I am in a room where there is a door. Beyond the door is a dark tunnel. The ceiling of the tunnel is covered with blood. In the two or three times I’ve had this dream, I’ve had different versions of it. In the first one, there’s this humanoid thing right next to the door trying to pounce on me. But there is a drawer blocking the door. In the other two versions, there isn’t one. This dream is beyond terrifying for me. What does the dream signify?

-Ash 2016-02-05 18:30:34

Today morning I dreamed where I was exploring a rock tunnel with my childhood friend. He was guiding me towards end of the tunnel and he told me to use parachute and jump to exit. This tunnel is associated to my old memory of visiting an underground electricity manufacturing unit at my native village.

-Onnam 2015-11-01 22:52:05

I had this dream last night..(felt like a close to death experience )
I remember the dream from seeing a woman stabbing her self in stomach. .trying to kill her self I think I called 911. There was another girl there that went there to help her killing her self. I was scared than and said have to get away from this. Than I sent in to this tunnel the girl followed me.. (she is was a friend than) the tunnel was totally black and felt like it was moving like a train… suddenly I grabbed the sid and a door opened and we jumped out into a desert. .. at first it was like a endless desert but soon we found some people there… didn’t the first group of people there but the there was another group playing a weird game of music … and than the was this house (looked like somewhere they wash death peoople) and there was 4-5 people there but I felt like they were actually death people even they talked (on had millions of black dots on skin)… suddenly I realised I was naked there was this small river in the house and some dark shadow gave some headless fish to the death guy . Than the death guy asked me 8f I want to wash my self…. I felt like I was pushed out of the dream than and I woke up suddenly and wasn’t feeling really well than I felt like I just had escaped death for some reason. ..

-sunita 2015-11-01 1:19:12

today morning dream— travelling in a bus full of passengers …. i see beautiful white snow peaks of high mountains . i just think how come these mountains are in this part of the country . there is a man i don’t know but he is smiling in a friendly way positively .
then suddenly i saw huge white water gushing down from the mountainous regions on the road which is dry .i think may be flash flood kind of thing .
then i see same water gushing down towards the road where my bus is and i just lose my eyes …. but then , there is a tunnel & we escape
there after i see myself in a balloon like thing floating in clear blue sky with white clouds floating and sun shining , & me happy enjoying the sight . again there is a man i don’t know him … but well , i am comfortable with

    -Tony Crisp 2015-11-01 11:12:43

    Sunita – The mountains suggest you have had a glimpse of what I called the High Pastures, the high places of life we are capable of reaching, but are often the country – frame of mind – you usually live in – “how come these mountains are in this part of the country.”

    The answer is that we are all capable or seeing the mountains, but most of us never look up.

    The water flowing down is the fresh pure energy you could have received, but you felt it might be dangerous so you missed a great opportunity. For in the dream world nothing can hurt you and you cannot be killed, although you can go through a death experience which is a way we grow beyond our old worn out self – as caterpillars do when they transform into their new life. You may think this is nonsense if your eyes and understanding have always been fixed on the physical world which is about death, war, uncertainty and politics, you may not have seen the sign for the mountain path. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/mountain-path/

    Example: The first time I ever slept in the bed with my wife Hyone, she quickly went to sleep and I noticed she had difficulty breathing through her nose while asleep. She would start breathing through her nose but couldn’t continue and the breath burst in through her mouth. I felt it must be a tension, so while she still slept I spoke to her quietly, suggesting that the muscles in her nose and face would relax. I repeated this a few times and Hyone’s breathing became easy and normal. Seeing that she responded so well, I decided to try something else. So I quietly suggested that her whole body would drop unnecessary tensions, and emotional and mental stress would melt away. I went on to say that this would open all the doors of her being, allowing cleansing and healing throughout.

    There was no apparent response to this, so I lay quietly ready to sleep. But suddenly, about eight minutes later, Hyone woke, almost with a jerk, and said enthusiastically, “I just had the most amazing dream.” In the dream Hyone had been with her mother and sisters in a garden at the back of a house. Hyone was lying in the sun relaxing. As she relaxed she felt a wave of energy flow up her body to her head. Then, wave after wave moved up her body, giving her tremendous pleasure and feelings of well-being. But the waves got stronger and stronger, and she was frightened they would overwhelm her, and at that point she woke.

    This is very important, because it shows how our good healing energy can be felt as threatening. It is because our personality is so girded and insecure it feels it will be overwhelmed or they would lose their self-control.

    You lose your eyes because of fear, so you escaped into a dreamt tunnel and a balloon and a man – all past of your dream world – and escape into a happy feeling – no real escape at all. So I suggest you imagine yourself back in the dream and let the water carry you away – I mean in the sense of ‘I felt carried away by love’. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson


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