There are so many different sizes of turtles it is difficult to be specific, but turtles are creatures that can live under water and also on land. They have a protective shell they can withdraw into, and these are probably the main points your dream uses to depict something you are doing. So, this part of your dream may link with feelings of deep inner feelings or even vulnerabilities that are surfacing or being felt at present. In other words, you may feel vulnerable and withdraw into a protective shell – or are emerging from such vulnerability. It may be referring to a time in the past you did one or the other.

For women the turtle can appear in dreams about pregnancy, so you may dream this if you are or are trying to become pregnant. See: Pregnancy and Dreams.

The turtle is a slow mover, but nevertheless is a survivor and can live easily in different environments.

Useful questions are:

Am I feeling vulnerable at the moment, and if so what about?

Are there ways I withdraw sometimes, and in what way do I do that?

What am I feeling from deep within me?

Is there any indication I am pregnant?


-Laura Lynne Watson 2018-03-29 15:35:48

I had a dream last night that I was in my parents kitchen with the extremely tall lanky girl. She was wearing all black, had black hair & she was easily 6’9″ tall(2 feet taller than me). She told me to cone join her in sharing her sushi & when I looked at her plate I saw it was all avacodo rolls. The told me it had cooked turtle in it but I didn’t quite believe her, because it looked like all vegetables to me. I then hung on to her in a strange cuddle/hug & thanked her for being with me even tho I was small & she was very tall. I am oretty sure ahe was my girlfriend in the dream…

-Kim 2018-01-26 16:12:32

I dreamt of 3 baby turtles crawling on the headboard of my bed. At first I thought they were spiders, they were that tiny. I was about to capture and release them outside but stopped when I realized they were tiny baby turtles. Then I woke up.

-Jan Krause 2017-11-06 13:59:53

Saving turtles by putting them back into the water. Some turtles became liquid water and I spooned the water back into a pond of water.

-Jagdish 2017-04-25 9:40:40

Hi, Yesterday I saw a dream in which I was in my bedroom, and was waking up. As soon ass I woke up and moved out of my bedroom, I saw a Tiger(or Tigress, well grown, probably an adult), a cub and a Black Jaguar(about Jaguar I cant remember if it was well grown or not). These 3 were sitting at terrace of my house. When I moved out of bedroom, after sighting them, I ran back in my room and locked myself in. Then I opened window of my room, I saw them pleasantly sitting at their previous place. Then adult Tiger came near my room’s window(he noticed me,watching him from the window) but was not in attacking mood, he was roaming freely.

From window I see my other house members locking themselves in the respective room there were in. But Tiger was not at all agitated. He was enjoying his walk in my house..

What is the meaning of such dream?

-Stella 2017-01-05 14:25:25

I had a dream last night where a large tortoise was on the top of our window by the roof. I could see the bottom of his belly as I looked out the window. It was a 2′ snapper. And then I looked out the window to the ground two stories below and saw two 4 foot long tortoises. They were walking towards the river. They had baby turtles on their back – only the size of my hand. I called for my adult children to see them. One flipped over in a muddy puddle and enjoyed clawing at the water. . Then the dream changed to my adult daughter waking to smelling perfume of her former boyfriend’s mother. We determined it was coming from the woods by the river and were worried because his mother might be suicidal.
Then I found my husband or X husband had started remodeling our office without telling me. Currently in my life with marriage counseling, I am feeling a lot of contempt married to a boastful person (narcissist too?) I’m in job transition. Bored! Looking for so much more.

-Liz 2016-06-09 12:47:52

Hi, I had a dream where my children were in a swimming pool watching these two small turtles fight. They were trying to turn the other one over on its back while in the water. As my children were watching my brother yelled here comes the mom turtle. She was gigantic similar in size to a Galapagos island tortoise. She was gliding in hot water to scold her two children. As she approached them they stopped trying to flip each other over and swam away. I pulled my children out of that water. As we walked away the giant tortoise crept out of that swimming pool and stuck her head out of her shell only to drink fresh water. Once she was done she slowly allowed herself to retreat back into the pool with her children. The pool was clear and you can see them all three at the bottom.

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