Vd – Venereal

Sense of being unclean in sexual life, or an unhealthy sexual attitude. Because this involved infection passed from one person to another, it shows you feeling infected by another person’s sexual attitudes or relationship with them. Or this could be an expression of your awareness of your fears about getting an infection, or the hurts that infect your sexual feelings.

The name is venereal disease, so it is about  a form of illness that can be contracted by sexual contact. But dreams see illness as more than a physical thing, so dreams about VD might be referring to the damage you can do to yourself or others by your attitudes and sexual behaviour. That sort of illness is depicted below.

As I lay down exploring my dream the pain in the head increased. I felt sick and dizzy.  My body began to jerk and it was like words being forcefully squeezed out of my body.  It feels as if those words, and the emotions pouring out with them, were literally in the body, like juice is in an apple, and the process squeezes out this painful juice.

At first the words were just a jumble of noise being pushed out as my body cramped up and squeezed.  Then I was shouting out ‘I’ve got VD I’ve got VD’.  Then every so often I would gasp out ‘A father…s father…’

Then I could feel some real deep emotion in my chest just beginning to come up. ‘Dirty, I’m dirty,’ I was shouting.  ‘I’m a father and I’m dirty’.  Then my body just gave a big heave like I was having a baby or something, or a tooth out, and I was just one frozen block of pain, and a great moan of pain came out.  I was sobbing and moaning about my children.  Hardly able to say it because of the pain and sobbing, nevertheless the words squeezed out of me ‘D…. Duh …Does a… Does a father…’  I just couldn’t go on for a while.  My body contorted up with this inner emotional pain again, and a sort of bellow of it came up from deep down.  Then the words came again.  ‘Does a father…Does a father kill his children?’

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