The womb; your store of resources; sexual potency; memories; unrealised wisdom, influences from the past. If the vault is used for burial, then it links with feelings you have about death, dying or the dead.  See: Death; Womb; Death What do you think happens.

But vault can also connect with vaulting so look up Archetype of the Athlete. Or a bank vault which may relate to your deeply unconscious resources. What you value intensely and are trying to protect or hide, your potential or reserves. See Bank

Does this have something to do with family beliefs or influences if I am dreaming about vaults, for we store precious memories deep within us, and this can often be symbolised by a vault. See Memory and DreamsWorking With Dreams



-Christina 2014-11-23 4:19:16

Hi Tony, I was hoping you could help me interpret my dream. I found all these diamonds and expensive fabrics while I was doing a treasure hunt challenge. I would sweep my hands through the grass and pick up dozens of small diamonds at a time. I collected a whole bag of diamonds and fabrics and then put them in a small safe/vault in my room. I then went back out to join the rest of the challengers to await the news of our next challenge & as I was waiting I noticed, sitting there on a set of stairs, a really really big diamond. I took it and put it in my safe. I then showed my valuables to a few people. I didn’t know who they were but I know I trusted them.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-11-23 11:48:30

    Christina – It seems to me that you have been collecting treasure for some time, and perhaps have been hiding it away. The treasure is the spiritual truth you have gained, or to put it in another way, the wisdom about life and living it.

    Now in meeting the challenges of life you have faced, and realising that you are not alone on the path you have chosen, you have found, through the steps you have taken – the stairs going up or down – a new and wonderful awareness. See and

    But the message of the dream goes on – you have kept what you collected hidden away, but then you realised, “I then showed my valuables to a few people. I didn’t know who they were but I know I trusted them.”

    That is what lies before you, for the more you give out, the more you get back.


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