Your basic down to earth needs. It might also be a dream suggesting your dietary needs. See: Food.

“The root of the word ‘vegetable” means the very opposite of dullness and inactivity: to animate. invigorate, enliven, grow, refresh and vivify’. The concept of a vegetable soul that nourishes all living things goes back to classical Greece; it passed then into the Hermetic and alchemical philosophies of the Renaissance. Humankind is viewed as having a tripartite soul, including the vegetable. animal and rational.”  By Rosemary Guiley  See Levels of the Brain and Dreams

We often use the word vegetable or vegetate to mean someone has lost all their drive and creativity or spark. So, your dream might be referring to that. See Signs of consciousness in People who are Considered Vegetative

Vegetables are also about growth, and the largely unconscious processes of growth in you. They indicate your fundamental relationship with life and your environment. Your dream might of course be about your dietary needs.  See: Eating

If long as carrot: Can sometimes suggest male sexuality. If a woman’s dream – feelings about sex with male. If male dream – your own sexuality.

Onion: Something to cry about; also, the different layers of yourself – inner self, outer self, body, mind, spirit. See Veneer; Brain levels 

See: vegetables under food.

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