Your heartfelt feelings and longings. Pathos or subtle feelings, or may express innermost feelings, or urges.

This shows how well you can express your flowing feelings and spontaneous creativity. In some dreams it is linked with what you feel about sex or your genitals, and how well you express pleasure and feelings sexually. Sometimes it might be depicting the mind.

At times playing the violin can also represent sexual intercourse, or even masturbation. If so it is doing it as a symbol, suggesting you are not directly owning your sexual feelings. See: Fiddle; Music; Musical instrument.

If you are a violinist, in the dream is indicates a special feeling or event you are faced with regarding your skill and feelings.  See Being the Person or Thing

“For once you are going to hear a dream, I dreamed all this: never could my poor head have in-vented such a thing purposely. “Schumann claimed he recorded a song that he heard in a dream, and in 1954, Steve Allen recalled from a dream portions of what has become his most popular song, This Could Be the Start of Something Big.’ At the age of twenty-one, Guiseppe Tartini had a dream in which he handed his violin to the devil:

But how great was my astonishment when I heard him play with consummate skill a sonata of such exquisite beauty as surpassed the boldest flights of my imagination. I awoke. Seizing my violin, I tried to retain the sounds I had heard. But it was in vain. The piece I then composed, the “Devil’s Sonata,” was the best I ever wrote, but how far below the one I had heard in my dream.’

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