Possession And Dreams

                         I dedicate this feature

                        To the Former Me

                       Tormented as I was by Demons and Devils



The Devil of Public Opinion

Possession by Conviction

The Struggle with Sex

The Stranger Inside of You

The Child in the World of the Vampires

Meeting with the Devil

Possession by a Dark Shape

We are all Possessed

The Connections that can be Heaven or Hell

Possession and Dreams

In our everyday life, things such as love, anger, fear, dependence or similar interests, frequently link us powerfully with another person. Again and again I have observed that when a couple are in love, they often start saying exactly what is in the mind of their partner. This suggests they may be sharing a unity or togetherness at some level of their consciousness.

Also, a few people experience exactly the same dream on the same night, as in the example.

‘I dreamt my sister was attacking me with a pair of scissors. She backed me against a wall and stabbed me. During the day after the dream my sister phoned me at work and said she had an awful dream in which she stabbed me with scissors.’ D.

But sharing feeling links is different to feeling possessed. Love links us with another person, and maybe even allows a blending of minds, because we want to experience that. Possession refers to an apparently outside being or influence controlling us, perhaps against our will, or even without our awareness.

As an example of this, Mrs M. F. dreamt:

I was going mad. I was crawling around on my hands and knees and wailing and behaving in a most peculiar manner. I actually felt mad. But inside my head a tiny voice kept saying, “You aren’t completely insane yet — there’s still a chance.” People around me kept saying to each other, “We think she’s possessed by devils.” My sane voice then said, “Make the sign of the cross. Cast out the evil spirit.” I kept trying to do that but my hands wouldn’t or couldn’t complete the sign. I woke still feeling disturbed.

This dream clearly illustrates the frightful conflict going on between M. F. and what she experiences as a controlling influence.

Such dreams are frightening and need to be understood. The power we struggle against must be dealt with in some way. In doing so the subject needs to be clarified, and this alone can help.

Some years ago I listened to one of my stepdaughters talking with my wife. My wife started to comment on her daughter’s current boyfriend. Suddenly my stepdaughter butted in with strong feelings and said, “Don’t even say anything mum. Whatever you say influences me so much I can’t even think for myself.”


The Devil of Public Opinion  

Being influenced in judgment or action by somebody else is extremely common. Perhaps all of us are deeply influenced by public opinion, or what someone else will think, feel or do. A married man or woman taking a lover will usually meet their new love carefully or secretly. Their actions arise out of knowing how other people would respond. And how many of us can undress in public, or even walk along a crowded street without socks and shoes?

The degrees of such influence range from mild to the point of us not being able to do something even if we wanted to. Losing our will to that degree could be seen as possession.

Because dreams portray the different influences within and around us as external beings and things, such a controlling influence could easily be portrayed in a dream as a possessing entity.

There are many other things that “possess” us in this way, many of them unknown to us unless we confront them. If we do, a struggle of will or decision usually occurs.

I once met a reformed alcoholic, John, who told me that his doctor had given him an ultimatum. The doctor had said that John must either give up alcohol or die from liver failure. John then stopped drinking and found that the doctor had got the ultimatum wrong. This was because, when John stopped using alcohol, he started meeting feelings and anxieties he had suppressed most of his life through alcohol use. He started experiencing the everyday anxieties about paying his bills, the feelings about his past and failed relationships, about his own behaviour and who he was in the world. These were difficult for John to face, so he was tempted again and again to use alcohol to suppress or deaden such feelings. Therefore John changed the wording of the ultimatum to, “Feel my feelings or die!” As can be seen, John did not confront his difficulty until he stopped using alcohol. Sometimes it is an event or change in life circumstances that confronts us with what possesses our will.

How many of us use alcohol, cigarettes, painkillers, prescribed drugs, or street drugs, for similar reasons? Perhaps we failed to face the depression arising from a failed marriage, difficulties in parenting, anxieties about financial security, or in meeting our own past. If so, what is it that possesses us? After all, we are not fully in possession of our own mind or soul if we need foreign substances to deal with our own feelings and fears.

Take a while to think about this. How many people use alcohol, tobacco, or antidepressants? What is it, as with Mrs M. F., that is driving them mad/depressed/unhappy?

Well, I know from personal experience that it can be a feeling that we do not have the strength, the resources, to deal with our own pain or depression, our own inadequacies. See Avoid Being Victims


Possession by Conviction  

Having worked for many years as a counsellor using dreams, one of the awful forms of “possession” I have met in several people is something we call conviction. It is a positive word, but conviction can be a terrible influence to be possessed by. For instance, some people I dealt with over the years were convinced they were mentally ill because of the personal problems they faced. That conviction was a major cause of their misery and conflict. Once that conviction was melted and they recognise themselves as human beings with difficulties to deal with, they could begin work on reconstruction.

In a similar way, we might be convinced, or possessed by, a set of beliefs, as for instance religious convictions. And I am talking here about convictions of any sort that make a person completely rigid, and unable to take in or listen to any new experience or idea.

Sometimes we use such convictions like castle walls, to defend ourselves against anxiety, against uncertainty, against actually meeting the vulnerable and perhaps young and lovely self we were before the castle walls went up.

One of the most deadly convictions, one pressed into us frequently in today’s world, is that we do not have a central core within us, out of which healing and growth can emerge, out of which we can gain a sense of unity with the beautiful mystery that is the universe and our life in it. Without a sense of that core, we have no feeling of strength to face our own depression, our own darkness or childhood pain. Instead we have the conviction we are victims of a harsh life. As the words of the song say, “Life’s a bitch. Then we die!”

Whatever we may believe about that core, or the human spirit, we have incredible potential, amazing resources. But very often, what holds us back from accessing them is, as with John, the fear of meeting our feelings in any depth, or the lack of tools to deal with them when or if we do. Working consistently with your dreams is a path that can lead you to real transformation. It is an approach that is totally related to your own situation and needs in life. But it must be done in a way that brings you into a practical meeting with your personal history here and now, and does not fly off into fantasy about what you might be spiritually, or in past lives. See  Life’s Little Secrets  

The Struggle with Sex  

However, there is another form of apparent possession arising out of ignorance or being misinformed. The following dream illustrates this.

Example: I am 18 and recurrently dream my house is haunted or possessed by the devil. I am not religious, but in the dreams with the devil I try to remember prayers to scare him away. In every dream my family and I have to pack our bags and moved back to the old house I lived in as a baby until 7. The dreams really frighten me and I can’t sleep. Barbara.

Barbara is a young woman, and is faced with either meeting herself as she is now — a sexually maturing young woman — or returning to a way of dealing with life relevant to a seven-year old. What Barbara is in conflict with here, and fears as something alien, is her own sexual drives, her own urges toward womanhood, toward independent life.

I grew up in a society, a religious indoctrination, that portrayed sexual urges as dirty, as degrading, as something to be controlled. I, like Barbara, in fighting my own natural urges, felt possessed by the devil. Fortunately I was helped to see my own inner drives — sex, anger, the desire to exist and flourish — as natural and not devilish.

Although Barbara says she is not religious, she is obviously talking about her surface sense of herself, because in the dream she prays for help. As with Mrs M. F. the sign of the cross will not cast out our own internal urges and splendid life energy. After all, it has often been the church that put the conflict there in the first place as a means of social and individual control. So how can the cross help, unless we associate it with love and life? See Amulet

In 40 years of dream work, I have not personally come across a case of possession in which there is an actual external entity fastening on the person involved. If I did come across such a case, I would still first explore the person’s own desires, their convictions and inner conflicts. I would try to uncover what desperate longings, dependencies or fears they are not admitting to themselves. These, I believe, are the underlying causes for the apparent possession we might be facing in our dreams and in life.

However, I would be very lacking in my understanding of possession if I did not take the description of it a little further. Also, I would be hiding the truth of it if I did not admit that I have experienced it myself.

In my own case, while dealing with personal problems, and delving into the unconscious to find their roots, I have passed through a whole territory of my inner life dominated by demons that were in various measures possessing me. It took me a long time to understand, or perhaps to put into some rational definition, what these demons and possessing influences were.

My understanding today is as follows — during our life we give tremendous amounts of time and energy to certain interests, ambitions, longings and desires. Everything we do influences our body, our brain, and produces changes. Anybody who gives a great deal of time and effort to the study of colour and form, actually alters their brain structure to some extent and becomes much more perceptive in those areas. What this means is that the brain, the mind, has set up a sort of focal point around which all the information, feelings, and flow of energy, circulate. Sometimes, these interests or ambitions become so powerful they have a life of their own to a certain extent. In a very real way they possess us, and divert energy toward the goals, hopes, longings, involved in them.


The Stranger Inside You  

The unconscious, especially in its processing of dreams, depicts these focal points and their influence as actual things. They might be depicted as a dark shape, a demon, or a powerful figure trying to direct your activities. These dominating influences may actually be detrimental to your fundamental nature, to your happiness and health. As such they really are possessing influences sucking our energy. For instance a man might be so dominated or possessed by the desire to earn enormous sums of money, then he works himself to an early death.

In earlier cultures, they did not have our psychological language to explain these phenomena. Nevertheless, human beings like ourselves suffered the consequences of them, were haunted by them, and made ill or afraid. These cultures developed ways and means of dealing with them appropriate to their times. One of these is illustrated in the New Testament where Jesus casts out the demons. Those demons were almost certainly possessing psychological influences such as I have described. Such an influence might be a focal point for hate, for murderous rage, or even for a crazy irrational state of mind. In the case of Jesus, we see a clear unconditional love and attitude to life confronting the possessive and dominating influence of what we have called the demon. This state of unconditional living and clarity still works today. If you can arrive at such a state of mind, and maintain it in the face of the awful influence of the possessive forces at work in your nature, they will be “cast out”. This may be fast, or it may take time, but it will happen. Sometimes these influences in us exhibit extraordinary power in their hold over your mind and emotions, and in their being dealt with we face a great deal of uncertainty, and sometimes emotional upset. See Autonomous Complex

But there is yet another level of possession that is much more frequent than I believe our medical profession admits. To illustrate this I quote a dream sent to me by a woman.

I was in what looked like huge white ribs. In the ribs was a big heart beating. Beyond that was my homeopath. I could hardly breath, struggling to live. I could hear the heart beating, but as I listened I could also hear another heart beating. It seemed to me it was my sister’s heart connected to my own invisibly. The homeopath came forward and stretching open the ribs, reached into them, took hold of the invisible heart – it was like a shadow behind the other heart – and pulled it out. Immediately I could breath again and felt I was whole. In everyday life my sister and I have been incredibly linked, even to the point of having cramps at night on the same nights, though living in different parts of the world. I had become ill recently out of this connection, but as soon as I had this dream I was well again, but my sister became ill. She has just been diagnosed as HIV positive and is dying.

What this woman experienced is not uncommon. Our links with certain people are much more profound than we usually admit. A friend recently telephoned me to talk about a feeling that he was deeply possessed by his mother. He is a man in his fifties, but nevertheless feels his mother is an incredibly powerful force in his life. He said he feels almost as if she is a demon living within him, penetrating his very cells, sapping away his resolve and positive feelings.

These links can be formed through close relationship, such as that between parent and child, but also through enmity, and certainly through sexual relationship.


The Child in the World of the Vampires  

There is a very relevant point in ones development as a child, that explains another aspect of possession. In many cases it appears that as children there is a point where our personal will develops, and through sheer necessity to survive, conflicts with the will of mother and others. It is possible that prior to this the will and awareness was in union with the mother or its objects of love. At this point of separation the will or identity has to be defended lest it be swallowed or vampirised by mother or adults. Possessive, over caring, or dominating parents can especially be cast in the role of the vampire.

Put simply, as a child your will might not be strong enough to confront that of the adults around you. In imagery of dreaming, it would seem that your very strength is being sucked out by an attacking vampire.

As a child, the means of defence against this are many — anger — hate — revulsion — a temptation to become invisible. Therefore you might develop a strong repulsion or anger against your mother or father. This enables you to separate yourself from them, and what they want you to do.

What has struck me so forcibly as I explored this situation, is that when we come to the point of learning to love as an adult, we face again this original behaviour pattern of defence. We defended originally against the loss of identity, now, to love, we come again to the melting of our identity in another person, and the original defence and fear arise once more — in fact they had never gone — until we dissolve them by conscious understanding. At such a time, the images of possession, of demon or vampire arise again, along with the feelings connected with them. See Individuation


Meeting with the Devil

Having watched a person meet the devil in their dream exploration, what they arrived at is very helpful in understanding any feelings about being possessed by the devil. She saw that her lack of self esteem, her self doubts and depression were like an open door that allowed destructive feelings and fears to enter. She also saw that this awareness of evil living in her, along with the attitudes or feelings described, were in part inherited from her recent and ancestral family.

Once this is understood it is easy to see that other things leaving such a door open are childhood trauma or abuse, and the attitudes and standards we often pick up – rather like infections – from others around us, and our culture. When this ‘devil’ enters us it can lead to self criticism, negative comparisons, the denial of ones own talents and ‘light’, and in bad cases, crime, murder and the infliction of child abuse and trauma. Such feelings, such entrance of foreign and destructive forces, is seen by our unconscious as the devil, demons or even a vampire. They suck away the life force and create illness in our body. Recognising them is very important for our health and person wholeness. This is called a dybbuk in Jewish folklore. Remember that devil is lived spelled backwards, and evil is live backwards. They both suggest the turning of your life force back on itself. See Satan; Secret of Time and Satan


Possession by a Dark Shape  

Many people either see, feel or dream about an awful dark shape that threatens to envelop them. This can terrify them as in the past it terrified me. But understanding where such awful fears emerge from is helpful.  Here is a dream that has in it the dark threatening shape.

Example: I woke from a strange dream this morning . It was set in a small semidetached house – at least that was the feel of the place. My young children lived in the house, and there was a terrible sense of poverty and fear. All the windows were blacked out with curtains, so the place was constantly in a state of semidarkness. There seemed to be one or two Indian men, but always in the background somewhere, in a slightly threatening way. In one part of the room, in the darkness, a tall black figure stood. That is, draped in black, in what looked like a gown flowing from the head right down to the floor, with the face hidden in a pool of darkness.

One of the Indian men had somehow procured a great deal of money, but this was hidden or kept upstairs in rooms that the children never ventured into. There was a feeling that the man would kill anybody who got near the money. Also at some point it seemed that my young son had either hung himself, or he had been violent with the other children and while he slept they put a noose around his neck and suddenly pulled him upwards.

This dream was explored at length and here are the comments on what was realised.

“I am feeling in myself what the children are. I sensed them as the many flowing urges, curiosities, feelings that are in me from youth. Today this developed further. The overall and underlying background to the dream became conscious. It is all about fear, apprehension, not daring to reach out, extend myself. I recognised that feeling because at present in the relationship with my partner I went through that darkness again recently. It is made up of many different feeling states, but part of it is that contact is too painful to go anywhere or do anything. At times the only thing I could do was to read or to watch a film to completely divert my attention from this dark room, this dark place in myself.

Another aspect of it is the fear that I will do something wrong and will become the victim of somebody else’s distress or anger. Of course that links with my mother. I never saw her in that light before. Of course I recognise that she in some ways smashed me emotionally, but she had never seemed to be somebody who threatened me or punished me much in an exterior way. But as the fear clarified I could see that the threat she used was that unless I were good, unless I did exactly as she wanted me to, she would put me away from her – the ultimate threat. This of course terrified me. So some part of me cowered in that dark room. My youthful intelligence, curiosity, desire to explore relationships, all these were turned back on themselves as illustrated in the dream by the aggression that my son showed, and the children hanging him. Such held back feelings often turn into murderous rage.

Looking back I can see that I gradually, and especially in teenage, possibly from the wonder of reading such things as science-fiction and books about yoga, shut the door to that room, to that house with its latent threatening death all the time. So I encapsulated that place, sealed off those feelings, and those fears. I kept it all so dark by my own efforts. The only way to escape was to be somebody else, to be another sort of person! But of course, in the background and behind the scenes, that dark room has always been there. I revisited this part of myself in and through my relationship with my partner, and the fear I faced was again that I wasn’t loved, that there was no future in the relationship, that I am trapped in the dark place of loneliness and fear, and that whatever I do will antagonise another woman friend and bring down some sort of punishment or judgement on me. So I have recently had to confront all these and pass through them. My sense in this is that it allowed the dream and what it portrays to surface and be dealt with. And this was why and how I managed to transform the place into the dwelling of light and change.

The dark shape was of course my feelings of doom, the unspoken threat, and death. The Indian man or men represent forces or things that I couldn’t deal with, or are foreign or alien to me, a further sense of helplessness and being trapped. And all the money is really the potential that has been locked up, the value in my being that has never been recognised or used, and is there now to become a part of my life as it is has been in recent years.”

As can be seen, when it is understood there is nothing to fear, but an awful lot to digest. The fear before it was understood was so bad it paralysed the dreamer in his ability to act.

But here is another type of dark shape that is the essence of what many people fear. At first the dream:

Example: Then the scene changed and I was walking up the several flights of stairs to get to the attic room. I was holding a small dog in my arms – one of those rather flat nosed toy dogs. I arrived at the attic and put the dog down. But now the attic was empty and dark. I could feel my hair stand on end and my skin ‘crawling’. Actually I feel it all again as I write this. The feeling arose because there was an unformed dark shape creeping around at the far end of the room. The dog was really afraid and jumped into my arms.

Then the dark creature leapt at me, transforming into a massive mouth with huge fangs and awful demonic face. Immediately I leapt at it in the same way and smashed against its face with my own huge fangs. This utterly disarmed it because it had felt, in its primitive way, to terrify me. It surprised me too that I could so immediately transform into a monster when necessary. 

Then I approached the dark form, back in its original condition, trying to find out what it was and why I had met it in that way. Gradually I experienced its situation. It had originally been a human being, but had gradually lost its humanness and become this slinking darkness. I was slowly able to help it realise that it could once more take the path to become human if it wanted to. Then it asked me how that could be done. I told it that first of all it had to come out of this dark and empty place to mix with people. The human environment created a different surrounding and influence that would penetrate it and help it to change. It also asked me how I knew about its condition and how I could transform into its own monstrous form. I told it I had once experienced that condition, and that’s how I knew it was possible to come out of it.

This extraordinary dream doesn’t need much interpretation. It shows that with courage and love you can meet almost anything. The love shown was in his way of dealing with a threat and showing the person the way to a new life.

When you sleep and dream your voluntary muscles are switched off. This can mean that any dream activity that not only originates the spontaneous images of dreams, but also gives rise to all the muscular impulses that are part of the dream movements, so it would seem to you that an alien force or being has taken over. In other words because it is spontaneous, and because we do not believe that anything other than you can originate movement, it feels as if something other than you has taken over.

Also dreams arise from a very deep part of us, the Core, from which all the impulses of existing, growing and surviving originate. Even when you are awake such processes control you – for instance your breathing is only partly under your control, but all the vital things are purely unconscious and you are thereby controlled all the time. Try holding your breath and see how strongly you are possessed by Life itself.

But of course you are used to those everyday massive controls. However, sometimes our Core wishes to make us move, to control our movement, usually in sleep, but sometimes while awake. These movements are in fact as natural as the urge to breathe, but because in our culture we are so out of touch with how life works we are often terrified of spontaneous movements. Such movement are about growth of some part of us that we have not allowed before. If we can allow these and not react fearfully, then we will be shown the wonders of our life and how it originated – what is usually called the unconscious. For a fuller description ‘see’ LifeStream.


The Connections that Can Be Heaven or Hell

From the point of view of the deepest teachings about the nature of human life, we are all, at our very core, connected. Such links are therefore part of our very nature. But many of them are positive and supportive. Usually, the negative link, such as those described above, only occur because we, perhaps in some unconscious way, invite or support it. But of course, during our infancy, such a depth of feeling connection is natural and part of our development. It is only in adulthood and in the attempt to become independent that such powerful merging can be a threat.

Having experienced such a linkage, I say again, that the discovery and expansion of the unconditional attitude in your life is the prime force for dealing with these life sapping links. And by unconditional I mean a way of living that does not cling, does not desire to possess, looks upon jealousy and rage as a sickness, and reaches out to love and life despite pain. Possessiveness, jealousy, the rage at being left or abandoned, of being overlooked, can all become focal points for the energy that becomes a possessive demon. This is sickness — and until we admit it as such, it can still dominate us and rob us of the richness and fullness our life could attain otherwise.

There is another explanation about possession in the feature Autonomous Complex

May love go with you on your journey.




-Edward 2014-02-11 18:31:09

-last night I had a really weird dream, I was in an auditorium sitting with an old man. For some reason I brought two glasses of water and gave the old man one. As I look eat the glass I handed him, it seemed to be yellowish. I looked into the glass while I was standing and read an image or lettering and it said voodoo. When I looked back at the old man he was stirring his glass and I thought to my self will he be possessed, what will happen to him, if I am not mistaken, he arrose and began to scream at me in a possessed form. From that moment I am not sure of what happened but I jumped into another dream where I continuously entered rooms where there were possessed human like forms.. I ran and ran attempting to get out of where I was at opened a door, I looked to my right and a possessed one was screaming at me, I guess trying to makee believe in the devil. For some reason also I can remember the name Christina clearly because someone was screaming it to me. While in my dream I began to scream but in a weird way, a way that I have never screamed in a way as if I was disgusted or was in conscience .But in reality I was actually screaming, my brother who was sleeping with me tried waking me up, and in my dream I was able to hear him.. Atlast I woke up and felt like crying. I am not sure if this is the first time I’ve dreaming in this matter but it really frightened me and it’s really bothering me.
If there is anyway somebody can interpret my dream please contact me to – em41024@gmail.com

I am not sure what I am suppose to do or feel but everytime I try explaining this to some one I feel angry, tired, or sad, I’ve experienced many things in life and many betrayals and have also done many betrayals. I want to know what is it that my dream is trying to tell me so that I can feel free from my conscience

-xpretyNpinkStarx 2014-02-11 18:09:38

Last night I had the strangest culmination of dreams. I was in a house where I felt this spirit, I was a heavy dark spirit, and I could see it move about the room at times asa sparks of red, sometimes moving past me like a huge warm gust of wind, the spirit seemed angry or like it was trying to get me. It eventually grabbed a hold of me, and it was holding me by the lower part of my spine right above my butt, and I began to shout as loudly as I could in the name of jesus I cast you out!! I screamed this over and over and eventually let me go and I ran out of the house. I woke up and fell back asleep to find myself dreaming about sex. My boyfriend and I of 9 months have been having trouble in this area, i.e. he has a low sex drive and my complaints of that have driven him to masturbate more often than initiate sex. In this second dream we are in a two story house I do not recognize and we go upstairs, there are three naked women on the bed being sexual with each other, men lying on the side watching. My boyfriend gets naked as do I, he begins to rub up on the women, watching me apprehensively, a look in his eyes as if he wants so badly to have sex with these women but senses the consequenses. I remember thinking to myself, if he does this, it is unforgiveable. The dream then flashes to him still with the women, now placing a used condom in a small trashbag. I woke up feeling devestated. Are either of these dreams related? Why do I feel so haunted.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-02-23 13:51:09

    Xprety – I think it is all explainable in this example.

    Example: It seemed I was fighting against the Devil for hours in my sleep last night. I was with a group of people doing this. The only parts I can remember clearly are that we had got hold of the Devil’s sword, put it in a church and locked the door. We had then thrown the key down a well, thus preventing the Devil from getting his main power or weapon. At one point he was forcing a man down the well and under the water to get the key, but he didn’t get it. I think being forced made the operation difficult.
    In another scene I was in a dormitory with the group of people. The Devil attacked a woman. He was invisible. The woman turned black as he raped her. She didn’t die. At this point I woke and went to the toilet. On returning to bed I continued the dream, particularly wondering what I was in conflict with in the image of the Devil. I found it disturbing and frightening to be confronted by such a powerful opponent. Partly because of the rape, I realised it was my held back sexual needs. I then approached the ‘black’ woman with tenderness and this transformed the Devil into available energy, sexual or emotional. I tried this again and again. Each time it worked, and I could observe the connection between the Devil and how I repress my sexual needs.

    So your extra needs, which are restrained are shown as the demon giving off sparks. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/energy-sex-and-dreams/


-Mary-Kate 2013-12-26 10:02:56

I dated a boy for 3 weeks, i broke up with him over the phone in fear he might hit me. he was very aggressive and i ended it in fear of my safety. ever since the break up i have nightmares that keep me up at night of him locking me in a room and raping me (this has never happened in real life) i just want answers or at least a way to get ride of these horrid dreams

-Emilia Tokes 2013-04-03 12:22:55

I have a recuring escalading possession themed dream. Last night (April 2nd) was the new high peak. The first one started with a stuffed elephant toy i origianlly bought for a friend but never gave it to him. Then it was a baby doll i picked up at walmart becuase its blue eyes captured me. The third time was a asian ball jointed doll that i loved for 3-5 years and who was my imaginary boyfriend. The fourth occurence, the entity lifted the bed sheets of my bed while i was sleeping in the arms of a character played by an actor for whom i have genuine honest love feelings. Last night the presence literally took hold me – my dream physical body – and pushed me up against the ceiling of my bedroom 3 times. I recided the Our Father to calm and protect myself. And I notice that this happens when i do something in relation to that actor in real life. (I started when I was settled the tattoo of his name that i did get tattooed on my rib cage) Last night, before the dream, i launched an even on facebook to help him raise money through charity for the coming out of a movie in which he plays. I had never ever before this had such dream experiences. Almost makes me think that somone is jealous…

-Sadie 2013-02-14 12:33:31

I dreamt last night that i was in some kind of dungeon with other people who were supposed to be known to me but i don’t recognise. Then the devil started possessing each of them and when it got to my turn i was looking into his eyes (via one of the girls) and i was fighting him mentally, pushing him away from possessing me. I though i succeeded but someone told me i was possessed so then i realised my voice had changed to deep and i was chasing the other girls threatening them to tell me where somethign was (i don’t know what) and if they didn’t speak i’d kill them one by one.. so i ended up chopping the head off one of them and after that the devil left me. I was really upset and ashamed becuase i knew i was going to go to prison for murder when i had no control over it. It was only afterwards that i realised i had killed my mother and i shed into tears. i’m very disturbed by this dream so i thought i’d share it and if anyone has any comments i would really apreciate them. Thank you.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-02-17 14:25:40

    Sadie – First of all dreams are nothing like waking life, but are much like computer games in which you can be killed a hundred times and you are still unhurt. See – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/what-we-need-to-remember-about-us/#Virtual

    Also all the characters in your dreams are all created by your own thoughts, memories of fears. So the devil is just that, your creation through your fear or belief. So please see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/devil/

    Killing your mother is something that happens in dreams when we are trying to become independent or their influence – a powerful one – and are trying to stand alone; a difficult task.

    In many teenage dreams a darker note arises as the emerging independence starts to make a dramatic break with parental authority and with the dependence upon the succouring received. Because the break is difficult it sometimes needs anger or a form of violence. This is not because the parents are necessarily holding on to the child, but because the need of the child is so strong, that to cut those ties a form of violence is used. We then find a dream such as the following:

    I dreamed I dared not move from home as I had murdered my father and hid the body in the rubbish tip at the end of the garden.

    If it is not murder, then the dreamer sees the parent or parents die. In either case, the child still faces life without them, and this seems to be the point of such dreams. In waking life there may at such times also be some anger or aggressiveness toward the parents – once again a means of making the break. After all, how could you move away if you were still tied emotionally?


-Edwin 2012-12-02 21:30:43

I dream about being possess. I was floating in mid hear choking my mother grand mother and sister in- law. I hope they would help me some how, but instead they laugh at me. I was fighting off the demon inside of me. What does that mean?

-Renisa 2012-09-03 7:06:52

I was visiting my friend and during this time she had a lot of things going on in her life. I felt the negative energy in the house for months. she finially said to me that she got rid of one person in the house that she felt that was the cause of this neg. energy and then she prayed over her home. well, later around 11 or 12 noon that day, I prayed over her home to expell all the demons. i later went to work, i am a nurse, when i got off work at 7am. i returned to her home to rest for work later on that night. well, the person that she put out of the home, came back that evening to get some more of her stuff. they were in the room that i was sleeping in and they were making a lot of noise. finially, they left the room and i began to dream. I dreamed that my friend and either that person that was put out or one of her sons was in the room with me and i started spasming. i thought that i was having a seizure, so i reached for my friend who is also a nurse. i noticed that my friend was moving back from me. the other person threw something silver, which i thought maybe it was a spoon, under me. i thought it was to see if it would fog up so they would know that i was still breathing. i moved back from the silver item but i didn’t recognized that at that time. they threw the silver object down again and this time i saw myself retreating from it and at the same time. i felt this thick mass of stuff , like thick vomit, rising up in my chest and throat and it was choking me. then i heard this deep grown come from within me and i began crying and screaming no God! please no! help me. i knew that i was being possessed. i woke up out of the dream and i felt as though the presences was in the room. i got up and i got dressed for work and i packed my clothes and i left her house. my intentions are too pray and ask for guidance on this manner. while at work i came across this website. what do you think about this?

-Kaitlyn 2012-07-26 18:15:15

I had this dream just recently that I was alone in my room and was attacked my some invisible force. The following night I had some people over and was trying to explain to them what had happened. At this point, I don’t know who the people were. But one girl suggested taking pictures of my room but with me in the frame. She did so and as she took the picture and removed her eye from the viewfinder, I saw that her face was demented and she lunged for me. Right then I woke up and so she had never touched me, except for a faint feeling on my ribcage.
I haven’t had a dream like this in a while and while ghosts don’t scare me like they used to, I wondered if it might be a sign of anything. I also wonder if you might be able to help me with the fact that several years ago at my old house, I used to feel like I was being watched as I slept but it only happened at night, and at my new house which I’ve been living in for 3 years, I’ve been fine until that dream. So any information would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

-Mariah 2012-06-27 5:34:14

I’ve been having these dreams about three or four times and its only when I sleep at my boyfriends house and he has spirits in his house, four bad ones and one good one. i started having them last monday and they repeat themselves and add on worse things than the time before. Last nights was the worst because me, my mom, and my friend had stayed at my other friends house but it was set up like my old house but it had concrete brick walls and in the bedroom we were in was the same place where my bedroom was at the old house. it looked like an asylum rooom, it had concrete walls, a metal bed, and white sheets and bedding. I tried talking to my friend and my mom started whispering in this possessed sounding whisper saying, “Stop, she’s too far gone now.” She even looked possessed and then next thing I know they were drinking grape juice and thought it was wine. My friend accidently broke the window and the glass fell all over me and it felt real too when it fell on me. Then they started playing with the shards of glass hanging from the broken window and cutting themselves with it looking possessed. I left and ran away. Then the next day my mom and her boyfriend picked me up at the grocery store in town but it was 3 o’clock in the morning and she looked just as possessed as before and when I asked her and my friend about the window thing they said they didnt know what I was talking about and then just got possessed looking again and started acting like it. But after that I woke up in cold sweets, panic, and almost in tears. And when ever I would lay in there in the dark with just me it would feel like something was staring at me in my sleep. I would feel it in my sleep and wake up in a panic and look around. But I only feel this way and get these dreams when I’m at his house. And I dont know what it means or why it’s only his house. I’m now even scared to sleep in my own house.

-Jc 2012-06-19 7:27:32

I had a dream that I gave into possesion. I dreamt it was just a normal day however when I got up my dad(who is dead) made me breakfast,I then went to work and came back and went to bed the next thing I was in bed and was repeatedly being asked a question while sleeping and when I said yes I felt an overwhelming presence enter my body and heard my dad screaming no! I then woke up but in the exact position I had been sleeping and I still had the feeling. It was incredibly. Disturbing and I’m sure I’ve had dreams before about someone asking if they could possess me.

-Toni 2012-04-27 5:05:44

Adding to the past thing, before I woke up, I dreamt I was asking my sister if she believed in God. As soon as I mentioned God, she became kind of possesed, her eyes bright and it was like how that girl looked in Harry Potter when she touched the cursed necklace O.o

-Toni 2012-04-27 4:59:01

I awoke at night(well 4AMish) and felt something possess me badly. It was pulling me to the wall and trying to make me get up, but I tried with all my might not to. I tried to scream “GOD! PLEASE! HELP ME! HOLEY SPIRIT!” but no words came out, so they only circled my head. Suddenly, once I had screamed in my mind enough, all stopped. The previous day I began reading the bible and converting myself to become more christianly. My friend heard stories like this and it freaked me out-I thought it was a vivid halluciation o.o

-Rob 2012-04-04 0:09:41

Hi there. I had a really weird (and scary dream earlier) I normally don’t get scared anymore during dreams and nightmares, since i tried practicing lucidity a while back, and along the way have learned to calmly wake up in the middle of bad dreams. I tend to not exhibit emotions of fear anymore in dreams, since i’ve experienced various types of dreams already. This one, however, did spark some worry in the dream and now in my waking moments. I would also like to add that i do empower myself on a regular basis through meditation as well.

Here was my dream:
I was upstairs in my room and all of a sudden the light wouldn’t turn on. No worries, i think. As i went down to the dining room, i see my fellow yoga member- it seems like we just came from a party and i’m attending to her. There’s some food on the table, she’s watching tv and holding a knife in a stabbing manner. (I tend to be less apprehensive and fearful in dreams) I approach her, i think she’s a little worried and jokingly smiling at the same time. Without lucid control of my dream, I think i have slight awareness that nothing can happen to me in this state, so i recall i actually jokingly point the knife at myself for a second, ask her to give it to me, then i put it down. I leave her briefly as i go upstairs. When i go back down, i find ourselves playing a little game. As i toss a few things her way, i see that she is staring blankly at the toaster oven. I walk towards her, as her blank expression slowly shifts to an expression of fear. She tells me she put the knife in the toaster to heat it up. I get a little worried at this point as i ask her why. She tells me she planned to kill me, as she frantically starts crying. She says when she was alone, something started coming over her while she was staring at a box of pizza. I ask her if she got possessed and she confirms this as i proceed to give her a calming embrace. I then slowly lead her upstairs with her arm and weight on my shoulder as she continues crying. I begin to notice a shift of emotions as we reach the door of the room of my mom. Her facial reactions begin to change as she starts to exhibit signs of possession (this is a first time for me in a dream), as an act of desperation, i open my mom’s room, wake her up and turn on the light. My friend gets away from me briefly and grabs a knife on the table with the intent to kill me. She then, however, disappears. I start to worry as the house gets very dark at this point. My vision starts to narrow and get blurry. As everything begins to fade, i then slowly wake up.

What do you suggest this means? I was worried of an evil entity at first, however upon writing this, i thought perhaps it’s something cognitive of a bad omen with this person? For the record i’ve only seen her at yoga class for a few weeks without much interaction. Would highly appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-04-04 9:41:44

    Rob – Unfortunately you have learnt or been taught a practice of lucidity that cannot help but produce problems. Dreams are not something to repress by getting rid of bad feelings. That only causes them to grow stronger.

    You see dreams are part of the self-regulatory process that keeps you alive (homeostasis). Most people do not learn this and it is fundamental information – especially if you are practicing yoga, which can help us to release our repressed feelings. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/the-secret-power-the-force-that-heals/ or even http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/

    The processes of life itself are about constant change. If our body could not go through radical internal changes to meet different temperatures we would die very quickly. We can all see that, but there are fundamental things about this that I have never heard anyone say they were taught at school. Yet these little secrets are life sustaining, and enable us to survive awful knocks and immense changes. Innate in all of us is a process that automatically deals with the challenges our environment, our life, confronts us with. So if you block the process of dreams you are blocking a potent force for your good. And is not to be so frightened of life. The avoidance of fears and challenges makes us all open to the most awful things. Whoever is teaching you to avoid any challenges is not teacher at all.

    Your dream is not a possession by an evil being – it is an attempt to get you to see what you have done by bottling up your dream process. Please read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/what-we-need-to-remember-about-dreaming/

    Sorry, but if you are going to survive and not descend into the mad world of believing there are forces outside you that can GET you, you need to learn a new way.

    I have travelled the inner worlds and met these monsters, but I learnt to face them and not to runaway from myself. For that is what we do when we cannot face our own dreams. Dreams are like a computer game with full surround virtual reality. In such games you can be killed a thousand times and yet you survive to deal with the monsters again. That is unless you learn a way through and go on through the levels. But unlike those games there is a wonderful intelligence behind the dreams we have, and if you listen and learn from it you will find a real mastership – not a false one of denying any fear or repressing anything that threatens you.


-gabrielle taylor 2012-03-04 9:16:55

Hi I’m 20 years old and every year I have roughly the same dream for about a week and then it stops. For instance last night I was at a school with friends when my mother and pregnant sister turned up and said “we need to leave” and took me down a tunnel outside the school which lead to a forest with a river running through. We talked about the demon being back inside me again for a while and then my sister threw some sort of plant into the water and said “that should make you better”. We walked down a path and came out of the forest next to a bridge when all of a sudden I threw up violently into the lake and I couldn’t stop… when I did stop my sister took my hand and shouted, “we need to go now”’ and the river had turned to blood. I couldn’t walk properly and me and my sister ran into the forest. I can remember that I thought, ‘Why is my sister running when she’s pregnant’ (which she really is in reality), then I woke up covered in sweat!! If you can explain this it would be brilliant….thank you x

    -Tony Crisp 2012-03-04 12:01:17

    Gabrielle – It starts off where you learned some things that your mother – the wise and caring influence – said you should get away from. That takes you into parts of you, you didn’t know – the unconscious shown as the tunnel and the forest.

    It was there, in the journey inside yourself, that you realise what it was you picked up from school. It was a negative way of life that had blocked your true flow of life within you. That was the demon and the river.

    Your sister, who appears to be a part of you that has more life experience in dealing with negative influences, put something into the river – the incoming life that forever flows through us – and that leads you to a bridge, a real change in your life. And that in turn produces the vomiting, which is a way in dreams of discharging mental and emotional poisons.

    The flow turns to blood; which suggests you have lost a lot of energy. You need to ask Life to heal you so that the loss of energy is dealt with.


-Carla 2012-02-20 18:24:50

I have also had dreams about being possessed but this time i remembered it, I was working but at a different store when the girl that my boyfriend had an affair was there we started arguing and i left. But before this someone was telling me the signs about being possessed, just after that my sister picked me up. I felt as though something came into my body and i grabbed my sister and made her look into my eyes, she screamed in terror, as she looked into my eyes i saw what she saw, big black red eyes. She got out of the car. I called someone, a small voice in my head saying, you can get help, you have control, I do not remember who I called but after this I woke up.

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