Your Amazing Life Journey

Tony Crisp

So, there was, at the very beginning of our life on earth only single cells, these cells are seeds from which all life forms evolved from, but they didn’t become old or die because they were immortal, for they kept dividing and didn’t die. That was the beginning of all life forms on our planet. In dividing they constantly created copies of themselves, but as they did so they gathered new experience, so they changed what was copied, so became the ‘seed’ for multi-cellular organism. We all started from the original one celled creature, and we, you, and I, are the result of such gathered experience.

No plant or creature grows from a dead seed, and each living seed carries within it all the past gathered from all its forebears. So, the seed in your mother’s womb is as old as and even older than human kind, and you carry that wisdom or memories in you in your DNA. But in this life you developed a new brain, and the memories, education, and programming you gathered this time are what you built your personality from, but beneath that is a very ancient self shown by your DNA’s history.

Finding this very ancient self, hidden as it is by all your personal thinking and opinions, you find you are free from all the painful emotions, suicidal urges, feelings of grief, terrible loss and personal hurts. For very early humans found a way not only to deal with this huge instinctive self but to realise its infinite wonders and talents. But to explore it you too need to able to realise it, for we cannot find it, for strangely we already  have it, but hide from it because it is so vast and is a very different state of mind. See Opening to Life – later it will be explained how humans found it.

The Wonder Humans Found

The fact is that we each go through the whole evolutionary experience when we are conceived in a mothers womb. From a single cell we go through developing other cells like plants do. Then we enter the sea stage where we have the beginnings of gills to breath underwater. The women who say, “This is my body I can do what I want with it,” are very mistaken. For no woman can create a forming child for it is the Life process that creates, and mothers are good or bad helpers for this miraculous growth to take place.

So, after the sea phase of our evolutionary journey, we enter the animal level with a spine and start to develop in to an air breathing baby. But that leaves us as a little animal, for without speech and human contact we cannot become human. See Programmed 

So, to show you your amazing journey as depicted by your DNA and DNA is a physical memory of your immense ancient life, as real as any brain cells which in todays world people think of as their body their reality and they therefore feel they only live once. But their memory in their DNA tells the amazing story of living since life began.

Here is an image. The image shows the journey made by all brown and white skinned humans and black skinned races. Here is helpful information of their history.

The spur pointing above Asia shows the journey to the far north and the amazing leap these northern people did in entering north and south America, about 15,000 year ago or even earlier. They entered a land that until then was without human beings.

It also led the path humans took to people Central Asia.

The two lower links were the journey our ancestors made to populate China, Japan, India, and tributaries. And the lowest link is the great journey the earliest Australian human’s made and the very first humans to settle a new land. An ice age had lowered sea levels making it easier to cross to Australia – but not quite, but we did it and survived facing wild animals, huge droughts and now had to cross 150 miles of sea to get to Oz. The fact is we did it.

That is interesting, but like many human enquiries it is just concentrated on just a small part of our history – the emergence of US humans – so that it totally ignores the billions of years we spent moving through the living creatures, and climbing out of the sea, to becoming mammals.

But the very earliest humans were more animal than what today we recognise as human. They could communicate with each other as most animals do in a variety of ways such as sound, colour change, noticing a creatures gaze direction, facial expression, movement of dancing as with birds and bees, gestures, and fish use bioluminescent. But despite all this incredible instinctive knowledge they could not question themselves or ask what am? So I see that humans did not invent language but we have managed to extend it enormously. See Who Am I – Programmed 

This was probably due to an evolutionary change.  In humans, the larynx is descended, it is positioned lower than in other primates. This is because the evolution of humans to an upright position shifted the head directly above the spinal cord, forcing everything else downward. The repositioning of the larynx resulted in a longer cavity called the pharynx, which is responsible for increasing the range and clarity of the sound being produced. Other primates have almost no pharynx; therefore, their vocal power is significantly lower. This allowed early humans tp begin the process of making a greater variety of sounds to  signify their attempts to communicate. 

For example animals could not say, “Look there is a bird.” Or, “I realised that by putting wheels on a small machine we could cover more ground.” But at first they may had made the sound “bird”, or “Vogel”, German, or “uccello”, Italian, or “ptitsa” Russian, or “ndege” Swahili, or any of the hundreds of languages. But more likely there was a ‘mother’ language started by a small group who then really shared it other groups and so started humanity and so became the Tower of Babel. The group may have been the San People, for San have the strange mixture of physical characteristics we see in the world today – Black skin, Pale skin, round eyes, and slanting or slit eyes.

The photo is a small example of the difference in skin colour still occurring in San people today. The woman has a pale skin, unlike and black skinned Africans. Their story is told in this documentary showing the whole human journey – See Humans Journey – (20) Children of Adam | National Geographic DNA Documentary – YouTube

Those who left Africa to start out on the amazing adventure that is the story of humanity, none of them were white skinned. We moved into lower temperatures and much less sunlight and that left us open to sickness, for dark skins cannot generate enough vitamin D under those circumstances, so the pale skinned were the survivors because they could generate vitamin D. So we slowly evolved into white skinned to survive. This I find strange in that many people today are anxious about exposing their skin to the sun and so are more likely to experience lack of vitamin D. – Vitamin D helps with strong bones and may help prevent some cancers. Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can include muscle weakness, bone pain, fatigue and mood changes and depression.

Finding This Very Ancient Self – Full of Wonder  

The very earliest of humans found this Ancient Self that changed them into the next level in human  evolution, beyond todays man and woman. This can be seen in their cave paintings. The first image is of ‘The bee shaman’ covered in mushrooms, a petroglyph – a rock carving not painting – in a cave in Tassili, Sahara Desert, Neolithic period 9000 to 6000 BC.

The psychedelic mushrooms maybe were one of the first things to effect this enormous change in humans. As an example of this, here is the first experience with the mushroom of Stanislav Grof, M.D., PH.D.

He says, “Almost half a century ago a powerful experience lasting only several hours of clock time profoundly changed my personal and professional life.  As a young psychiatric resident, only a few months after my graduation from medical school, and volunteers for an experiment with an LSD, a substance with remarkable psychoactive properties that had been discovered by the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann in the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Basel. I agreed to try the experiment, and this session, particularly its culmination, during which I had an overwhelming and indescribable experience of cosmic consciousness, awakened in me an intense, lifelong interest in non ordinary interest in non-ordinary states consciousness.”

How did one session so radically change Grof’s life? To properly connect and realise what is being communicated it is necessary to be able to understand that humans are able to enter a different level of consciousness. We do it all the time when we are able to go to sleep. We believe that is a natural ability to rest our body and mind, but haven’t you realised that every time you go to sleep you die? If you haven’t realised that, then why does your precious personality vanish in sleep? Where does your self awareness and thinking mind disappear to in sleep, and we say we are unconscious, and isn’t loss of all of our awareness and consciousness what we assume death is?

Sleep is an an enormous shifting of our level of awareness and people say they are unconscious and so cannot remember. But the truth is that sleep is an enormous enlargement of our awareness. Using the control of the breath, the posture of the body, and other disciplines, practitioners of the various types of Eastern explores of the mind in the Far East, explored the dimensions of the mind. From such explorations they defined four basic modes of consciousness. These are: 1] Waking consciousness. 2] Consciousness while asleep and dreaming. 3] Consciousness while asleep but not dreaming. 4] Cataleptic consciousness.

Different levels of consciousness

One could add to this the condition of being asleep and dreaming, yet awake in the dream. Apart from waking consciousness, one is usually asleep/unconscious while experiencing these levels or modes of consciousness. But through the discipline of meditation or breath control, the practitioner can gradually enter into these ‘sleep’ modes while still maintaining a form of waking awareness. In modern dream terminology this is called lucidity. See Bodiless – Waking Lucid Dreaming – Dimensions of Human Experience

Some years ago I attended a ten day Buddhist meditation course. It was basically aimed at remaining aware of ones body and relaxing it for hours. I was told that this was the original Buddhist meditation passed on as a tradition. I thought it was strange as when I was sixteen I took a postal course taught by a man Willian Ousby, his book Self Hypnotism explains some of it, but it was actually advanced relaxation he taught. I practised every day for three months, tensing my muscles, relaxing them, then passing my awareness over and over my body.

Ousby had spend time learning the ancient African disciplines of mind. But I slightly altered it by not simply releasing tensions, but the whole personality. So with the sexual organs I relaxed any sexual urges – with the abdomen I let go temporarily of hunger – with the chest the enormous emotions and urge to activity that torment people was let go of – with the throat it was letting go of any conscious desire to speak, sing or groan; and with the face letting go of all the enormous sense we have of personal ideas and feelings. It led to this experience.

“I was awake, had not taken any drug and had come home late from spending time eating with friends. I thought I would leave my daily practice but decided to do it anyway. After going over my body several times I suddenly lost my right arm. I had no sensation of it other than space, hugeness. Then I lost awareness of my left arm, and then – my whole body. It was like falling through a trap-door into the space. I had no sense of having a body. Thoughts had ceased, except for a murmur apparently a thousand miles away. Yet in blackness, in immensity, in absence of thought I existed vitally as bodiless awareness. We think that we are our body because we have no other experience of our existence. So, we identify with our body and so are terrified of dying – which in a sense is what we do every time we go to sleep and leave our sense of a body behind. That experience changed my view of what I am enormously, for I now knew that one could never die, for our very core is awareness beyond the body.”

So, what do such experiences do that changes lives so radically? For a start they remove the fear of death. This is so obvious because most of those who experienced this change say so. But there are other such alterations in people lives, these people do not feel lonely: do not suffer from grief because they feel they have no death except their physical body: they relate differently to time, because they have touched the life of eternity, which has nothing to do with experiencing physical life forever: they often feel they have a direction in life other than ambition, they do not suffer anxiety, also they are often incredibly creative: in fact they are a different type of human being.

Many Paths To The Same

This offered such enormous benefits that people couldn’t help but stumble upon it or seek it, so it occurred in many different ways. Apart from psychedelic mushrooms, another obvious way is through pain. Remember that war and slavery has been practiced throughout human history and prior to it. Torture was and still is used. So we do not have to look far back for examples.

The story of Star Daly.  He was a hardened criminal and had been in prison many times and had been tortured by the police, hands strapped to hot radiators and other tortures, and he said what kept him going was hatred.  He was in prison, and then involved in a prison break and they left him there for a long time without food and water and he was dying, or getting near to  death, before it got to him. He said that something wonderful happened to him, this man walked past and stood looking at him, it was Christ, and he understood from this man looking at him, and something passed between them, and he saw all his whole life passed before him, and he saw how destructive it had been, and he saw how all these things had been hurting people and destroying things, and he realized how much energy he had, and he realized that if all that energy had been put into creativity or constructive activity what a different life he’d have.  And so he did that.  He started helping other prisoners find their way out of that.  He was never a criminal again and he was known for devoting his life to helping other criminals stay out of the same sort of place.  There’s a little book he wrote called Love Can Open Prison Doors.

Many Ways

The public have never been educated about some of the very important and special psychological and and physiological facts about themselves. As an example – in life and sleep we have two powerful actions working in us. The first is our waking experience based on having a body, its limitations, vulnerabilities and a particular gender. Our second is the power that gave us life and continues to express as dreams, in our breathing and heartbeat – our life. This I have given the description as the Life Will and see as our fundamental or core self.

While we sleep our conscious self is largely or totally unconscious, and while we dream our voluntary muscles are paralysed – therefore another will or motivating force moves our body. So we have a Conscious Will, and what I will call a Life Will. The first one we have experience of as we can move our arm or speak in everyday activities; but the second will takes over when we sleep and does all these activities such as heart beat, sleep movements, speech, breathing, even sleep walking spontaneously. See Sleep Paralysis

If you fail to understand what that means I will try to make it clear to you. There are things you maybe know but do not understand  the huge significance of such as that spontaneous movement was part of the secrets the ancients used for any one who relaxes their conscious hold on what they do make spontaneous movements, as with magic mushrooms and other ways to release. But there are examples that people say are superstitious such as the one found 2000 years ago where people surrendered their conscious will and allowed the Life Will to act through them and moved them spontaneously – it was called Pentecost, and it resulted in the gifts of the Spirit” — speaking in and interpreting tongues, the ability to prophesy, the power to heal by touch, the ability to discern spirits”.

This was not a once only experience, but is treated as such by the Christian church. For in India it was practices a long time ago and known as Shaktipat- The Indian Way to Enlightenment. The Sanscrit word ‘shakti’ means energy, bio-energy, or more correctly, bio- cosmic energy. The movements in some individuals are so intense and frantic, in others the movements are soft, delicate and flowing, be­come playful and flirtatious and they often utter strange sounds.

In 1775 Mesmer found that simply by stroking or touching the patient along the line of the nerves, the muscles would begin to twitch. This twitching, he said, should not cause alarm, even if it led, as it usually did, to an intensification of the patients symptoms or even convulsive movements. Throughout these releases, noisy and explosive though they were, he saw how patients could experience a healing of the distressing symptoms.

In Japan a similar practice is named Seitai. Is Seitai as old as yoga? Not in it present form which was taught by Haruchika Noguchi, but he suggested it had its root in the long past. As with the other approaches, Seitai leads to spontaneous movement. I attended a Seitai group and what struck me was that the Seitai group was very much a family event. There were parents with children, as well as lots of single people of different ages. I need to say though that Seitai can be practised alone as well as in a group, and there are three forms of it.

A bit more recent, Muhammed Subuh of Indonesia, was attempting a deeper aware­ness of life’s mysteries and the nature of God. In his late twenties, in the year 1925, he experienced a vision while out walking. It seemed to him that a ball of light or fire rushed across the sky and descended on his head. He began to shake and tremble, and felt a powerful and divine energy had begun to work in his being. On reaching home he opened himself to the influence of this power and found spontaneous movements and experiences occurred. From that time onwards he frequently ‘opened’ himself to what he felt to come from God, and found that each time move­ments, sounds, and a wide variety of inner experience arose. He observed that the movements and experiences were ways in which his being was gradually cleansed and made whole.

In modern times Wilhelm Reich taught how to access this Cosmic Energy. . He helped people release their own self-regulatory process and work with it toward health and wholeness. As people learnt this they experienced spontaneous movement, trembling, changed feeling states and emotional and sexual release. By 1932 Pak Subuh had discovered that other people who relaxed in his presence could also receive the same experience. See Welcome – World Subud Association

Later still a group of us found a non clinical way to release this process and called it LifeStream. It erupted in our lives. See LifeStream – People Experiences Using LifeStream

This Life will can move us to speak, to move our body, and in fact do things that we cannot do with our Conscious Will and in fact runs all our important life processes like heart beat, digestion and also dreams.

There are many other ways, that place one only a step away from death. We call this Near Death Experiences – Remember that in such states one enters a dream like level in which impressions, as with hallucinations, are translated into images and situations that our waking mind can understand, namely people with bodies and everyday situations, or images of what we recognise as everyday life. Next is a woman’s description of her experience of dying.

“I almost died during childbirth. In all the straining that goes on, I burst a blood vessel and my blood pressure plummeted.

I was in great pain and then suddenly I was out of my body, floating above my body. I watched the doctors for a while and then began floating higher and higher until I was above the ceiling and actually able to see the electric wiring.

Then I went up into a cave, and at the end I was with a number of people who looked just like me. I saw my grandparents, who had been dead for years, and an uncle who had been killed in the Korean War. Then a young man walked up to me, a child really. He said, “Hi, Mom,” and I realised that this was the stillborn child I had had a few years earlier.

I got to talk to him for quite some time and felt very happy that he was here in this place with his relatives. Then he took my hand and said, “You have to go back now. I will walk with you.”

I was moved to see that this enlarged awareness that occurs in this other dimension of sleep allowed her to see and interact with her ‘lost’ stillborn child.

There are many others ways that allow us this enlarged awareness, and the ancient yoga masters explain this. For all paths or disciplines of yoga are to lead one to enlightenment or, as it is often called Samadhi or freedom. They are Hatha Yoga, the physical way  that has about five levels to complete, not just postures – Bhakti Yoga, the way of worship – Karma Yoga, the way of the householder who learns to live in such a way as to stop blaming ones life’s tragedies on everything  except themselves, for all things are caused by something. Jnana Yoga, one of the three classical paths for moksha (liberation). In Hinduism, which emphasizes the “path of knowledge”, also known as the “path of self-realization. The practitioner pursues knowledge with questions such as “who am I, what am I” among others. See Enlightenment Intensives

So apart from pain, intense self enquiry, mushrooms, worship, starvation, great physical discipline of yoga, the practice of self surrender, there is also the path of dreams.

A description of this path is as follows: “Wendy and Mike were at the weekend and helped me to work on a dream that distressed me. At first I couldn’t get into it deeply. I felt an enormous conflict and could find no way out of it!

In the dream I held the head of a dismembered body I was carrying in a bag. Then looking at the head I tried to identify with it trying to understand what it signify. I saw that I had been tearing myself apart trying to deal with the pain I felt. I had searched and the-raped myself to bits. Wendy said in a critical voice that I was a masochistic. I just felt such labels didn’t help. Love was like breathing. I couldn’t, didn’t want to, stop loving either my children or my wife. As long as I could, I would suffer the pain the conflict produced.

Then I had a strong vision of the head coming alive, it was me and what I had done to myself, torn my body and head apart trying to find a solution. Then I saw flesh on its cheeks. Then it was like a native mask made of various things, tree bark and feathers. The feathers predominated in the vision. The mask kept breaking up, leaving only a few feathers, as if it or I were all nothing. I remember saying – “There is not even a mask, it’s just a few feathers!”

With enormous certainty, I realised that there was no cure for my sickness and I had struggled in vain. It was a tremendous blow – and I gave up. I mean I gave up hope, everything.

Then I saw one feather tied to a twig by piece of wool, blowing in the wind – a feather blowing in the wind. This was very stable and persistent in the vision. Everything resolved back to the feather blowing in the wind. It seemed like a Native American Indian symbol, perhaps tied to the suspended body of the dead, but I could not understand.

Then it came to me that I had to listen in deep stillness – not think, not seek to understand, not struggle, just listen. My whole being entered into silence, gently listening as one might listen to the rain falling on a lake, because I realised that with all my efforts to heal myself nothing had worked, so I gave up, almost like collapsing. Then suddenly it was known – the feather blowing in the wind – the sound of one hand clapping – the essence of human existence. Open against the sky – emptiness – enormity. I was healed. The only thing I can see as the turning point is complete surrender, a total giving up. Then it was like an experience of enlightenment. I was healed.”

We call that state unconsciousness and we swing between that and waking awareness regularly – the two great polarities of human life. But the fact is that we are not unconscious in the sleep state. I know people may mention dreams, but dreams only occur as that base human condition of sleep arising from the core Self moves awareness almost to waking to produce dreams.

To achieve it we need to ‘hang loose’. So apart from habitual attitudes, the first step of practice is to learn a form of relaxation in which our body has dropped unnecessary tension and is like a keyboard ready to be played.

People who experience such immediate life changes or healing are often seen as examples to be followed. But often the followers fail to see or understand what really happened. So people who witnessed a woman or man suddenly changed by pain often start whipping themselves as if giving  themselves such pain or torture was the force that changed them. It is still being done as if pain will remove the ‘sin’. Or else they starve themselves or copy the outward activities of those who experienced such enormous changes. Thousands of people still meditate because they are told or see others going through to experience the enormous freedom that is open to everyone.

But those who have found it say it wasn’t the pain, the starvation or the hours of meditation – for we already have the Core Self which is the fundamental self.  Basically your core is the deepest and most real part of you. Unlike your personality or everyday self which constantly shifts and changes, your core can never be dissected, destroyed or lost. So we do not need to struggle or hurt, or starve ourselves or get rid of our sins, we already are pure and whole, but we constantly ignore it. A man who was lost in the experience of enlightenment where he felt he was in touch with all the animals and even the trees said he saw an image of a monkey like figure running frantically to keep up with him, and looking at it he recognised it as his conscious intellectual self trying to understand. But the Core Self is millions of  years old, older than time itself. and babies and animals live in touch with their Core so do not need to use words but is itself all things.

Laing, the psychiatrist, in describing the search for one’s fundamental self said, ‘The Life I am trying to grasp is the me that is trying to grasp it.’

One of the entries listing enlightenment has a heading, ‘What you are looking for is what is looking.’

This change is not a state of mind you can create or develop. It is something beyond any change, outside of anything you can develop. After all, development suggests change.

The frustrating thing about finding this is that the harder one tries to grasp it or get it, the further away from it one gets. The more effort one makes in trying to achieve it, the less one finds of it. You already have it if only you would be quiet. The bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.’ It doesn’t suggest a frantic search or the awful effort to avoid being a sinner, but ‘Be still.’

It is the ever present, self existent core of yourself that remains when all else drops away. So the question should not be can I develop the state of mind that is sometimes called enlightenment, but how can I realise my fundamental state?

A classic statement is, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” It can be seen as a warning, but it is given depth through the words of T. S Elliot:

I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope

For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love

For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith

But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.

Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:

So, the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.

Christopher Hills says in ‘Nuclear Evolution’, when molecules come together to form a cell, a whole new dimension of experience is arrived at. And when cells form a multi-celled body, again there is a leap into a higher consciousness, with expanded abilities. So, when individual men and women reach through from individual awareness to cosmic awareness we begin to have a united world. Just as millions of cells in the body express one will, so the next leap in evolution is towards this unity in diversity, which will expand human awareness as much as multi cellular unity expands from single cell life. See Life’s Little Secrets

What Is The Point Of Seeking This Change?

As already stated – such people have no fear of death – no feelings of loneliness – no feelings of grief – a sense of being in a timeless eternity – they do not suffer anxiety – they are very creative – in fact they are a different type of human being. But that is not explaining the enormity of it. Some people are born with some of these abilities.

Here is what it can lead to, though you have to realise that there many levels of ability so I am describing the whole lot.

Health. In this state you can check on your children’s physical and psychological health even when distant from them, and you can do the same for yourself. You are often warned of danger and a way to avoid it.

Your intuition becomes remarkable, so you can ask any question get and answer, depending on the level of your unity with your core. Here is an example of a man who had the gift answering such a question:

“My son asked me the question, that was, ‘When we have information gathered through the senses, what way do we responded or reacted to this.’

The response was long, and I can only remember the highlights. ‘To understand this you need to realise that the brain works in certain ways. It is something like the brain running a computer program, like a set of responses. Or it can be like something flowing – a stream – which creates channels. So our responses to information gathered is that it runs or triggers a program or set of responses. Or the reaction flows in already created channels. But there is something else. To explain this, to build a view of it I will have to go back to how humans developed, go back a long way in time.

Early life-forms had something like a program from which they responded to their environment in a manner to survive. This was a set of responses. One could also think of it as a limited repertoire or set of repertoires which enabled the creature to survive. If something was not in its repertoire the organism could not respond. But the system was also an information gathering one, as this linked with survival and survival strategies.

There was a dramatic leap to another situation which was still survival based. Instead of being limited to a certain set of responses – the problem solving response function was able to do what we call dreaming. That is, it could experiment with situations, replay events in new ways, and try different responses. This produced a remarkable potential far beyond the actual survival needs. It was as if the process could play at life or creativity, erecting situations, forming events, trying out variety.

It was this potential beyond need which reshaped the body/brain, and was the ground out of which humans could emerge. Creatures could experience much more than they were limited to by their physical environment. (As I write this it leads me to the exciting thought that dreaming, daydreaming, imagination and fantasy, so extends ones range of experience, that one doubles or trebles ones experiential life span, and becomes that much wiser or more experienced.)

With human beings, with the great information they could gather and manipulate in this ‘dreaming’ mode, a strange thing occurred. In the dreaming play or experiment with options, one option was posited which produced a whole new set of experiences and therefore the possibility of a way of gathering new information. Therefore the new option, which was one in which the wider awareness of the organism was shut out to allow a sense of individual existence, was guarded, held onto, isolated from the rest of awareness. It was like a small laboratory was walled off within a much larger structure to isolate the area within the smaller area. The other human creatures who had not themselves developed this new option in the ‘dreaming’ were infected with it by those who had – just as ideas or moods are infectious.

The barrier is very real, and is placed to prevent the disappearance of the isolated sense of self. It had to be isolated, because when this isolated sense of self is exposed to the wider information held by the individual, it doesn’t compute. It is an unreal sense. At least it is only partially true. There is no such thing as isolation or separation within the biological life process. It is rather like having a thousand eyes looking in to many different places and dimensions, and you looked only through one and said that one was the true reality of your perception. The barrier only goes down when the individual reaches a certain stage of maturity.'”

Understanding the future. This is a well known animal ability. In the documentary Connections Surveillance, Dr. Christopher M. Heckscher – who is Professor of Environmental Science & Ecology at Delaware State University, observed that birds sometimes started their winter flight to Brazil very early, missing their opportunity to raise a brood. In trying to understand this he came across figures showing that they did this when great hurricanes occurred that would have been fatal for them if they had flow later. Dr. Heckscher fitted a tiny GPS on the bird. He looked at twenty years of data checking the flight times with bad hurricane seasons – they matched up. The earlier the birds left the hurricane season would be worse. It seems impossible to us humans how do birds know? In the summer of 2018 he wanted to check his hypothesis for real. He tried to predict the severity of the hurricane season using only his data of bird flights. The meteorologist predicted it would be below average for the coming hurricane season. But his data suggested something else for the birds left Delaware early. But in September and October there were six hurricanes, and 2018 had one of the worse hurricane seasons.

That is why we are so small minded if we think uniting with animals instincts would lower human intelligence.

Speaking a language you never learnt. Edgar Cayce demonstrated this several times. It is also recorded 2000 years ago – the gifts of the Spirit” — speaking in and interpreting tongues, the ability to prophesy, the power to heal by touch, the ability to discern spirits.

Auras. But there is so much more, for we can see auras. For years science has treated this like it is thought up by simple minded people. But now we are shown night photography with evident body heat auras, that is simply video cameras that are sensitive to infra red – heat – which we all have. Yet living  creatures are sensitive to so much more, see Body Dowsing.  So yes we can also sense minerals, water, oil. coal at depths in the ground.

Healing. Some who have Integrated Their Instinctive Self – ITIS – can also heal others by touch or even at a distance. The author of  The Reluctant Healer, William J. MacMillan, tells of his amazing life healing others – it is such an extraordinary book it sells for £64 secondhand. “He describing one of his early experiences of the power flowing through him, he wrote, “I was on the lawn playing with the children. A white-faced maid came running to fetch me. Ruth wanted me at once. I rushed into the sun room. There was Ruth sitting in a chair obviously fighting for control. She had spilled burning grease down her left leg. I must do something to help her at once. My first reaction was an absolute refusal. I knew nothing about burns, but it was only too clear this was a very serious one. I asked if the doctor had been sent for. Ruth replied no, that she could not bear the pain for the length of time it would take him to reach the house.

Again she insisted I must act. “I couldn’t bear to watch her suffering. Almost before I realised how frightened I was I had begun to treat. It was a repetition of the two previous experiments. Though the wound was deep she did not feel more than a slight discomfort as I touched the raw flesh. By the time the treatment was finished new skin had formed over the wound. This began to appear as I was doing the passes. Afterwards she went up to her room to rest. But she felt no great discomfort again, and in a few days the burn had healed without leaving a trace of scar.”

But something hard to  believe is that those who are partly open to ITIS, when in the presence of a person who has themselves been touched by it experience the presence of the Christ. Or as t is known in other cultures, as Krishna, Lao Tzu, Zoroaster, Mohammed, Quetzalcoatl. Anansi, Cúchulainn, Osiris, Hercules, Apollonius, and Mithra.

The meeting with Christ. “I remember for instance working as a therapist with a woman who was exploring issues to do with her marriage. The subject of Christ or religion had not been mentioned, but the woman, lying on a couch, went quiet during the session. I suddenly felt an unmistakable shift in the room. The presence of Christ had entered. Without any prompting from me she said with great joy, ‘I feel the presence of Christ. I have sought this all my life but it has never happened before.’

“I witnessed a similar meeting with at least two other people. One, a man in a group I was leading in Athens came forward with tears in his eyes, hugged me and told me he had just met Christ for the first time in his life.”

Remember Jesus was a carpenter, and yet was entered by the Christ.

Christ Has Returned – Most people imagine this return will be with trumpets and huge publicity, but that was not the way the Christ did his work, unlike Kings and Minsters who grab public attention. Christs return has  already happened thousands of times, by returning and enter the lives of ordinary men and women, such as the children who spoke to the Madonna the Fatima of Portugal –

 These were ordinary children who yet were lifted up.

Christ does it again and again, in the story of Star Daly a criminal who was chosen, and again with Edgar Cayce, a poorly educated man exactly fitted the role of one who could tell the old, old story of the life divine. and demonstrate it. See Meetings with the Christ

Praying Effectively – Many people fail to pray effectively, but when you go through the change named as enlightenment you can often become a person who can pray with results.

Example: I dreamt this dream when my youngest son was in the throes of deep depression and I could not see a light at the end of the passage. At about this time a lady that I worked with was telling me about her son who was causing her deep anxiety by running away from home with some friends, abandoning his college course and plans for the future. That night, when I was doing my usual praying for him, I included this young lad in my prayers. I then had a vision in which I knew the boy would return home and go back to college within the week, I also knew that my son would return to college at the end of seven years. The boy did return within the week and went back to college, and so as proved did my son at the end of the seven years.

Talking with those we presume are dead. Another possibility is that while in this condition we often meet those who were presumably dead and talk with them. Also we can communicate with angelic and bodiless huge beings or were they alien beings? We can of course leave behind the idea that our body is us and travel instantly bodiless to distant places. See Out of Body Experience

Emotions. Also they often feel tremendous emotions but are not led into pain, or depression by them.

The feeling that there is a purpose to life is one of the results. Many who have entered this area often areable to  realise or see their life purpose and act upon about it.

I discovered a strange group of humans who had achieved what we have called enlightenment – perhaps many thousands or even a million. They form a group, completely unlike any waking life group that has members and often badges or signs. This group is caused by an unspoken awareness and is an influence on waking humans, ones who are open to being helped. I called it the Flux – I see it as a flux to promoting melting and in melting becoming one with another or others. “I also have a memory of being like a cell in a great stream flowing with thousands, perhaps millions of other cells. And this was a glorious feeling. It felt like a huge and wonderful anthem of life, and as if we were all parts of an immense being or process. I felt that it was about huge forces that people were hardly aware of so shown as tiny, yet they are working on our conscious life to share a good thing with the public.”


Many who have experienced enlightenment remember or relive them. See Woman’s Pain 

Meeting an angel. “The seemed to be neither male or female.”

“This was told to me by a doctor who witnessed it from beginning to end in the small Idaho hospital where it happened.  A woman was having severe complications during the delivery of her child. Not only was the placenta separating from the lining of the uterus (a pediatric emergency), but the obtuse angle of the child’s head in the birth canal was making delivery very difficult. When the child was finally delivered, he was found to have a severe brain hemorrhage.

The child spent several months in the intensive care unit of this small town because the mother did not want to transfer him to a large city where she would not be allowed to spend full time with him. Doctors decided not to encourage her to move the child since they felt the injuries were so massive that no treatment would be possible.  The child had severe cerebral palsy secondary to brain damage and a seizure disorder that had shown up on an abnormal EEG. These are afflictions from which children simply don’t recover. If they survive infancy, they spend their lives severely retarded.

The doctors told her their prognosis, but still the mother stayed with her child. By all accounts she was with the boy almost twenty-four hours a day for several months. Perhaps it was the strain of the ordeal or sleep deprivation that led to what happened next.

Late one night, she said, a Being of Light came into her hospital room. Later she described it as having the shape of a person, but not the features of either a male or a female. It glowed with a cold, gray light as though light were being beamed through an ice cube.

“Your son will be all right,” the being said.

The woman said that she felt as though love were being poured into her body. “It was marvelous.”

The next day she shared this vision with her medical team. She was especially excited because the being had assured her that her son was going to be normal. Could they please do another EEG to see if anything had happened?  They repeated the brain-wave test and came up with the startling results: normal. The child had made a full recovery.” See Archetype of the Anima/Animus

The Summary

The truth is we do not know the full extent of what we can do or be. Look around, there are millions of life forms all developed out of the single cells. That surely is a huge suggestion of our possibilities, you may have infinite potential. Science fiction paints a word picture of some of these possibilities in the book Time is the Simplest Thing by Clifford D. Simak, describes how, realising the incredibly slow way space rockets travel and to reach the stars would be impossible, the culture developed the ability to shoot human consciousness to distant star systems enabling them to explore alien worlds . People like Shep Blaine were reaching out to the stars with their minds, telepathically contacting strange beings on other worlds.

As I tried to get an idea of what this all means I remembered my first tentative experience of what we have named enlightenment. It occurred on March 9th 1992 and I had use the technique of Enlightenment Intensive for the first time. My friend Mike Tanner and I got hold of a booklet from America explaining how it was used in connection with another person. It sounded as if it speeded the process up, and so we decided to try it ourselves, and ran a group with about twenty-five people in. We called it Who Are You? or some such name and having no real idea of the format used in America, made up our own, which was to work for twenty minute periods each way. We both joined in – as was our way – not sitting out as administrators. I remember that I went through all manner of states of mind and feeling. At one point I felt like I was wrapped in cotton wool not letting an impressions in or out. The I experienced being pulled into sleep. At another I felt like an animal only able to make a noise to express all that I was within in. Then on the second day my mind became really frustrated and struggling because it was confronted by the fact it didn’t have an answer to this question – amazing that I didn’t know who I was!

After that my mind gave up and I existed in a sort of mental collapse. Then something wonderful began to happen. Ashram at that time was a commune, so the building was full of people on social security, babies running around the place, somebody playing the grand piano continuously. Outside dogs were barking. There were sounds of people and birds along with traffic noise. I began to hear all these sounds not as separate, but as different parts of one great and wonderful whole. And as I listened I began to hear what it was telling me. I realised it had always been speaking to me but I had never heard it before.

You didn’t hear the harmony,
The voices all as one,
The orchestra of all those sounds
With single voice of none?
I heard it here this afternoon,
One voice sang through them all,
Collecting all the sounds of Life,
Into one vibrant call.

I didn’t just hear it, I felt it and also knew – that all life on Earth is ONE Wonderul Creature – including us humans.

Living and experiencing life with a body gives us the illusion we are all separate, but those who have glimpsed the huge wonder we are say the same.


In case that  is not easy to read: “A human being is part of a whole , called by us the ‘Universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of  compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
 In trying to understand what that is meant in terms of our existence I saw our awareness of this immense being began a long time ago in our evolutionary past. My feeling was that this was the very beginning of self-awareness. Perhaps a time of not being able to meet the stress of having a personality with self awareness – a time of gaining respite and perhaps touching one’s roots of our being in order to gain new strength. It seemed to me that at the beginning of becoming self-aware there was a stage where we were still very much an animal, yet a few individuals had evolved the self-aware level. As explained above these early pioneers found ways of extending their awareness. One great seer was an artist and left this amazing statement – the figure shows it with the antlers of a stag, the eyes of an owl, the tail of a wild horse or wolf, the paws of a lion and with a human beard. Again a statement form an ancient seer which seems to say that we are all a synthesise of all animals and humans.


So I see it as a huge pyramid of animals and human animals. At the very top of the pyramid is an extraordinary figure that does not exist with a body, and is created by human self-awareness, this consciousness is one that synthesises all life forms in this amazing awareness of every creature. A God like figure that we have created in our attempts to understand what we are. When we touch that figure we are transformed by it and at the same time are part of its creation.
As an addition to understand how such a figure arose, here is a description of a man experiencing such past struggles: “I experienced the drama, of being a sacrifice. As one who expressed the new ideas, the new consciousness, I was beaten and smashed to death because I was a threat to the old instinctive order. But the fragments of my strewn body, my flesh, were eaten by these primitives who had killed me. And my flesh was like Seeds that grew within those who devoured, and became in them the new awareness they had sought to destroy. In another of the series I was a willing sacrifice. Through the stress and ritual of being willingly lead to death, I would receive the new consciousness and in some way bring it to my people. This was the very foundation of the Messiah being, created by human longing for better lives.”
Meeting the BIG you
But I want to leave you with a true story that I experienced. In telling this I want you to know that I am no saint, not even a good man according to some. I had been working with Dina Glouberman and Yannis Andricopoulos who ran the Skyros Centre & Atsitsa ( in Greece, and had left there to go back to England. My flight didn’t go for a few days and so I spent the time in Athens in an Ashram there for a few days. It was less costly than renting a hotel room in the city. Each day a group got together in the morning and chanted things in Greek, which I tried to join in.
Then, during a morning meditation I experienced God/Life/Wonder coming to me as a person and telling me it was going to live in my house. It was an amazing feeling that effulgent love and wonder should be near one and with one always. I felt that now everything in my house, chairs, knives forks, had become wonderful. Then I had the imagery of rushing out of my little home to tell my friends, tears in my eyes, that such a thing had happened to me. I invited them all to visit. But when they came I was at a loss as to how one introduced a person to God/this wonder. They all walked in and there was no problem, no formality. For they were all known by name, as well as all their children and family. For this wonderful being was their oldest and most intimate friend.

I know that after the experience in Athens a wonderful thing happened. I was at the airport the next day sitting on the marble floor, leaning against a wall, with hundreds of other people waiting for their flight. In front of me was a huge expanse with various people walking about. Twelve yards away a man was slowly walking past holding the hand of his tiny daughter who could just walk. As they were passing she suddenly looked at me, let go of her father’s hand and ran to me, arms wide to be hugged. She jumped right into my arms and I held her for a moment, feeling she was running to the God alive in me to be blessed. Then she ran back to her father. Her father was completely mystified, and so were the people around me, who asked if I knew her. I said I didn’t but God knows all by their name. So join with me in imagination, seeing that small child running to you because she can see God shinning in you.


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