Hexagram Eighteen

Ku (Pro: Goo) – Salvaging


When things are not renewed by living movement, deterioration or decay may result. Understanding the causes of such deterioration can lead to its removal. What was decaying can then be salvaged, leading to growth. The decaying can become manure for what springs from it.

The turning point brings opportunity to make changes, to bring in the new, as you move with the tide of things. It is right. With the changes taking place one can sweep away what was amiss with the past. Let it go.

The way of life laid down by your family may no longer be valid. Take up the challenge of being responsible for your own actions as the old order decays.

When the old has finally decayed there will be a period of waiting, as when the sun reaches the shortest day in mid-winter, days elapse before the delivery to longer days assures itself.

Now strength can be used to reshape things that would have been difficult while the old order held sway. But first take stock and clear away the debris of the old. As this is done care must be taken to clearly understand the cause of the present decline. Then when this understanding is employed in action, carefully check the results as they arise.

It is a good season to face difficulties, take journeys or move into new projects. Good fortune attends this.

Key words: Salvaging from the old and crumbling what still has life for the present.

The Moving Lines

1.One can no longer do as ones father did, or as was right in past traditions. That would not be fitting as the old dies. There are always risks in change, so take care. With such awareness all will go well.

2.The mistakes ones mother made are part of ones life and feelings now. Correct them may be painful. One must not act too harshly in this, but take responsibility for what exists.

3.There may be some pain in accepting responsibility for the mistakes of our forebears. But the way ahead leads out of difficulty.

4.Not recognising where our forebears made mistakes would be to fall into the same errors. Now is the time to recognise and correct them.

5.Righting what was left undone by our forebears will bring good fortune. Taking this responsibility leads to acceptance and help by the community.

6.Withdrawal from the world is only honourable if it is not out of fears. Life then empowers you with its strength to achieve the meeting with Self.

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