Hexagram Nineteen

Lin (Pro: Lin) – Coming Together.


When winter cold recedes the buds swell but do not yet open. So in this enquiry the buds are ready to open. Great opportunity is involved.

In human affairs it shows a coming together of youth and experience, as might happen if a mature woman and young girl met with warmth. In business it would be the meeting with something of great potential which was not yet stimulated into expression. Or perhaps when an approach has been made by an influential client.

The influence is one of peace when there can be a relaxed meeting of people and things that could not converge in the past. Work with this and encourage the process of convergence without too much interference.

When two things approach each other, be they people or objects, the potential of the meeting must be dealt with carefully if it is to be satisfying. So one must work in this period to make use of its potential.

There is much giving and receiving here. The wise teach and the students receive.

But the seasons roll and what is in bloom now will fade in autumn. Have eyes seeing beyond the moment. Plan for the time when there is less abundant opportunity.

Key words: Wisdom and strength meet youth and fertility. Take care in tending the growth.

The Moving Lines

1. There is a coming together. Things converge bringing good fortune. Meet with others to work in conscientious co-operation.

2. Allowing things and people to work together brings good fortune. Remember that seasons roll while receiving many benefits.

3. Success may lead to relaxing the quality of ones approach. This is unfortunate. Regret for the mistake erases it.

4. Great success arises when ability is recognised by one in power. Nothing will stand in t the way of this recognition and its outcome.

5. Patient shrewdness draws together a group of great ability. The work can now proceed without limiting interference.

6. The sage approaches offering the treasure of experience. It is great good fortune to receive it.


-Queen Love 2011-02-22 10:47:52

I love the way that the iching opens you up to grow to your true nature. not the one you play with and try to do superstitions. I was in a love thing and kept on wanting then the iching talked to me and i listened, and even when i was being told things i did not want to hear like, sort your self out girl, leave the man alone and go build , i said ok, gosh…..let me beleive the God, the creator, source loves me and wants things to work and the iching is God talking to us, in a nice ovnersation, so thanks for making God sound understandable and loving just the wya you are……love God and love Tony Crisp for creating this…….deeply appreiciative….you really are…..when i am being all superstitious and wanting a friend when no one is around, this service reminds me that God is always tlaking to me,…..and now i can do the coins thing……its even better…..thank you God and Tony

    -Tony Crisp 2011-02-27 16:55:48

    Queen Love – Thank you for your blessed words.

    And here are some for you ………….. the act of love is the act of Creation.


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