Hexagram Eleven

T’ai (Pro: Tie, as in necktie) – Concord


The poor spirited pull back. Those with good spirit approach and advance. To these comes good fortune and achievement.

A time of great harmony when the highest and the lowest meet and unite.

The spirit and the body heaven and earth embrace each other. Only good can be born of their union for the womb of creation bears a child. But those whose soul is without courage and joy will not create.

The possibility of conception and growth is everywhere. All endeavours can flourish in this atmosphere of harmony. So too relationships can flower and find union.

Difficulties that existed now depart like darkness before the sun. They melt away and are forgotten. Richness in creativity can follow. Those whose lives existed in dark places have no place to hide.

Here the female is above the male and the male is content. Pleasure is in both. For there is a balance and harmony between the receptive, nurturing forces and the stimulating and fertilising.

It is therefore good to create and bring forth, to sow seeds and let them grow.

Key words: The forces of life push forward as in Spring. All things can prosper.

The Moving Lines

1.It is a time of fruition. Action will bring an even richer response than hoped for. You will draw others with you. Go ahead toward what you wish to accomplish.

2.When things flourish as now, consider how to use even the imperfect. Take risks where necessary. Watch distant affairs. Remain alert.

3.On a difficult climb remember the ease of descent. When leaving home remember the return. Evil follows good, and good evil. There cannot help be a turning of the tide. Remember and avoid illusion.

4.Whether others deserve your attention or not, you give it. The leader thus joins with supporters for mutual benefit.

5.Real strength means we do not need to use our rank or power to dominate others. We can lead or we can follow as is needed.

6.Troubles are at hand. Defences have crumbled. Let those close to you know your plans. To fight the problem would only lead to greater problems.

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