Hexagram Twelve

P’i (Pro: Pee) – Stagnation


Fools and weaklings may predominate through their obstruction.

There is no meeting place. Remain resolute though the mean gain advantage.

In relationship there is a moving apart. If the enquiry is about business, there is an indication of breakdown in communication and unity. The leaders and followers are not in touch with each other. High and low do not meet.

Sometimes those who are not fit take power. Negative influences create discord and separation. This is such a period in regard to the query.

It is not good to start new ventures or relationships. Better to keep ones own counsel and while doing what is necessary and right in the situation, remain independent in ones own mind.

In periods of breakdown, when the old landmarks are swept away, the wisest thing to do is to watch for the emergence of the new order and work toward it and with it.

Key words: In Autumn do not expect summer flowers. But one can sell leaf mould.

The Moving Lines

1.When the world no longer responds, it is time to retire. There is no disgrace in this. Others are drawn with you. Good fortune.

2.What the majority in their mean attitudes want should not influence your purpose arising from insight. Be in the world but not of it.

3.The inferior may be in power. Let the feelings of guilt or responsibility lead to a better path . This way all prosper as change draws nearer.

4.Only lead by following the direction given by the best you have, or by your own figure of authority. This way all prosper. Change away from stagnation begins.

5.The tide turns. Blockages will now fall away. Stagnation is ending. But remain vigilant and secure against the random caprices of the situation. Put emphasis on what is obviously growing with the change.

6.Stagnation and blockages now pass away. Joy and hoped for change follow. But masterful management must help the change. How could it not have passed?

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