Hexagram Fifty Eight

Tui (Pro: Dway) – Joy


When the inner and outer world are in harmony, when what is natural in oneself is not forced to act against itself, and there is a foundation of personal strength, then there is joy.

Acting with gentle strength in accord with oneself and the world brings radiant pleasure shining into the lives of others.

This is a great force to uplift and encourage others. The result is satisfying relationships and communication with others.

When we deeply identify with the person we have become, the leader followed, or the beliefs adhered to, then joy and harmony arise. When we are not identified with who we are, the leader or beliefs, conflict and distress arises.

But within this query there is harmony and the atmosphere leading to happiness and the ability to face life joyfully, despite its difficulties.

In connection with others, in work or love, the love felt within oneself for oneself spills over into the world.

It is useful in this query to persevere toward what is desired. Success in the issue is upheld.

The hexagram also holds in it the suggestion that one should join with others in communal activities. Its symbol is two lakes joined. Their connection allows a two way flow to keep both fresh and alive.

Key words: Joyful perseverance. Harmony within and without. Sharing with others and being enlivened.

The Moving Lines


1.To act without doubt is a wonderful power. It carries others with it. You have it – use it. Self acceptance has brought peace not dependent on circumstance.

2.Being joyful and content, the temptations some take to give themselves peace and release are not attractive.

3.In lacking real inner peace there is a searching for it among the diversions many turn to in avoiding their own inner emptiness.

4.If one must weigh one pleasure against another to find joy, there is conflict within, not peace. Seek that which lies beyond conflict and dependency.

5.Trusting what shifts beneath the feet is not wise, nor is clinging to what is disintegrating. No serious problem however if one recognises the dangers.

6. So many things promise pleasure, but they are short lived. Following the voices of allurement will keep one busy forever, perhaps as a slave.

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