Hexagram Fifty Nine

Huan (Pro: Hwun; the vowel rhymes with ‘Fun’ ‘Done’ etc.) – Scattering Melting


Although there is a pit one could fall

into within this query, and danger is at hand, success is nevertheless firmly indicated.

The image of the hexagram is a great pit of water with a gentle wind stirring it and dispersing its cohesive darkness.

The pit is the sense of isolation and lack of connection with the community or family that we often confront in life. The wind is the influence that might touch us through co-operative action with other people, stirring our sense of connection and unity. Or it might be a spiritual experience of the links that connect us all.

The suggestion is that a sense of hardness, of separateness and isolation is being, or needs to be, dispersed through some gentle influence. The growing feeling of unity with others is healing, and it provides a supportive environment in which to undertake any difficult projects or tasks. There is also the possibility of great creativity from the dark unconscious if the darkness of past experience can be met.

In ancient times the sense of community and connectedness was seen as holy because of the strength and health it gave to a family, a community, or a kingdom. It is well to cultivate this awareness of connectivity not just with other human beings, but with life itself. These are the foundations of real spiritual experience.

Use the power you have to transform angers and fears into creative energy that does not cut your links with the world and the people in it.

Key words: Expansion beyond the boundaries of ones ego. Success in projects. Creative power to deal with the dark.

The Moving Lines


1.Use strength to remove conflicts and divergence. Great strength arises from being in accord with others. Use it.

2,No longer thinking of oneself, or languishing in feelings of alienation difficulties vanish. The darkness of division must be removed. Then the world appears new.

3.When the creative work we face is more important than oneself, one must let small personal goals melt. Growing beyond self the great work is done.

4.The work calls you to rise above personal friendships. The view must be wider than any one group. The goal appears beyond the personal. Giving in this way calls for great loss, but carries back to us all we gave, with blessings. Glory!

5.It is a great treasure when an idea, an insight, held aloft, becomes a rallying point for those dispersed.

6. As a shield can receive dents and abrasions, so in standing at the topmost rung you shield others from the arrows of misfortune and receive wounds.

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