Hexagram Fifty Seven

Sun (Soon; but with the vowel short as in ‘Book’) – The Gentle Power


A favourable wind carries us where we wish, if we can yield to it with an open sail. The collective will of the people is like a force of nature urging one along. This can be used to advantage if we can navigate it.

Within the events of the time a trade wind blows. Find harmony with the spontaneous flow. To reach any goal in regard to this query no radical actions must be made. Rather, all endeavour must be in small ways, just like a gentle wind will, through its constant action, transport huge logs across water.

Throughout our life a current of influence continually moves us. It is visible in the process of growing and ageing. But it also inclines us toward certain experiences or situations.

This stream flowing through events is important in regard to this query. It calls not only for a fine tuned submissiveness in order to flow with the stream, but also a strong will to navigate its influence, lest it move hither and hither without purpose. Therefore let this influence permeate your affairs, and affirm it with your will. Have a direction and utilise gentle continuos actions to reach the goal.

The insidious too can act in a very gentle way, yet nevertheless do great damage. Like an awful suggestion put in the mind, it can act out of sight creating fear and weakness.

Key words: The unmoving is moved by the gentle persistence of the soft. The hard stone is cracked open by the yielding stem of the plant growing through it.

The Moving Lines


1.Being receptive to the stream of influence from your central self should not lead to indecisiveness. Be steady and firm, this furthers.

2.Sometimes the enemy we face is a whispered threat or a suggestion of malice. Shadowy threats influencing our behaviour must be traced to their source and drawn into the light of day.

3.Labouring too long or with fear over decision making is a sign of anxiety. Others will tend to take advantage. This leads to misfortune. Be resolute.

4.Uncertainty vanishes. Events through effort bring threefold reward, satisfying mind, body and spirit. This proves the value of this direction. Good fortune.

5.Although early results are disappointing, things will go extremely well. A change now occurring is extremely important. Give it great thought before action. Once changes are made, monitor its progress carefully.

6. Insidious threats have been traced to their source. But one loses advantage and resources. Continuing in this direction will bring misfortune.


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