Hexagram Fifty Five

Fng (Pro: Fng; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Fullness


When the sun reaches its zenith there is fullness, followed by a slow decline. All things are working together and a peak is reached. This is the sign of abundance, when endeavours reach their zenith and things long aimed for now achieve success.

Abundance arises from the mixture of clarity and movement. Therefore it is important to direct the process with ones clearest insights. Move with this high tide and be powerful. Do not be sad that it will pass. What is happening still brings lasting rewards, even though the high tide passes.

Whatever the query, the sun shines on it. Do not hesitate to use the period of peak influence and energy while it lasts. It cannot help but fade due to its brightness.

This may be the highest point of your climb in connection with this query. So there may be a sense of sadness when the natural changes bring a decline. Therefore be happy NOW! Let your light shine and this in itself, because of the response to present actions will bring continuing reward.

Because of the power in the present query, there is the energy to resolve problems that have been awaiting decisions and responses. If this were in regard to a law suit, then issues are heard and penalties given. So there is a culmination now, a response to past actions.

Key words: Abundance arrives. Do not hold back. With its energy fly as high as is possible before gravity pulls you back.

The Moving Lines


1.Clarity of mind seeing a clear goal is meeting energy in performance. Time spent in the meeting is not wasted. Now great things can be done.

2.Group politics and intrigues prevent the one who leads from recognising the person of powerful action. To force the issue through would only bring a negative response. Best to endure in the clear insights until they are recognised. Then, good fortune.

3.With too many pulling in different directions, no leadership is possible, and no action sustained. Breaking ones arm would not restrain one more. No personal blame.

4.The obstruction of others is lessening. Now let the one with energy and enthusiasm meet the one with ideas and wisdom. Joy in good fortune.

5.Being able to lead through taking wise counsel brings blessings and fame. The power of ones own strength is augmented by others.

6. Striving too hard for dominance and success has led only to a chasm opening, splitting a family. Striving for too much one loses the greatest treasure.

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