Hexagram Fifty Four

Kuei Mei (Pro: Gway May) – Fertility or Readiness


The image of this hexagram is a young woman becoming a concubine for an established male. This was acceptable in China, but nevertheless required great tact and discipline to deal with well.

Spontaneous attraction between the sexes is a fundamental force in all nature. We may be fortunate and experience this in a married state. But whether within marriage or out of it, the power of it must be handled with wisdom for it to bring any lasting happiness.

The difficulties arise from the enormous instinctive energies and emotions connected with the attraction. These can cause great personal pain, and positive and negative passions.

It is therefore wise to recognise the dangers, the wonders, the basic reasons for such attraction – reproduction – and the side of it that is transitory. For spontaneous love, by its very nature, may not last long. Armed with such insights one may ride its currents with less turbulence.

The hexagram also signifies any relationships between someone in an established situation, and someone approaching with less advantage. It must be remembered by the less advantaged person that even in their lesser position they have the power of attraction and a definite role. There is a reciprocal relationship, not one of subservience. If the forces active in the attraction can be handled, then the way is less turbulent. Being secondary does not mean being of no account.

Key words: Attraction. Love within limiting circumstances. The end of girlhood or childhood. The cycle of life through the seasons.

The Moving Lines


1.Even though things are not as you would like them, you are still capable of doing what you want. You can still find satisfaction. Second place is not out of the running.

2.Love may not be returned, or it may die and flow elsewhere. If this is about relationship, the good times are not at hand, but do not let your own light of love die.

3.Although painful, sometimes one has less to offer than others. If one is unable to command the love and respect wanted from others, one must not stop respecting oneself.

4.Offers have been rejected and perhaps there has been anxiety that the right situation or relationship will not arrive. But it is not too late. What you sought is now at hand.

5.Our inner quality may not be reflected in our outer circumstance. It is a great skill to shine in the role one has found in love or life.

6. Despite appearing to have the necessary qualities, nothing becomes fruitful in this query. Like boiled rice, it has the same shape but no growth occurs.


-Cipriana Leme 2015-09-21 21:10:39

I´ve never able to truly grasp the meaning of this hex. I got a great reply and this was the secondary hex, which put completely off. Accepting the secondary nature of what you are doing? Controlling your passions? What does it MEAN??

-tai lahans 2015-05-27 16:45:22

the ubiquitous nature of the ads to the left of the actual writing and the inability to get rid of them, has forced me to stay away from dreamhawk I Jing writings. I will no longer use this site. The ads are distractingly atrocious.

    -Cipriana Leme 2015-09-21 21:08:28

    Use adblock or adblock plus. I haven´t seen ads in any websites since I installed the plugins. Very important nowadays.

-Bob 2013-10-10 23:16:49

thanks, and interesting. i have had a couple dreams lately featuring cryptic appearances of a woman who is chinese. (and that is all i know of her.) when i asked, “who is this woman?” i received 54 unchanging.

-Jonas 2012-06-07 16:03:07

Hi Tony, Just out of interest, where did you happen upon your interpretation of Hexagram 54? I love it! Very compassionate indeed. However, the Wilhelm version which I know rather well, is somewhat (if not a whole lot) more negative than yours. Even the title of your hexagram is very warm.

What was was your reasoning behind this interpretation of the hexagram? I mean I know we are living in different times now. Could this be a factor for your choices?

My reason for asking is also because when I questioned the Yi Jing about my girlfriend’s current desires for our relationship, using the Wilhelm version, and this was the outcome (or ‘next stage’) I almost jumped out of my chair!!! However, after reading your interpretation, it made a lot more sense to my situation. Can you explain your choices? And maybe tell me a little more I may have missed in my reading things.

Thank you Tony! Your sight is wonderful!


    -Tony Crisp 2012-06-11 10:34:19

    Jonas – Unfortunately I cannot remember the actual things I faced because it was a long time ago. But I do remember poring over Wilhelm’s version and instead of repeating what he said I worked with my knowledge of the symbols used.

    I am away from home and do not have Wilhelm’s I Ching here so cannot remind myself how I got the interpretation.


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