Hexagram Fifty Six

L (Pro: L; vowel as in the French ‘T’) – The Traveller


Upon the mountain a fire shows a traveller is surviving in rugged terrain. Persistence is needed to make small gains when meeting that which is unyielding or offering difficulties.

The mountain does not attack us, but its presence offers resistance. So the present enquiry can be succeeded in if one can make the climb. If so there is beauty and vision.

In response to the query this hexagram suggests that the facts of life, the things we cannot change, like the mountain, can be met by deep involvement in the experience. Like fire that consumes what it meets, one can consume or integrate experience in a way that makes it brilliant and warming instead of inhibiting or rejecting it. The quality of each action and relationship, however short, must be of ones best.

This skill, to bring out the fire from any experience, means that things are constantly changing and moving. This is either the skill you have, or is being met regarding this question – to be able to burn with the moment and then pass on.

In an everyday sense it depicts a sort of travelling or changing, either in connection with fresh destinations, relationships, or through the variety of experiences.

Because things regarding this issue are constantly moving, it is necessary to make each action count. Make clear decisions that will resolve issues. Take no prisoners.

Key words: In having no fixed home or direction, the wanderer must gain all kisses and exchanges on the move.

The Moving Lines


1.Through being too frivolous, with not enough firmness of will, distress can come. Avoid trifling behaviour with people or events.

2.Despite the shifting and impermanence of the situation, care has been taken to retain your own dignity and value. You will find support close at hand. Good fortune.

3.Travelling through impermanent situations or as a stranger, one should beware of irritating others, or of not caring for relationship with those who are supportive companions. Do not persist in this direction.

4.A stranger in a strange land can find shelter through using personal skill and strength. But as a stranger must forever be on guard, even calling the place home. No peaceful heart.

5.A stranger in a new environment can create good contacts through a careful approach, offering gifts.

6. In strange environments one must take care of basic needs. They do not come as easily, and if lost are more dangerous. To wander is fine if one is careful to secure a bed to sleep in.

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