Hexagram Fifty Three

Chien (Pro: Jee-en) – Tenacity

The tree growing upon the mountain survives amidst the rocks. It grows slowly.

The mild survives with the powerful. The young woman marries an established man.

The hexagram is represented by a tree growing on a mountain. The mountain is something that doesn’t change quickly, like the established social order. The tree is like a person surviving and perhaps spreading influence within the social order. To do so one must find a place one can grow and put down roots, in the sense of establishing oneself in connections and work. Then one must slowly develop connections and weight.

This is also about the relationship between something or someone powerful or established, and something mild and growing. It is a good relationship if the growing, or less established, finds a way of persevering in embedding themselves in what already exists. This is why it suggests marriage.

The firm and established, by its very nature cannot change or adapt as easily as that which is growing. But the two can relate very well and have a lot to offer each other. And this applies to people or work, or companies, anything where the large and the small, the established and growing are brought together.

Key words: The growing develops amidst the established. Relationship is well founded

The Moving Lines

1.Like a wild goose instinctively and methodically moving toward its goal, movement is made toward the objective. Mistakes are made through inexperience, but his is not serious. Fly on. There is movement toward a relationship.

2.Like a wild goose finding a safe landing, a situation of reasonable plenty has been secured. But remember the journey continues. Share your gains.

3.The wild goose meets bad weather in its flight. This through pushing on too rashly. It is wise to join with others for mutual aid. It would be a poor marriage starting from here. A parting arises out of such difficulties.

4.Although not what you dream of, you can survive in this situation. There may be cause to be careful of your footing however. But it helps to accept reality.

5.The wild goose moves to a higher place. Your efforts are bringing reward, but it is lonely and may bring misjudgement. A period of sterility will pass.

6. The wild goose flies to the clouds. The goal that was set is being reached successfully. From your life others will gain an example of success.

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