Hexagram Sixty

Chieh (Pro: Jee-ah) – Disciplined Release


There is much to receive, but there are difficulties in dealing with it.

Discipline is needed in balance with

dropping restraints. To unbound restraint entirely leads to losing the resources now at hand. To be disciplined without yielding means constant and exhausting vigilance.

So let the water flow, but control as with a dam. There are enormous reserves, don’t waste them

When the heart has lived with difficulties for many years, it may become heavy – but with some it learns joy in the midst of the burden of fortune. This joy amidst the dark waters is the message of this hexagram.

This joy must be allowed to lead one through the dangers of life. Let it encourage to take risks and be alive in the rain. Growth springs up when the dark waters of emotions are held in check in this way. Disciplining oneself is necessary, as our character arises as much out of what we avoid, as out of what we allow. But discipline without joy is self defeating.

Therefore determine the boundaries you want in your life. Choose your own limitations from what you see as your best direction, and honour them.

Despite it’s dark side, this hexagram suggests success and the possibility of relaxation in regard to the query.

Key words: Limitations. Choose them rather than have them thrust upon one. Use the enormous potential.

The Moving Lines


1.Know your limitations and make no move on this enquiry until there is real clarity about what is involved.

2.It is time to act NOW! Perhaps you have even held back too long. An opportunity could be lost – misfortune if it has.

3.Regretting the lack of restraint does not wipe out the actions. What has been done remains. There is no one else to blame here.

4.The balance of restraint and release brings success. When restraint is not a discipline, there is peace within. Forced discipline wastes energy and creates grief.

5.The boundaries set by restraints can be willingly adhered to if they are voluntary. Peaceful good fortune follows this. To go forward now is praiseworthy.

6. The restraints are painful because they are alien to your nature. To carry on in this direction will lead to misfortune. The road fades ahead.

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