Hexagram Fifty One

Chn (Pro: Jn; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Vitalising Shock


When life-giving rains come and the river runs with terrible power its force can be frightening. But if harnessed the flood can irrigate the land and give life.

It is a time of power when opportunity comes like the flood. Without fear harness and direct.

Be happy and let life be full. Remain without conceit or pride. This will keep your way open to the flow of life and its secrets.

There is a meeting with the unexpected, perhaps with sudden events or with the absence of what was expected – rather like looking for something where we were certain it was, to realise with a shock or puzzlement that it is not there.

The hexagram depicts thunder repeating. It suggests the repeated appearance of the unexpected, of something that will startle us, but not be of great threat. The unexpected can be a reaction from within in regard to something, or it can be events. In either case we are told to remain relaxed within to meet what appears. Tension would only make us react badly.

Through the unexpected life is confronting us with the way things are rather than how we believe them to be. There may be some anxiety mixed with this. The events may question or confront old opinions and ways of doing things. Be ready to let go. So remaining calm and balanced enables one to adjust more quickly to the situation.

Key words: The unexpected and vitalising experience repeats. Do not panic. Consider what life is telling you.

The Moving Lines


1.Loud noises, like fireworks, can frighten us. Such fear makes us feel insecure, but this passes and through the heightening of feelings the shock produces greater awareness.

2.If we accidentally drop our treasure into the depth of the ocean, it gains nothing to leap in after it. The loss must be somehow accepted. Don’t fear, we will recoup the loss.

3.Fate has shocked us through events. This calls for responsiveness of spirit, not withdrawal into depression. Be spurred to action.

4.You could fight this if only there was an opponent. You could move if the situation were clearer. But it is like a mire.

5.Like a thunderstorm, things are happening quickly and without prediction. Calmly do what has to be done. Calamities will then be avoided.

6. Shock may take away initiative. Seeing what has happened to others in this uncertain time, make necessary moves. This may bring maliciousness, but do not get involved. Make no moves, thus avoiding error. A relationship may be criticised by others.

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