Hexagram Fifty Two

Kn (Pro: Gn; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Power In Stillness


Listening to the voice of the silence, beyond the confusion of thoughts and senses brings us to the centre of things.

From here we act when there is need to act. We remain silent and still when there is need for inaction.

Often we create an enormous inner storm because our emotions or thoughts call up an imagined reality in which we then live in turmoil. Like someone for years fearing their partner will leave them, and so living in turmoil even though the partner is still there.

When you walk for hours up a mountain and then look back, the affairs of your life seem far away. Things that may have troubled can be seen in perspective from such a height. There is a remove from the immediacy of events that stirred us emotionally.

The ability to stand aside from emotions and thought, and see them as the scurrying ants they are, is necessary or possible in regard to this query. Recognise how great a skill it is to be capable of stilling thoughts and reactions and simply observe. This is done by recognising thoughts and emotions are not reality itself, only a phantom of it.

It must be remembered however that BEING or stillness, is balanced by BECOMING or change. In some way there is overbalance here toward being. Care must therefore be taken not to repress change.

Key words: Still the mind and heart, lest their tempest rob all peace. Find balance between Being and Becoming.

The Moving Lines


1.The subtle inclination to move ahead on something new needs to be stilled. What ever you want to advance on, take time to consider in stillness for a while. When perception comes persist, to avoid irresolute indecision.

2.Too late you realise this direction should not have been taken, but you are carried along through involvement. It is not too late to stop, but you may not stop the person pressing you on.

3.In trying to stop the storm of sexual desire or emotions it must not be forced. Such desire imprisoned by restraint leads to painful conflict. Better to grow from within than to place restraints externally.

4.When the cat waits for the mouse its whole being is involved in its stillness. We would be wise to be as complete in our stillness as the cat. Do not fight motivations, but do not identify either.

5.Sometimes words are spoken out of agitation rather than quiet wisdom. Best then to remain silent and only speak when there is need.

6. Real stillness arises when within non action, there is no attempt to rigidly hold movement at bay. One does not motivate action, and yet allows things to happen. Deep self acceptance has flowered.

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