Hexagram Fifty

Ting (Pro: Ding) – Becoming Receptive


When wood is gathered and a flame added a transformation occurs. The fire gives warmth to all.

When we become receptive to the world around us energy and creativity ignites in us, and our life is warmth and heat to others. Our vision of what is needed becomes power leading to successful realisation of our goals.

It is wise to remember that the ordinary everyday actions of others sustain our own existence. Without others growing our food or making our clothes, our life would be greatly impoverished.

Give honour to this wonder of the ordinary in everyday life and in yourself. Remember your own part in it. This receptivity brings you in connection with the immense forces of the ordinary.

There is no need to DO anything extraordinary here. The suggestion is to BE oneself.

If the query is concerned with relationship, it shows harmony and home life in a peaceful mode.

The hexagram also represents being nourished spiritually. Although the universal principle of life is abstract in that we cannot see it, it is always directly visible in living people and in nature around us. The nourishment is therefore to be receptive to the invisible within the visible.

Key words: Be nourished and nourishing by remembering the mystery of universal life hidden in the ordinary everyday experience.

The Moving Lines


1.No matter who we are, through clearing the past debris of attitudes and emotions we may have gathered over the years, we can find a fruitful place in the scheme of things.

2. It is a real achievement to have created something during ones life. This may cause others to envy, but no harm can arise from this.

3.Being overlooked despite the great qualities one has to offer leads to frustration. Develop inner calm, for change will come.

4.Through failing to develop the necessary qualities an opportunity is lost, perhaps in disgrace. Confucius says of this, ‘Weak character coupled with honoured place …. will seldom escape disaster’.

5.All the preparations are excellent. Any problems have been melted away, and success and support are now assured. Great value is evident here.

6. Not only do you have quality to offer, but also a way that connects others with wider influence. Great good fortune is imminent. Advance in this issue is certain.


-Annabel 2010-11-17 11:54:38

Thankyou very much, Tony, for your kind comments. I will continue to visit your website and use your beautiful I Ching as a source.

-Annabel Ward 2010-11-13 13:09:22

Dear Tony
Your website has been so helpful to me. I discovered it while trying to decipher my dreams and today I have come across your I Ching descriptions, which are beautifully concise and illuminating. Thankyou for your hard work, it is much appreciated and much needed, as I am riding a testing but hugely rewarding wave of time at the moment.

Deep regards
Annabel Ward

    -Tony Crisp 2010-11-15 11:08:21

    Annabel – What you have said about the website, and especially about the I Ching that I spent ages on, is much appreciated. Thank you.

    I looked at your website also, and see that you too have worked hard and long, and I especially like the Section ‘Portrait’. Such a lot of skill and insight.

    So I wish you the same skill and insight in ‘riding a testing but hugely rewarding wave of time’.


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