Hexagram Forty Nine

K (Pro: Ger; but with the final ‘R’ not pronounced) – Shedding An Old Skin


When the situation becomes too restrictive or repressive there must be revolutionary change. Or when two powers strive against each other, one seeks to dominate.

Before the change life is uncomfortable in the old skin, the old way. When the change comes then it can be valued, though the steps to it might not be welcome. Therefore change what is intolerable or tight.

Changes are occurring in life all the time. But occasionally the mounting change builds up slowly out of sight. Only as it completes itself in the final flourishes does it emerge and appear revolutionary. Although difficult, such renewal brings fresh hope and energy.

Success arises from being able to ride the highs and lows of these waves of change without losing balance. When such changes occur, either within oneself or in the world of relationships, work or society, recognise the new order of things and work with it. Let go of what was of no value or a contributor of misery in the old order.

Such change, when revolutionary, needs careful handling. This may arise by recognising the sequence of change, as it occurs, for instance, in the seasons. By understanding what will follow we can prepare for it.

Key words: Shedding the old, meeting the new. Passing through revolution with balance.

The Moving Lines


2.Do not push for change unless it needs to be undertaken. Wrap yourself in quiet patience in order to avoid premature or frantic action.

2.When quiet change has not worked, then revolution is necessary. But prepare the ground well first, and gain as powerful support as is possible. Go to meet the change.

3.Do not act on this issue too soon, nor rush headlong. Wait for demands for change to become general before action.

4.Problems and resistance disappear if confidence in the new direction is established. Press forward now.

5.The changes need to be presented with clear guide lines. You become a strength in forming the new order if this can be done. Support follows.

6. Now there needs to be a shedding of old values and attitudes, to bring alignment with what has arisen. Do what is possible at the moment.

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