Hexagram Forty Eight

Ching (Pro: Jing) – Wellspring


There are deep resources here. The wood of the tree may have great beauty, but unless the carpenter has skill the beauty remains hidden.

Around the wellspring of life build the city of your endeavour. Challenge your resources and bring them to the surface to be used. If not, there follows the misfortune of dryness.

Clarify what you draw your own resources of upliftment from. Clarify what it is that flows over and through your life that acts like water to wash away the worries or hurts that, if left in place would gradually produce a sickness of spirit. Whatever brings the renewal and strength, the freedom to live another day free of defeating emotions, is your wellspring.

Make sure the pitcher with which you draw the precious fluid from this well is sound and cared for. Without it you could not drink.

Without this regeneration your life would be dry. Therefore build your worldly activities around it, like an ancient city around its central well.

Fashions come and go, but the fundamental needs and facts of life remain the same. Human cooperativeness is just such a fundamental. Fit your life into the whole.

Key words: Touching the wellspring. Be sure the pitcher is sound, lest one run dry.

The Moving Lines


1.To forever linger in apathy or indecision leads to eventual isolation. None will consider your life of account.

2.Neglecting the richness of ones own abilities and not putting them to use, leaves them to atrophy. Gradually ones treasure rusts and is gone.

3.Despite having great qualities there has been no call for them. This leads to frustration. It might help if the qualities were offered widely.

4.There are delays occurring in this issue, because positive steps are being taken to renew the source of ones own flow and creativity. Shortly one can drink again of deep waters.

5.All is well! The spring of life is deep and cool. Deep enough not just to drink, but to bathe fully for renewal and cleansing. In a relationship, enjoy now what springs from it.

6. Allow the sources of renewal to be available to all who thirst. Drink deep yourself. The well is inexhaustible, full of the vital spirit that bring life.


-Krysia 2014-07-25 23:19:40


Thanks so many times over for this wise & tender interpretation of the I Ching. It always brings me hope and insight.
Much love xxx

    -Tony Crisp 2014-07-31 6:58:21

    Hi Krysia – Sorry I am not much of a friend in communicating, but I see your paintings on my 32 inch monitor, and often think of my time in Montreal and you. But age has slowed me down enormously – in many ways. Hey, but I am surviving.

    Love to you.


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