Hexagram Forty Seven

K’un (Pro: Kwn; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Spent


Life is not without its opposites.

Oppression and opportunity exist together in this enquiry.

The situation has used up reserves and left dryness. The beauty and joy that existed are spent. Adverse conditions prevail. Beware. But even in the midst of adversity some people prosper. This can be done if the adversity does not break ones spirit, causing withdrawal into inactivity.

The trouble can bring to the surface treasures of personal strength in choosing the right track through the wilderness. Then, good fortune. But only through great effort and perseverance.

Do not waste words. There is no belief in those who hear and your words are not heeded.

Tiredness or even exhaustion may have arisen, possibly because the life giving enthusiasm and connections – the flow of energy – has gone. The actions of life are still there, but the spirit has gone.

Even in this dry time, attempting to find insight will lead to satisfaction. The perception needs to be one in which a real view of the situation is achieved and acted upon. The hidden difficulty needs to be brought to light and dealt with.

Key words: Oppression leads to spent energies. But gold can be mined if one does not lose heart.

The Moving Lines


1.External adversity often evokes internal gloom. If one remains a victim of this oppressive stimulant, one is trapped interminably. Find inner light despite the outer dark.

2.Despite external well-being, internally despair and gloom exist. But an important offered opportunity can help disperse the gloom – but only if one revitalise ones inner spirit.

3.Trying to exit a room through the wall instead of the door, and feeling confined is foolishness. So too leaning for support on a bending willow cane. This leads to misfortune.

4.The desire to give of oneself to others has been thwarted by connections with those in fortunate circumstances. Strength will emerge to find ways of giving.

5.Faith must support you in this oppression from above and below. But slowly things will change.

6. The results of past actions or encounters bind you like creepers, making it difficult to act with confidence. Learn from past mistakes by acknowledging them as such. Then advance can be made confidently.


-Christopher 2012-04-19 18:09:08

I hope the best for you in your current workplace. I can highly relate and it was my own I-Ching reading about a recent interview I had that brought me here today. Hexagram 47 was the second resulting message for me and I am wondering if this could be a good sign or not. Seems like it’s in the description that some are fortunate and some are not.

Namaste to you!

-Michele 2012-03-11 18:57:33


I got hexagram 47 with 3rd line changing to hexagram 28 in regards to a question whether I should leave my job or not. I have been experiencing much difficulty with the people I work with and have had very little success in implementing positive changes. It is true that I feel exhausted and find little joy in my endeavours yet I am also an investor in the company and feel it would be a real failure to walk away. Can you give me any insight into my reading?



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