Hexagram Forty Five

Ts’ui (Pro: Tsway) – Congregating


It is a time to bring people and resources together for a cause. In this spirit one may stand in a temple or church in congregation, giving charitably and honouring the collective good, the family, and the principle of life.

While recognising dependence upon others, be firm in your goals and aid the unity of the assembly. A time of good fortune.

There is a need to recognise and support your relationship with the groups most important to you. This may refer to the family group, society, business, or a religious or political group.

The suggestion is that willing acceptance of our role in the group is necessary. Personal sacrifice in this role is called for, leading to great good fortune. The reason being that when a group of people cooperate, their power and creativity is multiplied.

If you are the central leading figure in the group, recognise the need for acting as a cohesive and uniting power. If your own nature is not itself united, this will be difficult. If you are not in the leading role, give support to whoever has this power.

Take care to provide for the unforeseen. Unexpected events are always the bringer of pain and difficulty. Therefore plan ahead.


Key words: In co-operative action lies greater strength and security. Religious and political groups represent the magic and power of collective action. Defend against the unexpected.

The Moving Lines


1.Indecision arises within the group about relating wholeheartedly with others. Admit to these anxieties. A leader then arises and removes all hesitancy. Then go forward confidently.

2.Follow the impulse that leads to co-operation without trying to have a clear goal. From its own hidden resources the group will form and act, with understanding of each other. Offer what is in ones heart.

3.When feeling an outsider to a group, give allegiance or support to one of the central figures. In this way you will be allowed in.

4.Giving yourself wholeheartedly to a cause or a leader brings great reward in this query. Many will support your action.

5.Sometimes it is not enough to have the qualifications. Confidence and strength are also needed. Persistence in a calm manner will gradually bring results. People will then support this issue.

6. In attempting alliance there has been misunderstanding. Let your difficult feelings about this be known. This will change the situation for the better.

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