Hexagram Forty Six

Shng (Pro: Shng; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Advancement


The humble can now rise to great success. Nobody of power opposes this issue. Those in authority will receive it with sympathy.

Be content with small but constant gains. Move in the direction in which there is no need to struggle. In this direction you can gain your hope. Timing is everything.

Things will not happen by themselves. There needs to be the use of ones will to complete one step after another in moving toward what is wanted. So use what determination one has to move against obstacles. Do each thing that is necessary in turn, and this will accumulate into great progress.

Advance must be made in the manner a tree grows from its seed, moving around obstacles but persevering. Because there is a climate of growth, any action taken will link with the external events. Like a seed growing in spring, the time is ripe for its effort.

Do not hesitate to approach people in authority. They will be inclined to support the action.

Key words: Pushing upward from obscurity takes energy. But the season is right for much growth. Be determined and approach those in power.

The Moving Lines


1.Advancement is now open to you. Those in positions of power will be inclined to support your desire to progress. The actions are complementary.

2.Uprightness and being of sound character carry this issue through, despite the outward lack of refinement and smooth presentation.

3.There are no obstacles in the way for your advance in this issue. Do not hesitate in idle speculation as to how long your good fortune will last.

4.Seldom is so much honour offered anyone. Pushing upward leads to a place amongst the illustrious, with acclaim from all.

5.You are moving toward what is desired. Have no doubt. But advance slowly, taking one step at a time thoughtfully, as if on a mountain. The peak is now only a few paces away. Do not rush.

6. Without being able to see the way ahead, ascending is dangerous. You may not gain as much as you wish, but with care you need not lose all.

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