Hexagram Forty Four

Kou (Pro: Go) – Intimacy


When intimacy occurs, power is gained to influence the partner. Therefore honesty is necessary in order to define how this influence is taking place. The influence may in fact be denied, leading to a false sense of freedom.

The yielding – female – quality here gains power over the more inflexible male quality. This may refer to an actual relationship, or to feeling qualities or an addictive temptation, influencing ones decisions negatively or capriciously. When passions of attraction dominate important decisions one may be led into unfortunate situations. The Chinese text suggests the image of a politician being detrimentally influenced by a call-girl.

Things are as changeable as the wind. The woman holds the power here. Males need to be cautious of taking a wife. The yielding encounters the firm.

With awareness changes can go well. Proclaim yourself. A great deal can come of this situation if the feeling quality is related to in a creative way rather than allowing it to dominate. The situation holds in it great power to sense and nurture creative impulse. Thus may one in authority express their command through those who serve.

Key words: Intimacy brings power to influence. Guard against this being capricious. With strength the situation can be advantageous.

The Moving Lines


1.Something negative has crept into the situation. This may appear a small thing not to be worried about, but it musty be stopped at once. Even a small pig that has wriggled into the garden, can do much damage as it grows.

2.There is a negative element in this situation. It is easy to keep under control. But do not allow it to get, or develop, beyond your reach, as its potential would then unfold.

3.The subject of the query is being influenced by a negative element. Fortunately circumstances prevent any wholehearted co-operation. Understand what is happening and thus avoid serious mistakes.

4.People you do not have much respect for, must nevertheless be tolerated. Otherwise there will be alienation from those who could be useful at some time.

5.Trust that your own inner discipline and strength will influence those you deal with. No need to take threatening postures. In their free choice they will follow.

6. When circumstances no longer press one into actively being a part of the world, its noise and agitation might cause one to withdraw and remain aloof. This may bring criticism, but this can be tolerated.


-Mel 2013-05-02 20:42:32

Had this dream and asked the iChing and got 44 to 1:

3 Black cars were driving in the ocean. 3 Police cars followed them in. The cars disappeared under the surface and the police followed them. When I looked under the surface of the water of the ocean there was a lot of Special Forces actively starting their mission, filing out of their underwater transport. Oprah was floated into the area on a yacht and was raising a glass of champaign and was making a toast when one of the police cars surfaced, startling her, she cracked her glass and half of her champaign flowed out.

    -jk 2016-02-15 19:53:11

    Sounds like Oprah is being investigated undercover by government agencies (IRS?), There are apparently unseen (clandestine) aspects of her operation and the cracks are beginning to show. She is about to lose half of her riches and be in deep trouble with the law because she is really just a self serving phony who will be exposed for what she is and not what she projects.

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