Hexagram Twenty


Kuan (Pro: Gwun; rhymes with ‘Fun’, ‘Done’) – Encompassing Vision


Standing upon a mountain one can see the path one took to reach this moment. In view too are the paths one can take to walk onwards.

A position to make judgements and to see clearly has been reached. To achieve this level of insight is both a great honour and an expression of personal achievement. Much that was not clear before is now understandable.

Detachment is also involved. For if one were wholly lost in sense impressions and worldly goals, ones awareness would never have been freed enough to capture this wider view.

There is now revealed much of the laws of nature and the ways of human life that others cannot see, like the man on a high rock being able to observe where animals go to drink.

A position of attainment has be reached, but the work of establishing oneself in that position is still to take place. Thus the sacrifice of endeavour must be made.

Observe the way of things and absorb what is seen. The truth you learn and live will meet with honour and will flow out to influence others, simply by your existence. Your life is an example to others. Live it with care.

Key words: Let your vision become your way of life. Thus will the vision enter the lives of others.

The Moving Lines


1.Do not approach your vision as if you were a carefree child. It needs mature strength to understand and live it.

2.Do not restrain your vision of things by limited attitudes. Seek the global view possible by moving beyond personal boundaries.

3.By learning from an overview of our own life, we can more clearly judge when is the right time to advance or retreat. This smoothes the changes of life.

4.Such a vision encompasses the hidden working of a whole nation. Such vision must be honoured, and given opportunity to act.

5.To be a leader one must observe ones relations with others. Self awareness is the greatest of teachers. It shapes a new future. None are wounded by such a life.

6. When vision leaps the boundaries of ones own ego, it contemplates the face of the deep. The path of liberation is then seen. Complete self acceptance.


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