Hexagram Seven

Shih (Pro: Shrrr) – Allies

Marshalling ones allies and resources with order and direction like an army wins the battle of life.

This query may have to do with organising a large number of people, gaining their support and confidence, and directing their activities. It may also refer to potential hidden within a situation and bringing it into expression.

To handle this wisely leads to success. There are difficulties the company or situation must be led through, but this is not outside of your ability.

All the personal and worldly assets you have need to be carefully assessed and used. Leadership is important, but this can refer to the attitudes and principles from which personal decisions and actions arise. Like a wise and humane general, consider the best course and implement it.

The image of the hexagram is the groundwater under the earth – a vital resource, but chaotic and disorganised unless carefully accessed. A trying time may therefore be indicated. This can be met by wise leadership, controlling the way things are being done and resources handled.

There is a great deal to gain here if you can use the materials at hand as if they were a mineral wealth needing to be dug up and made use of in an orderly way.

Key words: Strength through wise use of resources and people creates leadership and success.

The Moving Lines

1 – The efficient group develops from discipline and a clear goal. Without these the group or person may wander aimlessly.

2 – Lead through the example of supporting your own superiors and caring for those in your charge and sharing their lot. Then trust will arise. Honours received are you as representative of the group.

3 – A serious setback is faced. If this be a contest, then defeat is imminent unless leadership and contact with ones central issue is restored.

4 – It is appropriate to halt and retreat. In any campaign a period of retreating is part of the overall strategy, especially when faced by an overwhelming opponent. In this way strengthen the position. Confrontation would be foolish.

5 – When the forces that might overthrow one are loose, it is important who is chosen to lead. The situation must be met with discipline, not a free-for all. Those with longest experience should lead, or what has already been tested used. Let the younger support.

6 – Victory is won. The one with exceptional ability should lead. A small attitude or person in positions of power would lead to mishandling.

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