Hexagram Six

Sung (Pro: Soong) – Opposition

Yielding and uncertainty underfoot.

Even though you are without blame opposition confronts you. With awareness avoid combat. Once it is accepted that the possibility of conflict lies within this query, care at the very beginning may avoid its emergence.

To feel that ones own truth is the only one, is a certain path to conflict.

It is not indicated to engage in any lawsuit or opposition as it is unlikely the outcome will favour us. Within such conditions it is wise to plan any moves carefully and to steer a middle course. It is not a good time to take risks or start new endeavours.

The conflict may be within. In which case seek transformation of this inner turmoil until integration is reached. In any period of difficulty, the greatest effectiveness is from a position of confident awareness. Whatever the outcome, it is not helped by whirlwind emotions and biting irritations.

One cannot grasp water firmly in the hand. Circumstances are like water in this enquiry. Attempting to be in firm control will only bring frustration. When crossing water the wise build a boat. Adapt to the needs of the moment and frustration can be overcome. Compromise may be the boat.

You can succeed if you avoid confrontation. Failure follows attempts at positive conflict. Delay new ventures, seek direction from the wise, or those in authority powerful enough to cause both sides to retire with respect.

Key words: Avoid the possibility of conflict by recognising things are naturally pulling in opposite directions.

The Moving Lines.

1 – By not pushing forward in a dispute you can find a favourable outcome. Don’t say too much, but be clear in the things that are said. If there are insults, don’t join the fray. If there is need for a push, make it when the outcome is clear.

2 – The force against this is too strong. There is nothing to be gained by continuing the conflict, except perhaps to boost ones ego. By not continuing much can be saved. To continue means to lose more than the battle.

3 – Determination in a rightful course may bring initial difficulty followed by success. The qualities and skills gained by personal effort, even if plagiarised, cannot be taken away.

4 – You could perhaps win this conflict. But in your heart you do not wish to. The restraint can lead to lasting peace if you can accept your own decision to refrain.

5. Let a fitting third party decide this issue. Although there is initial conflict, it can lead to success. If you are the honourable person, you will win the good fortune.

6 – You could win a victory in this issue, but the prize would be lost, stolen or dishonoured. Little credit would be gained. Best to pass by.

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