Hexagram Sixty One

Chung Fu (Pro: Joong Foo) – Self Truth


There is great inner strength in this matter, as there is confidence in worldly affairs. The confidence and strength arise from two aspects of the hexagram. They are the ability to gain insight into people and events, and thus the arriving at real understanding; and the coming together of complementary opposites.

Although there is openness to influence from others, confidence enables wise independent assessments and personal security. You can allow others into your life without being controlled or overwhelmed by them. From this you have power to lead others and find success. Physical health and power are also indicated, giving strength and independence of mind and spirit.

This gives the ability to undertake tasks and projects successfully.

Involved in this query, and perhaps within yourself also, is a factor that may have been largely unconscious. It can be likened to the coupling hooks on a railway carriage. The hooks are so placed they make connection with other carriages possible, then the whole group can work as a whole.

This means there are natural connections within the query or self, that bring links with others. Success would be difficult to avoid with such linkage. But if these factors are not applied they do not apply.

Along with this there is a sort of nobility which occurs even at the most mundane level. People cannot help feeling kinship or ease when meeting this. Perhaps even animals too. This comes from the ability to enter into other people in a sympathetic way without pre-judgement.

Key words: Seeing the truth. Finding links with life; and flowing into the lives of others.

The Moving Lines


1.The greatest preparation is to remain with a mind unsullied by preconceptions. Secret relationships and ties destroy this inner preparedness.

2.Sing the song that is the essence of your life, others will respond and harmonise. Let others drink of your richness, or the richness involved in this query. If you are poor of spirit, there is poor response

3.Dependence upon a relationship or an enmity is disturbing this issue. It leads to confusion and indecision. The way through would be to find more independence – or question the roots of ones dependence.

4.Recognition of ones source of authority can lead to humility, but also to strength in action. Recognising power comes from beyond oneself leads to loss of ego about the results.

5.Confidence based on inner perception directs the course of action. It creates a link with those working together in this issue.

6. To crow like a cock about what truths one wishes to convey is not wise. Any success soon passes away. Use your ability to communicate with greater care.

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