Hexagram Sixty Two

Hsiao Kuo (Pro: Shee-au Gwor; but with the final ‘r’ not pronounced) – Aiming Low


When the seeds are planted there must be a period of inactivity. Being too forceful on the land will endanger the tender shoots.

It is not time to be powerful or push to start new ventures. It is the season to wait as the tree does in the winter. To unfold its leaves in the cold would be too difficult and dangerous. To form buds in quiet patience leads to great reward.

The hexagram signifies that the ordinary, the lowly, are now in a position to do well. Being strong, superior, clever is not rewarded in this issue. Aiming high does not meet with reward.

Success comes through getting on with everyday life without ostentation; through leaving the doors open so the normal flow of events can bring to you what is needed. Success does not arrive at this point by going after it aggressively, or trying to make it happen by grand schemes. The reason being that although there is a great energy to advance and grow, there is a lot of opposition to this in the hexagram.

There is a hint that one may be in a situation that is almost asking too much of ones personal resources. This is why there should be no striving to fly high. This would expose ones inadequacy and lead to misfortune. But success can in fact be achieved by giving of ones best in the situation.

Key words: Do what is needed well. Refrain from flying high. Have a spirit of veneration.

The Moving Lines


1.Leaving home, doing your own thing, being independent or headstrong will not lead to good fortune in this issue. You are not ready yet.

2.In exceptional circumstances protocol will be relaxed. The very nature of the issue makes it difficult to go further.

3.Do not foolishly ignore the danger of your situation. With care the danger can be avoided by being prepared for such attacks.

4.Now is not the time for confrontations. There is no need to be conciliatory, but avoid meeting head on. There is too much vulnerability to advance actively on this course.

5.Many promises are on the horizon, and it appears as if something long wanted is on its way, but it passes. To support the greatness of this issue, seek support from those who have achieved much.

6. Things are sliding away. To continually fly too high has led to great difficulties. There is real danger. If anything is to be made of this descent, try to get off before the basement.


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