Hexagram Thirty Six

Ming I (Pro: Ming Yee) – Fading Light


Winter comes to every summer. Darkness follows each day.

Circumstances may not allow your light to shine into the world. The fading of the external power and light, can open to the shining of the inner light. This reveals hidden treasures which strengthen the purpose necessary to continue despite obstacles.

The withdrawal of light at night-time is not a period of evil, simply a time of withdrawal and quiescence. It is not a time for active growth externally, but within ourselves a time of balancing and integration of experience can take place.

Winter is also a time when the light lessens. Much that was flourishing dies out and withdraws until spring. Within the external quiet fires burn as processes of powerful growth ready themselves. Such is taking place in regard to this query. Quiet persistence is needed.

But at times darkness rules. Brutality and ignorance may be in power. Then it is not wise to expose your real feelings or nature. Without accepting the prevailing darkness, one must let many things happen without open comment. One must still maintain awareness of ones own inner light however, lest that too is lost.

Key words: Drawing within, the essence is kept alive ready for another spring.

The Moving Lines


1.High ideals and aims push you into action beyond what is normal. Flying at night is dangerous and leads to deprivations. Do not expect praise for this behaviour.

2.Though you feel as if one of your mainstays has been weakened, you can still find reserves to deal with the problem. Use what is at hand.

3.Determination to achieve goals has led by chance to the removal of a major obstacle or opposition. This has been at great cost, so avoid persisting to the point of stupidity.

4.In darkness the forces of corruption are sometimes abroad. When away from all that is of home, ones heart may meet a dark period, or one may realise the cause of difficulties. With such understanding seek safety.

5.What is best, to act against what injures you and betray the principles you have tried to live by – or refrain from action within darkness and thus remain true to your beliefs? Great spirit is needed

6. The dark night is at its climax. All that it could achieve has been fulfilled. To have fallen from such heights is wounding. But the darkness moves toward the day. Learn from the night.


-E 2013-10-23 11:27:00

Hi Tony, I asked about finding a job and I got this hexagram with no changing lines. I was thinking of how to conduct myself during job interviews. Does this mean not to try at all at this time?

-Jaliya 2012-01-20 5:28:46

Hi, Tony … Thank you so much for your I Ching creations … There’s a gentleness to your work that really comes through … This hexagram (36) in particular has shown itself three times over in recent readings, line 6 in particular. Sometimes, Life requires us to burrow into our own light in order to survive a powerful ‘darkness’ that comes from the anguish of another person … and to remember that Light always returns. What a gift this oracle is … I find it to be a most balanced, benevolent, and multi-faceted wisdom tradition; I’ve been studying the I Ching since 1981 and still experience ‘beginner’s mind’ with each divination!

Bless you for what you have given here 🙂


    -Tony Crisp 2012-01-20 10:34:30

    Jaliya – Thanks for your words. As you wrote, “Remember that Light always returns” – if we pull the curtains to allow it in.

    I really like the poem on your site about the creative explosion. I want to tell everyone that the great creative explosion is the Big Bang, and why can’t we see that. What science has yet to realise is that it was consciousness behind it all, and it suffuses our own existence.

    See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/god-and-the-big-bang-are-the-same/


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