Hexagram Three

Chun (Pro: Jwn – vowel so short as to be almost non-existent ) – Initial Difficulty

Difficulty presents itself at the very outset. But although there is turmoil, order and growth can arise out of confusion.

The symbol of this hexagram is a blade of grass emerging from the soil and pushing against an obstacle as it grows. Therefore, although the difficulty in regard to the question is real, the obstacle can be overcome and success attained.

The difficulties faced produce confusion and a flood of anxiety, but can lead to power and success. Persistence through the confusion leads to the reward, not in a new direction but in strengthening the old.

Do not be overly impatient in this issue, as this may hinder rather than help the progress toward resolution. Gradually bring order out of the tangle. Aim for a solution rather than a deepening of the difficulty.

Inner strength will emerge and certainty will be regained. Therefore trust the internal power of regaining balance and moving on toward the positive.

See it as something coming to birth that has initial hindrances which are only temporary. Remember that what is being dealt with is still in its early stages and vulnerable. So care for the situation until it strengthens. This may take some diplomacy or carefulness because of heightened feelings.

Key words: Initial difficulty overcome by patient perseverance.

The Moving Lines.

1 – Although uncertainty has arisen at the very start of the endeavour, do not make rash judgements or moves. Press on to consolidate the position. Seek help with humility.

2 – Running to and fro impatiently does not resolve this issue. Do not accept the first help that appears. Aim at something that satisfies all the needs. If the query is about relationship, patience is still indicated. But this will be well rewarded.

3 – The impatience to attain our desire may make us press on to a situation in which we feel lost. Do not go forward any further under these impulses. This would lead to trouble. Best to stop the chase.

4 – Action is called for. There has been a separation and now one must act to bring unity. Make the first move, even if it means some self denial. Accept help without pride. The right help can lead to success.

5 – Completion cannot be easily brought about. People interpose and distort this great undertaking. Press forward only in small issues, being aware of peoples anxieties. With such careful progress, success can arise.

6 – There may be tears shed over this issue, or blood sweat in the heat. A sense of failure and separation may bring the desire to give up. It is a period of change, not defeat. Attempt to find what is calm within you until there is change.

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-cipriana 2017-07-30 11:56:51

Hi, do you still answer comments on this website? I am asking because they all seem old. I would love to post comments on my readings.

-G 2013-09-16 17:46:44

I got this hexagram as an outcome when asking if I was going to get a certain job. After doing extensive research, the only conclusive thing I could draw was that the outcome was uncertain at this time. Does this mean I must ask again in the future, or let time be my answer?
Sometimes I think this could mean – especially if it’s the outcome of changing lines – something that dies in utero, or something that’s never born.

    -Tony Crisp 2013-09-22 10:55:44

    G – I have experienced this hexagram twice in very important questions. Each time it meant be patient and wait for results. If you rush it could destroy the favourable result.


      -G 2013-10-05 5:10:11

      Well this was weeks ago, so I never got the job. I thought of pursuing the matter, but then I thought better of it. Unfortunately I was right, this matter died in the womb. 🙁

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