Hexagram Four

Mng (Pro: Mng – vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Immaturity

Exuberant growth springing from the depths. Slow yielding reality restrains the flow.

Inexperience may not lead to failure. One must learn from experience to successfully journey through the complexity of life. By observing and acknowledging ones mistakes then seeing how someone with experience deals with such problems, we can learn. Sincerity to learn can bring wisdom from people with experience. Impetuosity may at times succeed. But it may turn away someone we might learn from.

Stubbornness or rashness are qualities that can sometimes overcome difficulties that other people may not have the strength or courage to tackle. But they can also get in the way of learning, and of seeing other points of view.

Those things that impede expression regarding this query should be seen as means of bringing a more mature shape or direction. Nevertheless success may come simply because something new and strong is being done which at its beginning passes over the forms and restrictions of what is more established.

In this sense you can succeed if you are resolute.

The hexagram suggests something that is emerging or growing with a lot of strength. Such power flowing without direction always at some time reaches its peak, after which it declines. It is therefore wise to consider how to use its potential more resourcefully.

Key words: Inexperience needs to learn from and be counselled by experience.

The Moving Lines.

1 – Some discipline is needed, even to the point of firm restrictions. This must not be taken to the extreme where it kills the spirit however. It is only necessary due to immaturity.

2 – It is wise to be gentle with the young and inexperienced. In this way they can respond and grow to become capable of responsibility. Relationship with the opposite sex can now flower. Responsibility can be handled.

3 – Avoid attempting to imitate the strength of a superior, or in accepting the idealistic admiration of another. Be cautious in all activities, but especially in choosing a marriage partner.

4 – Having a fixed and immature attitude leads to misfortune. Avoid the problems besetting obstinacy and idealistic fantasies.

5 – Being receptive and open hearted leads to good fortune. Learn with the curiosity and innocence of a child. Drop pre-conceptions. This brings connections with others.

6 – The child or immature need direction and discipline, but this must be done with love or fairness. Nothing is to be gained by being too harsh.

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