Hexagram Twenty Five

Wu Wang (Pro: Woo Wung: rhymes with ‘Flung’) – Unsought Kindling


From a sense of unity the power of creative word and deed touches you. Persisting in the way that accords with the situation will bring reward.

Move with and uphold what is occurring naturally from within. Like waiting for a wave moving toward the shore, if we catch its movement and ride it, we can make exceptional progress. The progress is one of expressing in action a harmonious creative impulse. The impulse in accord with the best in yourself and others.

It is important not to grasp this advantage too greedily, but to allow others to profit also. Be sure of your motives, for you may lose the advantage.

Opposing the impulse arising from the harmony of things leads to obstacles. It is not of advantage to have a purely personal direction or goal. This would be working against the prevailing influences.

Do not try to alter the course of things, especially not for your own benefit. When such powerful forces are at work, they must be handled with respect.

As it is the unexpected and spontaneous you are dealing with, it is wise not to have any fixed goal in mind. Like a gardener in Spring, aid the growth flourishing naturally.

Key words: An impulse from beyond purely personal welfare arises. Let it flow through into action.

The Moving Lines.


1.Acting from beyond purely personal motives and remaining without deceit now leads to good fortune. What you aim for can be achieved.

2.Labour as an expression of yourself, not for gain only. Work to achieve quality today, not for an imagined fortune beyond the horizon. Then success will come.

3.It is not an advantage to profit by someone else’s loss. The loss may in fact be our own. Beware of leaving what is valuable unattended.

4.Being persistent with integrity will bring the gain sought. Use what arises spontaneously to move toward ones goal.

5.Whether this ill is to the body or in ones endeavours, avoid using untried remedies to cure it. If it arises through no personal fault the healing will be from within.

6. Even an unexpected change should be avoided. Be patient on this issue and let weeks pass. A time for being and not doing.


-krysia 2010-07-09 15:03:10

Hi Tony!
Miss you! Love the way you have brought your site together. I have two powerful dreams to solve: in one I meet a giant and his son. He is clearing a log jam in river I abruptly come to at the end of a long drive to find my way home (or to relatives).
In the second dream I am a caretaker for a boy of six who is sacrificed and about to be buried. His Chinese father weeps but measures the sacrifice in bags of grain. This is the second son who has been sequestered, nurtured and secretly sacrificed. This has been the intention from the start.

any thoughts? Call me if you can. Check out my website for new paintings. How’s Totnes??

    -Tony Crisp 2010-07-14 10:03:19

    Hi Krysia – I miss you too. Maybe when – and I have such hopes – when I finish really doing a;; the things on this site I hope to get around to visit you. I feel like it is building a house. The main structure is fairly quick. But then all the hidden wiring and fittings can take forever.

    That giant is one powerful thing you ought to make friends with. I see it a you reaching out for what I call ‘The More’. In other words the wonderful and huge resources we have beyond the normal. Often we do it without knowing – until something shows us. And his son is the part of you that is still growing in your life.

    I know – illness and ageing. What a bummer! But having had my share if that from my stroke just over year ago when I lost my right side and my speech, and here IAm writing to you. So may I still walk a bit lopsided, but there is always room for improvement. So I think you are dealing with a massive blockage of your life energy, and with the help of the Giant and his son, I have hopes – high hopes for your greater flow.

    Sacrifice – well, a nurtured and planned one. Sounds like another great steps in your spiritual pathway. I believe it is the stor yof the pearl of great price. You have to give up everything for it. ife has no meaning without death. Look around. The Sun is dying. Only that way can it give us life. And we eat to live on the death of all we eat. That is the most fundamental force in life. Even the Big Bang I believe is a sign of an enormous and wonderful death that has given us all the opportunity of life. So you have to let go of all you treasured and wanted to get to the heart of the mystery that is Life.

    I can get of my soapbox now. I get giddy up there. 🙂

    Lots of good feelings – Tony

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