Hexagram Twenty Four

Fu (Pro: Foo) – Renewal


New beginnings. Seeds germinate. A time to wait upon the processes of inner growth.

A new cycle begins successfully. At this conception of something new, it is the time to meet friends, old and new; to let the movement of events bring change. It would be unwise to be too active in promoting growth. This would be like digging the seed up just as it begins its development – of being too active when strength is returning after illness.

As this period of growth is in force, it is beneficial to begin projects. Some directions for new activity may become evident with a little observation. This is because what was hidden now takes form in the world and its events.

A period of darkness, like winter and its decline have passed. Now begins the power of increase and regeneration. But as with the winter solstice, there should be a period of rest, to allow the transformation of the old into the new to take place without too much interference.

Now that an old cycle has ended and a new beginning, much that occurred in the past can be understood. Like the seasons, you have been here before, and will pass this way again.

Key Words: New beginnings emerging from the old. Quiet support is sufficient to allow the new to take form.

The Moving Lines.


1.Returning to the beginning, or the main direction, is valuable if you have strayed. Re-establishing connections brings great good fortune.

2.Renewing connections with those who are supportive and honourable is allied with good fortune. You will find welcome, and should express kindness and help.

3.To break connections with what is honourable. and then re-establish them so many times suggests uncertainty, but is not blameworthy.

4.Finding ourselves in company of others who are taking a path unwise for us, we see our established and tried friendships have more to offer. Best to leave and take ones own direction alone.

5.If you can analyse the situation now and honestly admit the mistake, no harm can come. Return with this clarity and there is no regret.

6. Somehow you missed the signal and lost the moment of opportunity. Now problems arise touching yourself and many others. This is serious misfortune and much time will have to pass to move beyond it.


-Tai Lahans 2015-04-06 18:35:53

the ads alongside the text are distracting, sometimes obscene, often misogynistic. Are they really necessary?

-Shalon 2015-03-03 22:55:05

Hello, I did an i-ching reading this morning that I’m confused about. I asked if I should travel this spring, in order to reconnect with myself… because I feel very lost. I just broke up with my boyfriend who was suffering from addictions and I feel like I lost myself in his problems. I want to go back to a place that was very meaningful to me in my past, when I had a similar time in my life. However, I feel guilty about wanting to travel and leaving my boyfriend behind. I asked the i-ching what I could expect if I would go traveling.

I received the kua Fu 24: the Return of Light, and when I read it I started crying because it resonated with me. Then I read the changing line – number six, the top line, and it said that I had missed my chance, which I don’t understand. Can you help me? The resulting kua is I 27: Providing Sustenance, and talks about how I need to be careful to provide sustenance to others, which I think is about my ex boyfriend.

I just don’t understand the changing line in Fu 24. Does it mean it would be a mistake to travel that I will face a serious misfortune if I travel?

Thank you for your time.

    -Tony Crisp 2015-03-04 9:52:30

    Shalon – In the first place I do not think the I Ching sees things from the view of ‘should’ or ‘must’. I say this because you said, “Should I travel this spring.” It would be better worded – Is it wise for me to travel this spring. In the philosophy of the I Ching – The Book of Change there are infinite possibilities, so do not tie yourself to ‘either or’ type thinking.

    But please see http://dreamhawk.com/i-ching/hexagram-twenty-four/ and http://dreamhawk.com/i-ching/hexagram-twenty-seven/ which throws a different light on your moving line.


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