Hexagram Twenty Six

Ta Ch’u (Pro: Da Choo) – Revitalising Restraint

Richness of possibilities confronts you. As the sun rises warmth pours out if there is a clear sky. There are no clouds now and there can be replenishment. Open to this inflow of warming enrichment.

The enrichment comes from great personal discipline, or perhaps the discipline of circumstance. The discipline has enabled both a receptivity of mind as well as the ability to tune the receptivity to the enormous potential of the hidden aspect of the human spirit. Wisdom and healing arise.

This has led to a great degree of self containment or self reliance, or what some may judge as restraint. It expresses as the ability to remain steadfast and in contact with ones own inner power despite the adversities and changes of life. Like a mountain with gold in its depths, you exist unmoving within change, with treasure within.

The treasures of the spirit and culture discovered enable the possibility of successfully undertaking difficult projects or tasks. Take the opportunity to extend into the world. This opens the possibility of good fortune and allows a meeting with the new.

Be nourished by what has been found, and nourishing with friends. Spend time with them in relaxed surrounding. Share some of your inner and worldly wealth. The mountain, however self sustained, needs to allow trees, animals and people to live on its slopes.

Key words: Being still like the mountain allows self renewal. But streams can flow into the world and bring changes from the heart of the crags.

The Moving Lines.

1.Stop now! Although there is great energy to do so, misfortune follows an attempt to advance. Wait.

2.Circumstances beyond your control call a halt to any progress. Recognise the situation and wait until there is a change which favours further advance. This conserves power.

3.Advance is now favoured and possible. Be aware of what forces are in opposition, and through awareness avoid them. Practice the skills necessary to deal with such problems, and keep the goal in mind.

4.Recognise future problems and deal with them now. This is like preventing the growth of a young bulls horns. Better now than later. Then advance is easy and success assured.

5.To have a gelded boars tusk is to have power over something that could have attacked you. The power comes from understanding the beast. This leads to unexpected good fortune.

6. Being in accord with the scheme of things removes all obstacles. Great is your advance and support given.


-Kate 2012-12-29 16:00:03

I keep coming back to your site, partly to hexagrams 26 and 43.
I had an extraordinary dream last night- i had asked my mother (who has been dead for a long time to help me). I dreamt she came with me to look at a house to rent. I had been in this house before, and liked it partly because of a tiny studio/shop at the front, selling ceramics. It also had a buddha figure in it, I took off a ceramic blue and white striped ceramic ring from my wedding finger- my mother thought it was to pay for the house, but I explained that I intended to make things. When we got to the house, it was already busy, 7 or 8 estate agents showing people around. I loved the house. The rooms led on to one another, at right angles, like a labyrinth, round and round, all narrow, more like hallways. One of them was completely made of a fierplace or hearth. Carpets and wallpaer were old fashioned and did not match, quirky. We passed two staircases, next to each othe, behind doors, leading to the bedrooms. I know that these rooms are airy, with many windows, like the old building I used to take art classes in when I was a child. Around the corner from the staircases, we unzipped an entire wall, opening to an awning, grass, the river- lots of people already here, too. I was excited by the house, then, coming the other way, from down another corridor that was somehow outside the house but attached to it, was a family, with a young girl,they were going to take the house, because it was a house she could sing in. She was singing a Robbie William’s song (lyrics to terrible songs yo didn’y know you knew!)- the words were “and throught it all, she offers me protection, a lot of love and affection, whether I’m right or wrong. And down the waterfall, wherever that may take me, I know that life won’t break me. When I come to call, she won’t forsake me.”
I don’t know, even, that I need, or expect, a reply.
But I felt very strongly drawn to share this.
Best wishes, Kate.

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