Hexagram Twenty Three

Po (Pro: Por; but with the final ‘r’ not pronounced) – Shedding


The enthusiasm of growth is missing. It is a time of shedding and losing. Let things fall, like the leaves in Autumn. Do not be afraid of letting go activity in this issue.

People and events prevail against our efforts through inertia. It is not productive to actively seek goals or start projects. Neither seek dependence upon others, for it is a time of people falling away and few can be trusted to lean upon.

If there is to be activity, let it be that of shedding what is no longer necessary, of dropping activities only habit keeps alive. Rely only on what can sustain itself through the period of stripping away.

The dark prevails, the lesser dominate the greater. Even those close may depart and be lost. Who or what is to be trusted? Only that which remains when all else falls away, just as the laws of nature survive the events they produce.

Even so there is a great power of abiding and receptivity evident. Perhaps this receptive longing is threatening. But it has the power to attract new life and change. This waiting receptiveness may feel like idleness, or loss of power, and cause one to be a prey to fearful urges.

The seasons roll, abide until change brings new opportunity. Share goodwill.

Key words: The inert and receptive prevail without enough motivation to make change. Abide until new life is attracted by the feminine quality.

The Moving Lines.


1.To realise we cannot rely on what had seemed trustworthy may be painful, but it is necessary. Continue the search for steadfastness.

2.Those we thought were friends have gone. Is there anyone to trust? The uncovering proceeds. Meet the growing pains of independence.

3.To stand outside all one relied upon for support and expression is to feel naked and alone. Nevertheless it breeds great strength. Look beyond fears and doubts to wisdom of spirit.

4.To depart from or lose all that was known and offered security is nakedness. Such an awful misfortune comes to all at some time. This is the darkest hour, now move to the dawn.

5.The tide has turned for you, moving from darkness and loss. The receptive blossom now enlivens as the pollinator draws near.

6. The rose does not produce seeds from the pollen of an oak tree. If ones receptiveness was toward what brings life, then a new beginning starts. The unfertilised seed pod dies.


-cipriana 2011-08-15 20:08:35

I asked a question about a new venture and got Hex 42 lines 1 and 5 (very positive) and Hex 23. That really confused me. The positive seemed to turn into something negative or less encouraging. Could you help me interpret the complementary Hex?

    -Tony Crisp 2011-09-07 10:26:09

    Cipriana – I am sorry I am so late in answering.

    I see that this is apparently contradictory. But you could see at as the power of the first Hex 42 brings you to a great letting go of what is no longer necessary.

    But it is always good to rephrase your question to see what it says.


      -cipriana 2017-07-30 12:38:00

      Thanks for the reply.

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