Hexagram Twenty One

Shih H (Pro: Shrrr Her; but with the ‘r’ of the ‘Her’ not pronounced) – Grinding

With effort and feeling we chew over a problem, and succeed. This takes exertion, but the outcome is of great value.

Such ‘chewing over’ can also refer to the process of creative rumination, out of which arises something worthwhile.

It is the season for legal matters to be undertaken. The resisting and the yielding the defender and the accuser are separated, and between them the issue can be made palatable through the firm clarity of the law.

Even though the outcome may not be

to ones advantage, difficulty will be short lived. Do not assume your own wisdom in judgements at this time.

When two sticks are rubbed together vigorously fire is evoked. Although the result is warming and useful, the method of arriving at comfort is strenuous and even uncomfortable. During the effort, remember the warmth to follow.

Sometimes the thing we ‘chew over’ is an aspect of our own personality which is pressing for re-appraisal. It must therefore be experienced again, tasted once more, in order to evaluate and arrive at a new understanding and integration. In meeting the difficulties we meet ourselves in a transforming way.

Key words: Chewing over this matter may take strong motivation. Persevere as the rewards are of value.

The Moving Lines

1.If there is constraint at the moment, it would be wise to consider the actions which created the situation. Do so without placing the blame on others. Firmness is required.

2.Perhaps someone has been bitten off more than can be chewed in relation to you. An element of greed may have entered. No great problem will arise.

3.An unseen problem suddenly arises from past issues. Like poison in old meat, it attacks us after we have partaken. Fortunately the difficulty and humiliation will not last long.

4.In chewing over the situation, more problems are found in it than were previously realised. Perhaps there is enmity from powerful people you have to deal with. Persevere with awareness. Good fortune.

5.Some dangerous problems can be valuable as long as we are aware of the dangers. By remaining completely impartial in this judgement there can be a resolution.

6. Too many small errors – or crimes – have been committed. They accumulate to the point of bringing grief and misfortune. Perhaps a deaf ear was turned to warnings?


-G 2013-10-05 5:14:36

I got this hexagram as the outcome of hexagram 30, changing line 3. The question asked was, in essence, if I am to accept my old job and outlook, how best to deal with it? I am trying to start a new career and I don’t think I could have picked a worse time to do it! Because of financial responsibilities, I am forced to remain with my old profession. I associate this hexagram with frustration. The mouth cannot close – cannot accept the situation – because something is in the way. Does this mean I am wrong to accept my situation? Is it a form of regression?

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